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High Noon Touge Challenge [FINAL REVIEW OUT]

1994 Korser Stryker Halleen SN-15

310ps - 1430kg

Driver: Ichiro Kitami



1994 Tiffosi Chittai C 6T/2000 ALU

Considering Costruzione Tiffosi’s success in rally and touring car racing, the new Chittai C 6T/2000 ALU is here to continue the winning streak of the Carro Risi works teams across Europe.

This low production homologation special shares its bodywork and chassis with Chittai C, a competitor of BMW E36 compact, although here, the body is entirely fashioned in aluminium.

6T/2000 refers to the all-new turbocharged four-cam 24 valve 2 litre 60° V6 with all forged internals. It is designed to compete in 2 litre classes and features in the street car in a detuned version producing an ample 250 hp moving 1100 kgs. Also, the car tax in Italy is kept acceptable.

Tiffosi Nippon is proudly representing a select number of examples imported as a variant of regular Chittai C, which our lawyers say is definetly very legal. Starts at 3.780.700 Yen (~ Automation$37.000)

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Cabrera XV6

Perfectly balanced

People want their cars to be safe, economical and environmentaly friendly. Everything the XV6 wasn´t. The last mainstream RWD car Cabrera made after the Boreas discontinuation, it aimed at getting all the performance they could squeeze out of the last gen Boreas chassis. The body was now made of fiberglass, the top-of-the-line V6 engine was extensively modified to get more than 200hp without compromising reliability and finally the driveline was reinforced to cope with all the extra power.

This particular example was slightly modified, equipped with wider wheels and the rear seats have been removed to get weight just under 1000kg



Calcote Sicilia GTR

The absolutely bonkers sports car

With $32,000 Automation quid, you can have:

-Non-existent safety system
-A missing roof
-Fibre glass panels that can be dented by a punch from a toddler
-The absolutely horrible stripped down interior
-A pretentious wing
-Hidden headlamps that will stop working within a year
-A boring inline four turbocharged engine
-Ride quality for masochists (Quote from The Stig Is A Spy in Discord)
-Great difficulty for maintenance (So we can scam you furthermore)
-Guaranteed death when crashing
-Incredible fun before that happens

"That’s a great deal if ever I’ve seen one."



1994 Knightwick Steed Coupe Turbo

Using the same platform as the Steed sedan and estate the coupe offered a more sporting design and driving feel. The coupe is slightly wider than the sedan model with standard fitment removeable glass panels in the roof for open air motoring.
The Turbo was the top model available with a 2.0 four cylinder KT16 engine, driving the front wheels through a 5 speed gearbox and mechanical limited slip differential.

This particular model was registered in the UK and imported into Japan for touge racing. It has a range of upgrades increasing power and road holding ability.

  • Forged engine internals
  • larger turbo
  • sports intake
  • sports exhaust
  • upgraded front brakes with fast road pads all round
  • larger 15" alloy wheels with cup tyres
  • coilover suspension with stiffer spring rate


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1992 Karuma Ghee - “Kamikaze” (because you would have to have a death wish to drive it)

This Karuma Ghee began life as a normal production car, until one day it had it’s engine ripped out and replaced with some 2.0 litre V6 found in a nearby junkyard.

it produces 228 horsepower.

in a car that weighs just 880kg.

and it’s rear wheel drive. transverse rear wheel drive.

now you can see where it earnt it’s name.

It has 228 horsepower, driected directly from turbocharged V6 to the rear wheels via a 4-speed manual, and has a top speed of (quoted) 150mph. 0-60 is 5 seconds, and the tires are sports compounds.

it completed the Touge circuit in 4:41.10 minutes.


One Day Left...


Odawara, Afternoon, 15th July 1994

Tanaka was just hanging out in his reading room, reading Option’s magazine while listening to his favourite music on his portable radio. Suddenly, he heard a car parked infront of his house and he peered out from his window and saw Yui getting out from her car with a basket full of papers on her hand.

Tanaka was curious why was she bringing those to his house, he then walked to the front door and opened the door even before Yui knocked on the door.

“Yui? What’s with these papers? You have problem filling these tax papers? Heh…” Tanaka sarcastically said to Yui.

"No dingus. Remember when you said you’re looking out for new people for our club? Here they are, i asked them to come to my house and filled out these registration forms. " Yui replied.

“Wait. With all of these registration forms? We’re street racing club, not an entrepreneur club. Anyways, just come in and drop these in the living room, we’ll check out on how many are these guys interested on our club.” Tanaka greeted Yui to came in while grabbing a few forms from her basket to read some.

After Yui puts her basket on the table, she said “Alright, we have 23 people at the moment and may expecting more after this since they are more people interested in this challenge and can you be a sweet prince and check out each people’s info to make sure we’re not dealing with wannabes?” Yui asked to Tanaka.

“Alright fine, my dearest princess. I will do that…” Tanaka sighed and checks on each forms.

Tanaka and Yui checked on each forms and they gathered some infos from…


After an hour of checking each form’s details, Tanaka felt relieved and let out a huge sigh afterwards. Yui shook her head and putting back the forms in the basket.

“Tired already? I thought you’re the best driver on Hakone has alot of patience and such.” Yui snickered.

“I like to pretend to act tired, heh. Oh by the way, Takaki from Wangan division is coming here this night and wanted us to hang out with him at ramen shop. Wanna come?” Tanaka asked to Yui.

“Oh sure i’m up for it but uh, i gotta go. I got some important matters to deal with.” Yui looked at her watch and picked up the basket. “Thanks for helping me, by the way.” while Yui heading out to her car.

“No problem, my princess! Always happy to help.” Tanaka then grabbed the magazine and continuing his read.

Just one more day left! Whoever is not done yet, please send in before the deadline hits and whoever did send in their entry but did not get mentioned, just let me know.


Thought it was bins, if it was because my car would be at the frontline

1994 Nakano Sprinter SR3


1994 Munot Levant GS Turbo Super "Kurokaze"

Daiya Murakami is a 27 year old, moderately well to do tech professional, with a penchant for cars that go fast. And who could blame him - the whole engineering behind them was fascinating, and he grew up in the time of Keiichi Tsuchiya and other greats! Now that he’s made enough money to afford a nice, fast car, he wanted to get started on fulfilling his dream of being a racer. Where better to get started than with a local club down the Hakone?

His choice of ride here is an all-black 1994 Munot Levant, a hardtop roadster, in the topmost GS Turbo Super trim which he calls “Kurokaze”. Moderately lightweight, with a 2.2L turbo inline 5 and AWD, Daiya hoped that it would be an ideal car for tackling Hakone. Since it’s also his daily car and more importantly, not cheap, Kurokaze is actually largely stock, with Daiya’s only major modification being the addition of high quality performance tires and a retune of the suspension. Not that Kurokaze necessarily needed much more, since it came with a 300 PS engine. Plus, he was already driving at his limit.

With his app sent into the club, Daiya waited anxiously for the fated tryouts date. Would he be able to compete against so many skilled drivers?



Vulcrum SC-360

Welcome to the big leagues





梅村 流子


November 1991

It was late that evening when Umemura was taking another drive down the twisty roads of Mt. Myogi. The 8-valve Quezon engine going through its rev range as it flew down the bend, before shifting to another gear as it left the bend and accelerated towards the straightaway.

She glanced down towards the gauge cluster, and anxiously watched as the temperature gauge steadily climbed alongside the the revs. A few days prior to this run, there was an unusual feeling with how the car was running, as the engine seemed to have a harder time climbing through the rev range, and again, the temperature gauge seemed to be in a different position than usual. It didn’t seem to bother her all that much, however, as she was still able to keep up with the other cars on the touge.

As she barrelled down the straight, the car slowly hit its 220kph top speed, and she began anticipating the bright reflection of the guardrail from the headlights as the road would begin to curve ahead, placing her hand on the shifter, and moving her feet into a position to downshift before the corner.

But then right before she could hit the brakes, a loud bang was heard from ahead of her, and the front wheels locked up in a loud screech. Oil splattered the windscreen and visibility was partially locked. Umemura was startled, and in a panic she had immediately and unknowingly went for the handbrake. The rear wheels cried as they locked up alongside the front. With the sudden shift in weight towards the front, the rear lifted and lost grip, and the car momentarily found itself in reverse, and back straight, then sideways, all whilst Umemura wrestled the steering wheel to keep the car straight. She released the handbrake, and the rear wheels found themselves rolling again and the car shifted its front back towards the road and hurtling towards the barrier. Once straight, she immediately slammed on the brakes to try and get the car to stop, but once again the weight shifted forwards and the car veered to the right, opposite the direction of the bend and into the guardrails.

The vehicle bounced off the guardrail with a loud bang, wrecking the front fascia and jolting Umemura about her seat. Eventually the car came to a stop next to the barrier, but Umemura’s adrenaline rush didn’t as she looked around the cabin. Everything seemed relatively intact, including her. She took off her seatbelt and opened the car door, immediately the stench of burnt oil and rubber filled her nostrils as smoke continued eminating from the hood of the silver Quezon.

“Goddamn, really?” She said as she looked down at the car’s nose. It was a wreck. The front bumper was smashed in and the right headlamp missing. The hood had latched off and was dented, and additional scratches were visible all around the car. Oil was thrown about on the fenders and smoke seeped through the gaps between the hood and the fenders, and through the area where the bumper once held on. She attempted to lift the hood up from the car, but was engulfed in even more smoke which left her coughing out loud from the strong stench of burned oil and engine fluid, and subsequently dropped the hood back where it was.

Umemura could only grieve at the sight before her. Her pride and joy, the automobile in which she had won plenty of impromptu races down this mountain, reduced to this damaged state. She could feel tears starting to form from her cheeks, and a cold shudder went down her body, but she suppressed the feeling as she sat down next to the car, sitting there for what felt like forever as she looked up at the clear night sky, the scent of the damaged engine and the nature around her eventually blending in as one bitter scent that pierced her nostrils like a sharp lance.

From the distance, she would eventually hear the fairly quiet grumbling of another engine, which steadily increased in volume as the large hunk of Australian steel went down the pass. Umemura sighed once again as the lights came into view from the end of the corner, slowly approaching before stopping ahead of her. Umemura looked at the car in front of her, not really able to make out what or who it was , then stood up from where she was sitting, before a red-headed girl hopped out of the vehicle that just stopped and spoke in a language somewhat unfamiliar to her.

“Woah, what the fuck happened here?” The girl said in English as she glanced over the wreck and noticed the girl standing next to the car. “Oh, my apologies…” She said as she switched languages.
“Are you alright? What happened here?”

Umemura scratched the back of her head and sighed as she looked back at the wreck.

“Well… To make a long story short, the engine must’ve blown itself or something. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s old or what, but I think the car’s totalled.” She said in a monotonous tone as she ran her hand down the rear quarter panel.

The girl approached Umemura. “Jeez, are you okay though? This seemed like a fairly gnarly crash.”

“Y-yeah, I think I am? Nothing seems to be hurting right now, so I assume I am indeed fine.”

“Right then…” She said as she continued walking around the site. No parts of the road itself seemed to be majorly damaged other than a few guardrails that could be described as ‘lightly bent’, but the car was definitely not doing well. Signs of a blown engine were indeed there, but the chassis seemed mostly intact and relatively salvageable. She placed her hands “Looks like you could use a tow, huh?”

“That would definitely be appreciated. Could I ask for your name, perhaps? I feel as though I owe you a lot for this. I’m Umemura, by the way, Umemura Ryuuko…” Umemura observed as the other girl made her way towards the back of the vehicle, it became more obvious now to her as to what vehicle had pulled up. It was a blue pick-up truck, from a brand she’s never heard of before, although the front reminded her somewhat of a sedan. She initially hesitated to ask, but curiosity got the better of her and she asked anyway. “…and if you don’t mind me asking-”

“Name’s Ellie, Thomas Ellie. In case you haven’t found out from my looks, I’m a foreigner if that’s what you were asking.” Ellie said as she took out the equipment from the back of the vehicle.

“Oh, Ms. Thomas, isn’t it?”

“Just call me Ellie.” She walked past Umemura and towards the nose of the damaged car, before realizing she’d need to first maneuver the car to get the hook where it needs to be. Ellie quickly headed into the blue automobile, and adjusted the vehicle to make hooking it up to the damaged Quezon easier. It was here where Umemura noticed the vehicle’s type for the first time as the vehicle moved towards the car’s nose. ‘Marksman’, read the tailgate. Umemura had never been a car enthusiast per say, so the brand still remained unfamiliar to her. American? English? She wasn’t exactly sure.

Ellie got out of the blue Marksman, and hooked up the straps onto the vehicle’s towbar, before walking over to the Quezon and reaching beneath the car to hook up the other end to strap the front axle up.

“Is the handbrake off? Oh, and make sure it’s in neutral.” Ellie asked as she began walking back.

“I don’t think the handbrake is off, give me a moment.” Umemura ran over to the driver’s side door, opening in and getting in to release the handbrake, and wiggling the shifter to ensure it is in neutral, before closing the door and giving the other girl a thumbs up.

“What the hell are you standing there for? Get in! I’m not leaving you at the top of the mountain in the middle of the night for Christ’s sake.” Ellie yelled out the window, and Ryuuko eventually made her way into the passenger seat after nearly tripping on the straps. Once in, Ellie attempted to set off, but the Quezon initially refused to move. After a quick run-up, the car was freed and they went back down the mountain towards the nearby town, disappearing after a few bends.


Ryuuko Umemura (梅村 流子) is more or less just another office worker in a sea filled with wageslaves in a busy Japanese metropolis, overworked and never really paid enough. As an escape from the busy and repetitive greyscales of her office job, she secretly heads out to the nearby Mt. Myogi to race alongside her buddies in her 1987 Quezon Cordova GT.

This car of hers was the car she initally drove when she started out tougeing, a 1987 Quezon Cordova GT originally painted in Racing Metallic SIlver. Having inherited it from her late grandfather in 1990 after he died not too long after he bought the car, she decided to head out to the mountains one night and encountered a pair of cars barrelling down the usually-quiet and tight mountain roads. She tried catching up to the two cars, and the thrill of driving filled her senses and she eventually found herself driving more and more up and down the touge and eventually slowly upgrading her car as she continued racing.

Initially, her car first had been running the original car’s 2.0-litre NA Quezon Dual-Cam engine, with about 130 horsepower, and later upgraded to make about 160. The engine later blew itself after Ryuuko failed to change the oil properly after every run, causing her to spin out and leaving the front fascia damaged after crashing into a barrier. Before the engine blew, a couple of other upgrades were installed such as an RM-Sport suspension kit sourced from the Philippines, lightweight bucket seats, a lightweight racing wheel, and 14-inch Minilite Magnesium wheels. She went on hiatus for a few months as she saved up to repair her car, but in the meantime spent some time with a couple of touge friends who she’d later join forces with to become Jvniper.

Eventually, she’d managed to source a turbocharged 1.6-litre SART Group A engine from a Suisei racecar, tuned to make roughly 260hp, mated to a SART 5-speed transaxle from a JTCC car. Other upgrades included a late-model upper front fascia and hood with fixed headlamps, a Bayside Bhozxs bodykit, 14-inch CWS Magnesium Mesh wheels on a sticky rubber compound, as well as numerous other aero bits and bobs. The car was also resprayed in a metallic maroon colour, although the hood is painted black as they ran out of red paint.


時崎 賢人


1992 December

The coarse grumble of the engine echoes throughout the mountain road in Mt. Myogi, the clunking of the gear shifts sends the wheels screaming as he catches the slide, powering out of the corner with the illuminated red needle bouncing off the rev limiter.

“Alright let’s go, time for me step it up…” Kento muttering to himself, sending his long sedans flying into the adjacent corner as the hissing of the turbine whines throughout the cabin, battling the tyres for grip.

He rotated the the car, modulating the throttle as the engine roars from his excessive input mashing. Braking as he shifts the weight the outside continuing the slide, as he recorrects the car as he downshifts into 2nd. The car wails down, with the 2.5L I6 engine thundering down the relatively short straight, flying into the next hairpin.

Kento relaxed his car, as he levels the Suisei into a respectable cruise. He glanced over to the inbuilt clock inside his relatively older car, it was dark. The slight jolt into the lower revs slightly revibrates around the cabin. The subtle twilight reflections between the peaks of the mountain, surreal for the hobby Kento indulges himself with, a sort of calm. The next corner, a slight glance of the momentary reflection of another car’s taillights, the unmistakable dark red hue of another car.

“Now what do we have here…” Instinctively reaching the shifter, as he sends the car into motion, the turbos hiss. Flashing his headlights signalling to the other driver of the impromptu race. It picks off. It’s time to duel, the raspy I4, unmistakably a hatchback.

It’s time for him to show the true power of Suisei engineering, he smirks as the straight six thunders to life chasing the unknown red car. It was notably fast, but not as fast as him. A rally sedan proven throughout; it will never lose to such a car. The tyres squeal as he proceeds, tailing the car, ‘Cordova’ it said. The two cars danced despite the car being large and heavy, it was nothing to scoff powering off onto the outside of the Cordova.

The squeal of his tyres as he battles the car slightly taps the other car, as it seemingly been left in the dust, overtaking the red car in rush he pumps his fist, “I am unbeatable, I am Kami of the touge!” As he leans into his car slamming the gears as he powers off with the distinct low grumble echoing off into the distance.

Kento was gone into the dark night, it was a fine victory for him he was indeed smug without a doubt, he couldn’t wait to brag to his collage classmates about this. However, the split second of distraction as he eased off, blinded by the adrenaline, as the suspension suddenly jolts up due to an uneven surface as sending the Suisei into a slide…

“SHIT, SHIT SHIT…!” lunging to wrangle the car back from the slide. Overcorrecting the car as he attempts to slam the brakes, screeching off, bracing for impact.

The car jolted violently as the seatbelt gags his chest with the crunch of the hood, disjointed and disfigured… The eerily silence of the car, a hint of the grumbling idle. Taking in the situation as the indicators flash with a faint smell of the once running engine, turning it off and placing it into his wallet. The subtle moonlight that pierced through the mountain road, reflects off into his face,

“Well, that’s bad… I’m going to need a truck for this…” Sighing,
“And get a new hood and lights… new front… well I need to ask for more shifts at my job…” Getting out of the car in the ditch, the slight foliage slightly irritating his skin, gradually yet so nonchalantly, taking a cigarette from his Malbroo packet. The dim lighting of his lighter bounces off from the dark scenery, as he strolls to the top of the road. He squatted leaning onto his car as the freshly lit cigarette lighting his face.

The familiar raspy sounds echo from the distance, it’s the other car he thought. It realed around the corner with the intake valves, distinct for such an odd engine. The slightly orange hue of the lights flashing over his face as the driver dims the lights, signalling the indicator as it deaccelerates into the side of road. The figure stood out of the car, he barely could make out the person, the light was in his face after all.
“Yo, as you can see, I’m a bit of help.” He flicks his cig onto the ground, grinding it with his shoe. A slight smugness in his face.

“Konbanwa…” It was a woman, he was aback. “What are you doing over there… and your car?”
“Yeah I crashed, mind helping. I need it to be towed out…” Placing his arm onto the top of his crashed Suisei Ken GT…

“Oh its you…” She glanced at Kento proudly standing next to his crashed Suisei. “Well I can’t give you a tow… but I do know someone who could help.” Strolling back to the red Quezon, reaching into the car. It was a walkie talkie in her hand. “Ehh, we need your ute up here… we need someone to be towed again.”

“Oh you know someone, is it a Isuzu Elf?” Intrigued, but the unfamiliar term ‘ute’? "What is this ‘ute’ a, new truck brand? Scratching his head. The girl pauses, and turns around back towards Kento, “It is an Australian automobile imported here, so anyways whats your name.” Directing an opening conversation.

“My name is Kento, Tokisaki Kento, and yours?” He said replying to her. In a stiff formal reply she answered back, “My name is Umemura Ryuuko.” As she waits for a reply from her walkie talkie, “Do you always drive that aggressively? You almost bumped off the course… many would find that un-sportsman like, I don’t really mind, but others might.”

“Ah, that, well sorry for that, I was caught up in the moment, the thrill of pushing the limit, that’s why I do this hobby after all.” He continues, “In future I probably should be more cool about my driving, after all…” He glanced at his car, and points, “This happens.”

“I see, I guess some people are more different than others, do you drive here often?” Still waiting for the walkie talkie to pickup… strange… Kento relaxes onto the rear bumper in a less stiff posture, “I certainly do, though I’ve been around other places…” As he was talking the slight scrapping of the car losing his balance as the car slides down suddenly.

“Woah-!” He gasps as he loses his balance as the car lost its grip from being stuck on the ledge. The 1.4-tonne automobile slowly began to slide off with an audible scraping. The girl notices this, and she instinctively acted. She drops the walkie-talkie and immediately runs towards him, reaching her hand out to him before he could slide down along with the car. “Watch out!”

The white vehicle was about halfway through, and Kento was nearly about to fall down alongside the car, but in the nick of time he’d managed to bring his arm out, and the girl managed to grab onto his hand as he had one foot left on the ridge. He felt the crumbling of the small pebbles at his foot as he clung onto the girl’s small hands. She struggled up to prevent him from dropping entirely, and with a swift pull she’d managed to pull him away from the edge. However, the girl had lost her balance too, and as she pulled Kento who’s balance was already lost, the two of them landed in front of one another, their eyes met and mere centimetres away from one another’s and they froze right there as they settled onto the cold asphalt.

For a moment Kento stared intently into the girl’s dark brown eyes, he could feel her warmth in the moment as they sat there face to face, feeling as her soft breaths landed atop one another as their adrenaline rushes have not yet cooled down from what had just happened. Kento’s arms felt like shaking as he sat there for a while, but he couldn’t move away from her gaze. The feeling of being right there before her completely intoxicated him.
The crickets, the soft rustling of the wind, the cicadas as they chirped occasionally, and the faint rumbling of other engine noises in the distance all blended in as the soft wind of the mountain pass blew the girl’s hair towards Kento’s face.

Eventually the girl seemed to have realized the scenario before them, and slowly moved backwards.

Kento couldn’t tell, but her face was flushed a slight red as she shifted backwards away from him. “U-umm, excuse me…” She said as she shifted her face away from his, her cheek grazing the tip of his nose slightly as she turned her head away from him, something which got her slightly more flustered, although Kento wasn’t really able to tell from the darkness.

Eventually in the distance, an engine rumbling unfamiliar to him would be audible, but he still didn’t pay mind to it as he was still focused on the girl’s face as it was lightly shone on by the dim moonlight, but he would eventually snap out of it as a bright light shone on them in the distance, a light that only got closer and closer. The girl saw this and had gotten slightly flustered, and so she moved away from him and got up.

“H-hey, there’s our tow truck.” She said as she awkwardly offered her hand towards him. He took it and stood up alongside her, and the girl approached the truck awkwardly. With a thick Aussie accent, “What the hell are you two love birds doing over there.” In playful manner, as Ellie slams the ute’s door catching their attention.

“It’s not like that!” A slight hint of red on her cheeks as she quickly recoils back onto her feet. Kento looking away caught up with their embarrassing situation. “You finally got yourself a boyfriend” Ellie smirking at Ryuuko. “I told you, its not like that you moron!!!” Pouting back at the Australian. Kento remained silent as he quickly got back up taken aback, “So uh, who she is?”

“My name is Ellie nice to meet you, are you her new boyfriend?” A wide smile can be seen across her face, reaching out for a handshake. He reacted quickly shaking the Aussie’s hand replying a bit flustered, “No, I’m not her boyfriend… My name is Tokisaki Kento, she was here to help me get my car out…” Looking back at the Ken GT stuck in the mountain side ditch.

“Ah gotcha, sorry for the little playful teasing” Nudging his shoulder, very befitting for an Aussie sheila, in a teasing tone, “Mind helping me” Winking at him, snickering as she glances back at Ryuuko, still flustered from the incident. Reluctantly accepting the teasing as the two attached the tow onto his rear frame as the two worked on recovering the Suisei. With only the light from the two cars, the three worked to attach the tow hitch correctly, as Ellie attempts to guide the two on securing the straps.

It was time for them to jerk the car out, “Mind ya helping me try sitting onto the back of the tray both of you.” Winking at the two. They reluctantly got on the back as the two braced onto the side walls of the stamp sheet metal tray. The build of the gurgling V8 definitely was a sight to behold, different from the usual arrays of diegetic sounds on the touge. The ute jerked as the wheels fought for grip, spinning slightly as Ellie masterfully, through experience, modulated her gas pedal. A loud clank from the Suisei… it was the hood. Kento flinched he needs a new hood, it was clean off, as it slid onto the grass. The car slowly but surely moved back onto the familiar tarmac as Ellie stuck out her thumb,

“Now you two love birds can get off!” Laughing over the Marksman V8 as it slowly decreased in revs. “AGAIN ITS NOT LIKE THAT!!!” Ryuuko was visibly flustered as she glanced over to Kento before averting her gaze once more. As the two momentarily had their eyes meet, Kento too, averting his gaze elsewhere, “Your friend is quite something Ryuuko.” As he comments towards her, getting off first, as he reaches out his hands to help her down. Visibly still embarrassed by the constant teasing.

“Alright you two I would be get going first I need to get this down to the shops, this Sedan is just as long as my ute!” Waving out of the winded down windows, as she signals good bye. The two were left there by themselves as the ute hauls the sedan slowly down the touge, as the faint rumble slowly dissipated the further it went.

“W-well… I suppose we should go along too…” She nudged him with her elbow, still slightly flustered whilst mumbling a couple of words to herself as she walked over to the driver’s side door of the red Quezon, Kento not really being able to make them out, however. Ryuuko opened the door to herself and hopped in, and Kento just observed as the silhouette of her figure leaned over to open the passenger’s side door. His adrenaline had calmed down, but is in now an unusual blinded trance.

“H-hey! Don’t just stand there!” He heard as Ryuuko poked her head out of the window, and Kento subsequently snapped back to reality.

“O-oh! Sorry!” He said as he waddled over to the passenger’s seat, closing the door behind him and putting on the seatbelt. “Thanks for the ride.”

“N-no problem.” She says as she chuckles awkwardly. Ryuuko turns the key, and the turbocharged four-cylinder roars into life like an angered hive of wasps. “Huh, it’s lost more pressure.” She says as she looks down at the boost gauge in the dashboard, but shrugs it off and sets off anyway, remembering to shut off the blinkers before setting off. The floor of the car rattled as the vehicle set off, and the engine quietly purred as she got along. She took the corners gently, not being in a rush.

“Y’know, I crashed on these roads about a year ago.” She began. “Oh, what happened?”

“I was still a relatively novice racer back then, I didn’t really know much about cars back then. I’d been driving this touge almost weekly back then as an escape from the busy office life. I just knew the very basics of adjusting engine stuff and attaching bolt-on parts and all that, but maintenance was still something I never thought of much.” She paused as she downshifted before the straightaway. Kento would look at her, barely being able to get a few glimpses of her face as the reflected ambient light glimmered onto her face, the glimpses of light slowly increasing in frequency as the speed increased down the straightaway.

“Back then, I thought that as long as I changed the oil like I’d always have, the car would still run as normal. Turns out I was wrong, and on that night the engine suddenly decided to give way. Of course, being a novice racer I wasn’t exactly sure what I was supposed to do in such an event, and so I spun and pretty much wrecked the car.” She sighed as she hit the brakes, her footwork allowing the engine to purr louder as she shifted down into another gear.

“It was this corner, it still gives me shudders when I look at it.” She says as she turns in, the car gripping the bend and making it out of the corner successfully. As Kento would look at the guardrail, it had still been unrepaired, a dent was visible in one of the guardrails, and some skidmarks were still left on the asphalt.

“Wow, that must’ve been harsh.”


“Well, anyhow, you’re still here, and that’s what matters.” He spoke all of a sudden. Ryuuko seemed to pause for a moment as she pondered about what Kento said, her face slowly beginning to fluster up, and her driving slowly getting distracted by her thoughts as she slowly began veering into the right lane.

“U-uh, R-Ryuu- I mean- M-Ms. Umemura?” He began to notice her driving starting to become strange, when all of a sudden a pair of bright lights started approaching from the opposite end of the corner. “M-Miss Umemura-?!”

“A-ah!!” She finally snapped back to her senses and jerked the wheel to point back towards her lane, the vehicle in the opposite lane just barely passing them by, honking loudly. Ryuuko was now highly flustered as she just realized what had happened.

“S-stop distracting me, goddamn it!!!”


Tokisaki Kento (時崎 賢人) is a college student who is near completing his course and does part time job working for his family’s relatives business in by driving commercial trucks, a dichotomy to his favorite hobby, driving on the touge and push his old 80s Sedan with his close friends on their home course near Mt. Myogi. A more or less care free spirited Japanese man, who is pretty relax about his future.

After the fated crash, in 1992 with Ryuuko, he patched up his car after the crash, using zip tie to cover up the dents, with visible scratches still on the side fenders of his car from the rear to the front of the car, and as for the hood, replaced with lightweight aluminum painted in a different coat. Fog lights where also added with the RallyART fogs and regular yellow lights to help Kento light up the relatively dark hours during his touge runs

The relatively heavy car at around 1.4 tons over considering its GT origins in the early 80s as a prestigious premium sedan, stripped out to reduce weight, whilst retaining adequate comforts for himself. With his creature comforts in his car, retaining the rather old but still plushy seats of the original car. With aftermarket sun protectors at the rear, the car remained relatively stock until Kento got his hands on the car, widening the fenders, but overall remained visually stock using the GR.B Rally win at the rear to maintain its old 80s classic looks.

As for the engine, its the tried and true SKI6CAN engine, still running relatively stock parts even after the extensive modding with the larger turbocharger kit onto his car, with a new and extensive fuel pump and cooling system to push the engine at 360bhp at the crank, used as one of the team’s uphill drivers with the high torque engine and long stable platform of the Ken GT



November 1991
Cruising down Mt. Myogi after being called to bring up drywall and tools for a favour in return for some Grog and a quick 10,000 yen. Rounding a corner Ellie proceeds to spot a Red Quezon considerably off the road. "Well that's been well and truly binned," She said to herself, deciding to stop and help, the blue brute ute pulling up with the Headlights pointing at the wreak.

Stepping out of the Marksman Utility, she exclaimed in her native tongue. “Woah, what the fuck happened here?” Catching herself as she spotted a girl by the car, and proceeded to switch to Japanese, “Are you alright? What happened here?” Watching the girl regain composure, she would respond, in a rather monotonous tone as she touched her car in a fond manner.
“Well… To make a long story short, the engine must’ve blown itself or something. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s old or what, but I think the car’s totalled.”
“Jeez, are you okay though? This seemed like a fairly gnarly crash.”
"Y-yeah, I think I am? Nothing seems to be hurting right now, so I assume I am indeed fine.”

“Right then…” Ellie proceeded to inspect the wreak “…Looks like you could do with a tow, huh?”
“That would definitely be appreciated. Could I ask for your name, perhaps? I feel as though I owe you a lot for this. I’m Umemura, by the way, Umemura Ryuuko…”
Ellie took note of Umemura’s name as she walked back to her ute to get the recovery equipment from when the ute was in Dad’s possession as a survey vehicle, Umemura continued, “and if you don’t mind me askin-”
“Name’s Ellie, Thomas Ellie,” Ellie returned in a gleeful tone …
“Oh, Ms. Thomas, isn’t it?”
“Just call me Ellie”


A brief, loud period of V8 screaming in 1st first gear tugging a red Quezon out of the bushes later, and a car on rollers being set up behind the ute. Umemura and Ellie now sit in the rather barren interior of the Ute, carefully driving down the Mountain. Ellie first breaks the silence between the 2, “Umemura, where exactly do you want to drop off your car?”
“Whatever shop might be available, I just want to get some rest”
“Understandable… I’ll go to my usual location near the bottom of Myogi”

December 1992

Around 11:49 PM the CB Radio by Ellie’s Bed crackled to life “Ehhh, we need your ute up here… we need someone to be towed again.” Ellie peered over and grabbed the CB, “Copy, Coming up”, and rushed changing into appropriate attire for winter recovery and clambered into a Ute with a new unpainted primer coloured fibreglass cowled hood, starting it up and taking off for the mountains.


12:01 AM, or so the digital clock in the dash said, Ellie pulls up to where she could see Umemura’s car, and a skidmark into the bushes. “Wonder who binned it this time” stepping out and was about walking to where the skidmarks led to, encountering Umemura and a soon-to-be unknown male figure walking towards her. She proceeded to announce her presence with a shit-eating grin “What the hell are you two love birds doing over there?”
“It’s not like that!” stammered a flustered Umemura,
“You finally got yourself a boyfriend” Ellie smirked back,
“I told you, it’s not like that you moron!!!” Umemura pouted back
The unknown man perked up, “So uh, who she is?”
Elle’s redirected her attention, reaching out to him with a smile of service, “My name is Ellie, nice to meet you” taking another dig at Umemura “Are you his boyfriend”
“No, I’m not her boyfriend…" Returned the man "My name is Tokisaki Kento, she was here to help me get my car out…”
“Ah gotcha, sorry for the little playful teasing,” Ellie looked at the Suisei in the ditch, “Mind helping me?” giving a playful wink.


On the drive back, with the Hazards on, Suisei secured onto the A-frame towbar and driving cautiously down. “Getting a sense of Deja-vu here,” as the ute pulled up to the workshop, Mechanic obviously out and about due to the racket of the utility’s V8 under load.
“It’s a Suisei, fella named Kento flew off the road!!” Ellie shouted at the Mechanic. The Quezon pulling up behind.


Ellie Thomas is an expat living in Japan, a Happy go lucky type of chick whose Australian Gold foot tendencies results in the extra load in the Ute generally helping in survivability. She doesn’t give 2 shucks about being fast, she’s here for the experience and fun.

The Car is an Australian 1987 Marksman TF Sabre Utility in Eptitude trim, bought up new living in the Gold Coast with a replica fibreglass Phase 6 Reaper body kit, inspired by the 1984 Marksman TE Marksman Sabre Group E Racecar, fitted in 1990. In this state remained in Australia until overseas work found Ellie in the Transistor Radio space in 1991, resulting in a Yupee job in an office overseas in Japan. Course, despite the brand connection to Suisei, her childhood relation to Marksman resulted in bringing over the Beloved V8 ute.

Over time, the extra modifications to the Ute include, a Bed storage system, a shoddily painted fibreglass hood, a mechanical Limited-Slip Differential, a Geartech clutch kit, a Geartech shifter kit that was supposed to go into a Suisei Tengai, a Suisei Tengai Waterpump, additional leaf springs from a Seikatsu Megacarry, and a Jettison riser intake with a 2.5-inch throttle body to complement the cowl hood.


Akayama Tokai
都会 赤山


December 1992

Undisclosed mountain pass

The nighttime sky, midnight hour has passed. Somewhere along the empty but winding two-lane road, a distant roar can be heard from the distance, ever so surely, it grows louder and louder. No passerby to witness, just only a sight of the road that seems to never end.

Tokai was just off from her daily nightshift, and decided to drive off to the mountain passes to chill and vent from the stress of minimum wage work. She usually drives the stretch of road all by herself, occasionally with traffic in her line of sight.However, something was off this night. As she accelerated from the blind curve, she saw a peculiar looking dark red car, certainly not civilian. Tokai gave herself some time to process in what she saw

“A tuner car, at this place and time? Surely something’s up”

She dropped into second gear, revs building up and the exhaust sound intensified. It is set, the tension has risen, and there is no turning back. At a moment, Tokai has caught up to the mysterious red car. Taking her sweet sweet time to analyze the car on the straights, she was able to identify that it was an ‘87 Quezon.

“So it shall, a head-on battle”

With a brief flashing of lights from the Bradford, the battle commenced. It was clear that there was a clear difference in performance philosophy, the 1 ton Bradford with its N/A 2.5L Inline 4 outputting 265 HP can keep up with the Quezon in low and mid speed corners, but the Quezon with its lightweight construction and the turbocharged Inline 4 makes the Quezon the faster car in general. In the tight low-speed sections, it is just about neck-and-neck in performance, but as soon as the pace picks up, the Bradford is nearly left in the dust. However, for some peculiar reason, the Quezon was starting to show a performance deficit.

Flashing hazard-turning signal lights from the Quezon, the battle has halted to an abrupt end. Tokai has put on the hazard signal lights to check on the pair in the car. The two cars stopped at a convenience store, then the driver of the Quezon opened the hood to check on the engine. The car leaked with water underneath and a little bit of steam exited the engine bay. Tokai turns off the Bradford, puts on the handbrake, and gets out of the car to check on the two. As she got out, she saw the sight of a tanned middle-aged looking man, and a pale youthful woman. Immediately, she heard the bickering of the two, as if they were already married for a long time.

“Heh, lovely pair we have here” She said to herself from a distance.

Tokai noticed that the man was holding an empty bottle, right after the man left to presumably find water. She grabs this moment to inquire about the duo.

“Good day, nice to meet you, what’s your name?”, Tokai said with a little smile. Facing the rather packing girl.

“…. Not much, considering what’s happening at the moment. Oh, The name’s Ryuuko, what’s yours?” Ryuuko says as she glances back averting her gaze away from the rather steamy engine, was it the turbos, perhaps? Tokai thought, spotting the rather warm and slight hint of glow from the distinctive shape of a turbocharger.

“T-the name’s… A-Akayama… T-Tokai… Ahh, I mean, a leaky pipe and a little bit of steam, n-n-nothing too bad. I’m no mechanic, but, eh, beats me” She responded whilst trying to instigate small talk, as curiosity got the better of her. The almost similar air to her, was she just like her? Many thoughts circulate throughout her mind. But she kept it to herself regardless, with Ryuuko pointing towards the open engine,

“This has been a recurring problem since I installed this turbo kit,I keep on losing boost pressure. I cannot really pin it down, but I can say one of them might be related to the housing for the intercooler.”Ah it made sense, she thought, these kind of kits are fairly new after all, and Tokai herself had seen many instances of the kits with varying degrees of success, linking her past experience from other people’s cars,

“Perhaps the reason for the leaky pipe, also explains why your partner went ahead with an empty bottle to get some water” ”Evidently pointing to a light leak of steam from the pipe, caught up with her small talk as she blurted out the ‘word’. She looks back up to see a very flustered and bright red faced Ryuuko,

“P-p-p-artner???!??, nonono, It’s not like that!!!”” As she looks away only to lock gazes with her ‘partner’.

The man from earlier walked out of the convenience store, just as Ryuuko slowly turned her head, as she just recovered from her stuttering, pausing to process what just happened. As the two eyes meet, they stare at each other intimately. Tokai realized that what she just caused was way beyond what she originally intended to do, and felt the shock in her spine. The two faces lit up red, flustered. As Kento muttered to himself,

“Ah, ok” ”As he shyly scratches the back of his head, looking away from Ryuuko.

Tokai just stood there, slightly bewildered by the whole ordeal,“Oh, I didn’t mean it, I am sorr-”
“JEEZ, IT’S NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL!” A flustered Ryuuko glaring at Tokai, with a hint of slight frustration.

“I am sorry, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to”” An apologetic Tokai recoiled. Muddled in her brief moments of frustration, Ryuuko regained her composure. Slightly distraught from her brief outburst, apologizes for the sudden outburst.

“Oh, it’s nothing, I should be the one apologizing for shouting at you…” Kento walks in and interjects with a smug remark, “Yeah yeah yeah, you always say that to people” Ryuuko angrily lashes back at the smug Kento, “You…. shut up!” ”

As she then looks at Tokai to explain, “Don’t mind him, he is one to crash his own car” Kento retaliates back to her statement, “Says the person who also binned her car” , Kento smugly replies, as the two lock gazes, it’s one of their lover arguments? Tokai thought…”

Tokai patiently waited before she was able to speak,“Uhm…”

Eventually, it was Ryuuko who noticed the poor soul that was now slowly shifting away from them. “O-oh, right! Once again, sorry about that, this guy never likes to give up on his arguments.” Kento mumbled something inaudibly, but after Ryuuko nudged him, he ended up shutting up. Ryuuko looked behind the short-haired girl, and spotted the faint silhouette of the blue Bradford, immediately recognizing it as the car that trailed behind them earlier. “I see, you’re the driver of that… Uhm, what vehicle is that?””

Upon hearing Ryuuko’s interest in her vehicle, Tokai managed to gather up some confidence. She felt a sudden glow in her eyes as finally, someone approached her about cars, something her introverted self had intensely desired deep down, and as such she puffed her chest out and began explaining.

“W-well! It’s a 1985 Bradford Pansy Sport! British-built, but Japanese-driven!”” She enthusiastically said.

“Oh, a British car, huh? How did that even get here?” Kento wondered.”

“U-umm… W-well… “” While Tokai was fumbling with her words, Ryuuko shoved the bottles and flashlight towards Kento and began walking over to the baby blue British sports coupe, dimly illuminated by the soft lighting of the convenience store. It’s distinct silhouette was unlike anything that came from Japan.

Ryuuko squatted down in front of the car, and reached her arm out to it. Tokai started getting anxious as her arm slowly moved closer towards the car’s aluminum bodywork.


As Tokai spoke, the girl’s arm stopped in its tracks, and she turned her head up towards her. Kento crossed his arms and spoke up as well.

“Y’know Ryuuko, it’s best you don’t randomly touch some random girl’s car on your first meeting.”

Ryuuko shot a menacing glare at Kento, and he immediately looked away, instead walking back over to, before she looked back at Tokai and flashed her a smile.



December 1992

The quiet buzz of the incandescent lamps finally fell silent as the shop closed down for the night. Ryuuko stood outside below the street lamp near the parking lot, dimly lit in an orange hue as she waited for Kento who eventually came out of the shop.

“So how much longer will it take?” Asked Ryuuko as she went ahead and intercepted the tall figure. Kento sighed and shrugged.
“A few more weeks apparently. They don’t seem to have the parts in stock still, could be as a result of the holidays but I’m not sure anymore.”
“I see. Well, let’s hop in I guess.” She yawned as she walked over to the red Quezon sitting across the quiet street. She inserted the key into the keyhole on the door, turning it made the door open with a clank, before she hopped into the car and leaning over to open the passenger’s side door to allow Kento in, which he did subsequently. Ryuuko unzipped her jacket as she sat down at the driver seat, before plugging the key into the ignition and turning it partially to first take a peek at the clock.

“11:52” It read.

Kento’s eyes grew wide as he glanced at the clock. Ryuuko took notice of this as she flicked the ignition fully forwards, and asked him what the matter was.
“My apartment has a curfew from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM. No one can enter, or exit without valid reasoning.” He sighed. “Since my apartment is on the other side of town, even driving recklessly won’t get us there on time.”
“O-oh! I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have dragged you along if you actually had a curfew. What will you do now?” Worry started to seep down Ryuuko’s spine.
“I’m not sure exactly. I wonder if there are any hotels open at this time?”
They both sat there for a moment to think about how to go through this. While Kento thought about his relatives in the area, Ryuuko’s mind seemed to wander off in a certain direction, flustering herself up in the process. She had lived in the area for pretty much her entire life, and she knew that the only hotels that were open at this time were love hotels, and the only other viable option that she thought was there, was to spend the night with her at her own apartment, which doesn’t have a curfew.

But Ryuuko had never invited a guy to come over to her place, ever. Kento was one of the first guys she has ever truly been acquaintances with, and so like a young girl her mind raced immediately to the copious amounts of Josei manga and romance she had read over the course of her life. She continously shook her heads as she tried to suppress these thoughts. As this was happening, Kento was running out of ideas and as he glanced over to Ryuuko, he found her face in a tint of red, and now he had gotten worried to.

“R-Ryuuko? Are you okay?” He slowly moved his hand to place it over Ryuuko’s shoulder. Upon feeling Kento’s cold and course hand touch her bare shoulder, she immediately felt a chill go through her back as she flinched and turned her head towards Kento, her face slowly turning a full red as her senses filled the spot where they were making contact.
“W-wait a minute!!! Not too fast!!!” She yelled as she clenched her jacket, even Kento was taken aback from this sudden outburst from Ryuuko. “A-ah! S-sorry!” He immediately retracted his arm.

The two of them once again sat there awkwardly, the quiet hum of the turbocharged four-cylinder droning in the back as they thought for a moment. Eventually however, Ryuuko gulped and finally spoke up.

“H-hey… If you don’t have a place to head to tonight… m-maybe you could… c-c…” Her voice began to trail off as she tried to get the words out. Kento was just barely able to make out what she was trying to say, although he wasn’t exactly sure, his face started to turn red as well as certain thoughts raced around his mind. Ryuuko looked up at Kento, who awaited her to finish her words before he would jump to conclusions, and she mustered up the courage finally and asked.
“… do you want to c-come over to my place, f-for the n-night?”


Ryuuko lay there in bed, staring intently at Kento’s back. She could smell his musky scent mixed in with her own shampoo as she attempted to quietly inch closer. She gulped as she felt something within her, as if her body was heating up and she found her right hand moving down to her crotch. An urge was building up in her head, and before she knew it she opened her mouth and called out to the younger guy in front of her.

“K-Kento…” She whispered softly.
“Y-you don’t have to whisper… I-is there something wrong? Should I get out of bed?”
“N-no… b-but… could you turn around and face me instead?”

She heard a sigh in front of her, and eventually Kento turned around to face her. The two of them stared into one another before Ryuuko looked down into the covers. Their hands were nearly touching, and she took the opportunity to reach out for it. Her small hands were almost entirely covered by his’, and she felt her face heat up slightly and she looked back up at him and chuckled.

“R-Ryuuko?” He nervously asked. His heart was thumping rapidly, and he didn’t know what to do in this situation. Technically, he and Ryuuko were still friends, and supposedly nothing more than that. But he knew more than that obviously, and his feelings didn’t lie to him. The more he looked at her smiling face, dimly lit by the streetlights seeping in from the window, the more he felt as though he was about to melt right where he lay.

“I’ve really enjoyed the time we’ve spent, Kento.” She inched closer towards Kento, their legs almost intertwining with one another’s. They could now feel each other’s breaths landing on each other, and Ryuuko’s face started to flush a slightly deeper red, not that Kento could see it. “It may not seem like it, but… e-every time I’m with you, I feel as though my h-heart pounds h-harder. It’s something I can’t exactly put into words.” She said as she pulled Kento’s hand closer to her.

“I-I feel the same way too, Ryuuko.” He leaned in closer towards her face smiled back at her, together they shared a warm smile as they chuckled softly in bed.

“H-hey… u-um…”

Once again, that feeling of warm desire travelled down Ryuuko’s body, and she couldn’t help but sit up from where she laid. From Kento’s view, her bare busty figure slowly revealed itself as she slowly unbuttoned the top of her shirt, the outdoors casting a faint rim light around her as she slowly undressed and revealed her puffy pink nipples.


“W-wait, Kento! I-I know this seems sudden, but… throughout this entire night, I was holding it back. In the shower I couldn’t help but just think of being with you. The first night we met on the touge, I thought you were so cool the way you didn’t think too much about how you totally binned your car. K-Kento… p-please… will you do it with me tonight?” She said as her unbutton shirt continued sliding down her arms.

Kento was taken aback, he did not know that she reciprocated his feelings that much, and so he sat up, and took ahold of the girl’s shoulders. “Ryuuko, say no more.” After the witty remark, he leaned in for the kiss, slowly sliding his arms down her bare shoulders and moving towards her chest. He heard Ryuuko squeal as he attempted to slip his tongue into her mouth. She eventually obliged, and their oral cavities were filled with one another’s tongues in an erotic binding of their mouth juices in a lover’s sweet tango. Ryuuko’s voice leaked out as she attempted to pull away from the grasp of Kento’s lips.

It was intense however, and she was running out of breath as she made her attempts. It was too good, even for her, and her mind constantly tingled wondering where someone like him would’ve gotten these techniques of his. Suddenly, she felt herself jolt as a course feeling began rubbing from the sides of her body, to around the shape of her chest. She wrapped her arm’s around the younger guy, and pushed her body towards his, with her large bosom now pushing up towards Kento’s own chest.

They finally pulled away from the kiss, and erotically, a single string of saliva slung between their tongues. Immediately, Ryuuko dove back into her lover’s mouth, savouring every moment they were bound with one another as they entered another passionate mouth-to-mouth meeting.

Kento wrapped his large arms around Ryuuko’s waist, slowly sliding them down her smooth body towards her pants, he slid them into her rear compartment and slowly moved his hands around. Ryuuko squealed even more as her pants slowly slid down and away from her lower area, revealing her bottom out. As her panties were pulled down from beneath her, she felt a small strand of her love juice drip out from within her wet puffy entrance as it slowly revealed itself.

Kento’s fingers slowly made their way down towards her special area, and upon meeting the entrance of her gates, he slowly moved them in and out, utilizing her dripping juices as an easy way in. Her voice suddenly launched out as she felt his finger arrive inside of her, moving around excitedly as she tried her best to hold out, but eventually her hips gave way, and with a loud cry, she felt her entire lower body feel an unusual satisfaction she’d never had felt before, and she sat there panting heavily, occasionally making an erotic moan as she readjusted herself.

She pushed herself away from Kento and stared into his dark eyes for another moment. She unwrapped her arms from around his neck, placing them behind her as she got up on her knees and slowly pulled down Kento’s shorts to reveal his marvelous log, primed and ready to be bound with Ryuuko. “S-shall we?” She asked between breaths. Kento nodded and slowly Ryuuko’s hips lowered themselves onto his lap, she would moan loudly as his great thing slid right into her like a perfect fit, her insides wrapping all around Kento as she breathed heavily.



Kento pulled Ryuuko in for a kiss, and she subsequently began moving her hips up and down, sliding herself against him in a passionate binding ceremony that lasted throughout the night.

“It’s quite a beautiful car. It looks almost spotless, I don’t see a lot of scratches on the paint. You must be a fairly good driver, aren’t you?””

“I-I am?” Tokai felt her face start to slightly heat up from the compliment, and she began fiddling around with her thumbs. “I-I never really thought so… I haven’t been driving for that long so I-I’m not really sure if I deserve these words…”

“Hey, Ryuuko! You’ve gotta come see this!” Kento suddenly called out, and Ryuuko got up from where she was squatting, walking over to the hood of the dark red coupe and looking through the hood. Tokai went ahead and followed Ryuuko.

“Looks like I’ve found the cause of all this steam. Water pump looks like it’s leaking, and that’s causing the engine to overheat, and consequently, the turbocharger as well. But as for the loss of boost pressure, we’re likely going to have to check it back at the shop.” He said confidently as he shone the flashlight towards the key points of the engine bay. Ryuuko looks down into the bay and sighs. “Well, that’s probably going to be another expensive thing to repair… I think it’s best we call Ellie, don’t want to risk the engine going poof all of a sudden.”

Ryuuko looked back at Tokai, who looked as if she was about to go already. She walked over to the passenger’s seat, and fiddling around a bit in the cabin, she came out with a piece of paper in hand, filled with some basic information.

“It seems you have somewhere to go, but it’d be nice if we could meet again sometime!” She says as she hands over the paper.

“I-I see…! U-Um… !“ Tokai was unable to make out the words she wanted to say, but all she could do in the moment was just bow to the older girl before her, before looking back up to see a warm smile greeting her. She felt her face fluster up slightly as she walked back to her car, occasionally glancing back to continue seeing the two bicker about as usual.

Eventually, Tokai entered refuge in her own car. Reaching to her keys, as she instinctively eases onto the clutch, twisting the key. A moment of respite, as the engine stutters with the fluctuating buildup of the ignition skirting. It refused to start, stalling as she panicaly attempting to start the car again. With the constant skirting of the ignition, the two turn around as they glance at a flustered Tokai, the two look at each other as Kento slightly snickers, before finally bursting into laughter.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry!” As Kento covers his mouth in an attempt to hold back his laughing, with Ryuuko nudging him to stop laughing. “Jeez! Is that all you ever do?!”


Akayama Tokai is a fresh college graduate who just landed a job at a generic logistics office (Makai Logistics Ltd.). She plans to venture out into the world of illegal street racing, so with her “powers” working for a logistics company, she was able to call her rich relative who works in Britain to procure a cheap dailable car for her (belated) graduation gift. After months of searching, her relative was able to find a mint Bradford Pansy Sport for a reasonable price.

Having waited for about half a year dealing with paperwork to get the Bradford in the Land of the Rising Sun, Tokai was able to get her hands on the car. She asked her dad if he knew any tuners around the area. Tokai’s dad was able to point out to a colleague he knows that specializes in engine tuning. Spending about ½ of her total savings on the car, she was able to afford a tuning package that was able to increase power output by about 50+ hp. She was also able to reduce weight by getting rid of the rear seats.


1994 KAI KS300 Turbo TR (Touge Racer)

435 bhp pushing around 1.3 metric tons - all for just $40k AMU.

Driver and car details

This extensively modified KAI KS300 Turbo will be driven by Nate West, a 22-year-old amateur racer from the West Midlands looking to break into the pro ranks. With such aftermarket mods as a lightweight interior, wider forged wheels, a more aggressive aero kit, a close-ratio gearbox, uprated brakes and suspension, and a highly tuned engine (which comes with a freer-flowing exhaust and more boost pressure than stock) it should be better-equipped to tackle the mountain passes that are often used for touge racing.

1970 Midlands Io Sprint

This vintage kei sized sports coupe has been brought up to date by its artistic owner, Storm Breedlove, a transplant from northern Britain who’s just accepted a position at TEGA as an animator.

Since he wanted to live in a slightly more rural setting and commute in to work like he did back in Britain, bringing his '70 Midlands Io sprint over with him was an immediate decision. Nimble enough to make it through small Japanese streets with ease and powered by a 1.6 l motor small enough to not be hit too hard by displacement taxes, the sprint fit his needs nicely and as he found out, was a joy to throw into the curvy mountain roads of japan. Since arriving and discovering what he equates to a Japanese version of the Nürburgring as his daily commute, Storm has since upgraded the Io sprint to match contemporary 1994 sports cars like the eunos roadsters he sees blitzing down the motorway. He’s also taken to putting stickers from brands he’s used to modify the car on each of the mechanic’s doors either side of the bonnet, where he keeps all the essential tools to deal with any foibles that come up from owning a classic British sports car. He has upgraded the interior with the higher level of tech he has access to now that he’s living in Japan, fitting a premium sound system and figuring out how to heat the seats. He’s also begun timing his commute and other trips to see how his performance modifications, like fuel injection, wider, stickier tyres, and aero bits, have made a difference. His aggression in these tests and the fervor with which he works on tinkering has given him and his car the nickname of Shiroi ōkami (The White Wolf) among his friends at TEGA. It also comes from how they both go howling through Japan’s forests in the late evening, where there is less of a chance for his liberal use of speed to be noticed. The Io sprint may only have 130 hp, but it can top out at an aero limited 150 mph and has a 0-60 of about 7 seconds. He’s also timed one of his frequent routes down the Hakone Turnpike at 4 minutes 46 seconds (when he’s found time to do so “uninhibited”).



名が 松本


1993 January (NAGA MATSUMOTO)

At the top of the mountain, at the border between two individual towns, the crickets chirped about to the rustling of the leaves of midnight. Matsumoto stood there beneath the dim light of a nearby lamp post with an automotive magazine in his left hand, right next to a metallic green sedan, the faint silhouette of its four-door lines subtly illuminated by the orange tint of the street light, reflected by the sheen of the golden plated wheels.

He tossed the magazine onto the car’s hood, and dug into his pocket, looking for the faded and flimsy box of tobacco he’d barely finished. He took the ragged box out and pulled a stick from its faded innings, before tossing it back into the pocket of his trousers and pulling out a lighter instead, flicking the sharp metal can open and lighting the roll of paper and tobacco between his lips.

A bitter puff of smoke filled his vision. It was another one of those nights where he’d feel empty again. No matter how many drives, how much praises, how many awards, he still felt something empty sucking through the rest of his insides.He felt the bitterness of the cigarette intensify as his ears picked up the faint buzzing of a vehicle in the distance.

The smell and smoke of the cigarette still partially clouding his view, Naga heard four high-revving engines roaring up the mountain roads, occasionally seeing a glimpse of the cars coming out of the trees.

As four silhouettes zipped by him close to midnight, Naga turned and heard faint tyre screeches in the distance. After anticipating the racers’ arrival, several high-performance cars pulled up to the corner runaway area. Under the street light, Matsumoto could finally make out the shape of the cars and their drivers.

Four characters stepped outside their racers and started a muted chatter with one another.
A salarywoman driving a bright blue Bradford steps out of the group and starts questioning Matsumoto about his metallic green four-door.

“Those rims look nice. It’s standing so low to the ground, it looks so cool! There’s nothing like it on the road.” Tokai exclaimed as she went around, touching the car as she saw it in the flesh for the first time. “Thanks, you’re all into cars, I see.” Replying back happily, “I saw your car featured in the magazine not too long ago, it definitely stands out, too. You did so much to the car, I can tell you’ve put in lots of work on the engine. I bet that car handles as well as all the cars in our group. - ” The girl never seems to stop talking about the car, it’s as if she knew it inside and out. Matsumoto was pretty happy that she knew a lot about it.

Matsumoto, awkwardly scratching his head, was anticipating meeting the other members of the street racing gang. “Come on, I think you’d want to meet the other members, too…” Tokai was slightly blinded by her fangirling. Chucking his cigarette to the floor, Matsumoto walked over to the rest of the group, standing near their brightly-coloured cars.

“Hello, how is it going, my name is Tokisaki Kento, and our fangirl over there seems to be all over the car, you famous or something?” Reaching out his hand to Matsumoto. “I wouldn’t quite say so, but I guess my car did get featured in the magazine your friend was talking about.” Matsumoto reached out and shook his hands, “But yeah nice to meet you, name’s Naga Matsumoto.”

“Over there Umemura Ryuuko is a close touge-friend of mine, though she has a tendency to cook her engine…” Smirking at Ryuuko, as Ellie rolls her eyes at what was going to happen. Angrily replying to his remark, “SHUT UP! You also binned your car when I wasn’t even pushing” Yet again, the two were butting heads at one another, it was quite surreal for Matsumoto, they were quite the? Couple? Not quite, he couldnt put a finger on it…

“Enough, enough you two…” Interjecting herself between the two, “The name’s Ellie Thomas, an Australian, nice to meet you.” A rather tall foreigner, she was the one who was driving that V8 thing? Matsumoto replied, “I’m Naga Matsumoto, first time I’m seeing a V8 on the trail, chopped too.”

“It’s called a ute, pretty common where I come from, over the pond, in the land down unda’ (Eng) ” Briefly speaking in seemingly bastardised English as she points back to her blue ute with the rather race-like aero kit at the front.

“Your accent is impressive for a foreigner. Are you planning on racing it?” Pointing at the spare tyres and petrol canisters in the bed of the ute. “Yeah, ya see those two arguing love birds” Snickering quietly, “I saved those two cars quite regularly ya know. And thanks to me, they don’t have to worry about any breakdowns anytime soon”

“Sorry for causing the trouble,” as he scratches his head, with Ryuuko apologising, “Yeah, thanks to him, for making fun of me…” As the two momentarily look gazes again, Ellie shakes her head, face palming. “Sorry…” Kento pausing slightly flustered. The sudden sincere apology, caught her off guard as the two yet again, are caught up in their ‘affair’.

“I take it that the bumper scars are a trademark of the club, eh?” Chucking after the altercation between the members, Matsumoto ran his hand gently across the rear bumper of Ryuuko’s car. “I think you’ll be helping me out sooner or later as well.”

“I can show you under the bonnet if you’d like.” Reaching her hand toward the bonnet release wired under the centre console. Matsumoto anticipated seeing the racer’s equipment under the bonnet. Lifting the bonnet, Ryuuko said in a muted voice “There was once an 8-valve engine here, I blew it somewhere over…” Pointing her finger at a distant corner on the mountain pass. Matsumoto noticed the new valve cover and exhaust manifold “That’s not the case anymore, huh” Moving out of the moonlight, a 20 Valve emblem on the matte-black engine cover lit up.

“I kinda blew that engine while practicing for a race. I was saving up for this engine for a while after that.” Lifting the tag from the engine lift point, the word “GROUP-A” could be made out, pressed into the metal. “You even gave it a gigantic turbo, props.” Ryuuko blushed as the seemingly magazine-famous street racer complimented her car at every chance he got.

Kento stepped in and asked, “Tokai told me that you found your car deserted at the bottom of a hillside path, or something.” Leaning on his car, Kento started once more, “I got this ol’ girl from my pops” as he pointed to the classical 80s styling, a rather long car for the touge. “It’s a 1982 Suisei Ken GT, it was quite the killer back then, It still drives like a charm. Still holds up well to this day.” Pausing to also look at the many scratches on his car, “These bad boys are my ‘battle scars” slightly smug.

“Those are from you binning your car Kento, not from a battle.” Ryuuko lifting her eyebrow and a slight hint of a smile from her rather calm composure. Kento laughed at the reply, they seem to be close aren’t they, Matsumoto thought… chuckling, Kento popped the bonnet as well, “We’ve all decided to go down the turbo route”

Peering deeper into the engine bay, Naga spots the 5th and 6th cylinders. “Another straight-six, love it.” Turning toward Kento Matsumoto asks him, “What sort of power are you making?”

“360hp last time I checked when I got the new turbo, and apparently engine wise it said 380bhp. I’m pretty happy about this, I can send this car sending around the touge on the uphill very easily for a heavy car.” Touching the still warm engine.

Peering deeper into the Suisei’s engine bay, Matsumoto commented, “That’s quite some power, if you’ve managed that from 2.6 litres or less I’m actually quite embarrassed to say mine makes only 330 at the crank.”

“Though my engine is pretty laggy, from the paper graph the guy printed out. It’s quite a big turbo I mounted. Had to get basically a new set to support the new setup.” Pointing at the beefy intercooler and intake housing, fairly messy and amateurish. “It gets the job done. Not the prettiest setup.”

Tokai once again walked up to Matsumoto and sheepishly asked, “Mind if we see under the bonnet of your car?”

Turning around, away from the group Matsumoto started walking toward the flashy four-door. All members started following him, anticipating something big.

Reaching for the two separate bonnet latches, Matsumoto commented “You might want to lower your expectations a bit, it’s really nothing that special…”

The aluminium bonnet lifted without much effort, revealing the 2.6 litre six.

Noticing a bundle of metallic shielded tubing coming from the front bumper, Kento pointed and asked “What’s that supposed to do, it’s just hanging off the front bumper, right?”

Grinning slightly, Matsumoto said “Oil cooler. It’s the gold thing hanging off the bumper. This engine had problems with oil cooling even before tuning. The only annoyance in an otherwise superb engine. As you can see I’ve dealt with that in quite an… Agricultural fashion.”

Tokai commented on the “330” sticker hanging off the exhaust manifold “What does 330 mean? Is it some production number or…?”

Matsumoto reaches for the pocket inside his bomber jacket and pulls out the very magazine his car was featured in. Right on the front page, written in bold was “330PS!”
Continuing, Matsumoto remarked “The car was tuned at TR-RACING, as you probably know. All of their builds are hand-made and one-off.”

While the rest of the group was nerding out at the engine, Matsumoto stepped inside the car and yelled “Clear prop!” before firing up and revving the engine.
The signature smoothness of the engine meant Matsumoto could balance a coin on its side at the top of the valve cover.

Kento pointed toward the seemingly intricately-crafted rollcage and remarked “This girl can take quite a few screw ups by the looks of it…”

Chuckling, Naga replied “You remember Lancia’s team in the heyday of Group B rally? The most intense battle in the history of motorsport, Lancia vs. Audi.” Kento nodded. “Well they had to have roll cages for safety regulations, but the team’s leader deemed them too heavy. You wanna know what they did?” All of the other racers had turned to Matsumoto now. “They made it out of bloody cardboard…”

The group was stunned. Ryuuko asked “Is… Is that a cardboard roll cage…”
Everyone but Ellie burst out laughing. An obviously very high-effort car… with a cardboard rollcage?

“Oh that’s a shame” Knocking on the rollbar of the Ute, “Now this is a rollbar.”

Kento shook hands with Naga, “Nice meeting you, we’d like to take you to a race some time if that’s not a problem…”
Naga replied “Oh… sure, not like I’ve got much to do in the meantime.”

The group all headed back to their cars. The sound of four high-performance engines revving and tyres peeling was a welcome change in his otherwise mundane life.
In the rearview, Kento saw The tall racer wave to them before fading out behind the dark corner.

His early-generation digital clock now reading 00:43, Matsumoto slammed the 5-speed into gear and dropped the clutch before speeding down Mt. Haruna.


Heading out for a leisurely stroll up Mt. Haruna’s infamously beautiful forests and walkways, Matsumoto spots an ominous sight. Laying half-buried in the damp leaves is a 1986 Fukorami Clarin.
It looked as though other people have tread here before Matsumoto, the car was covered in graffiti and the interior was full of notes. The car had lost all its former majesty, it was now nothing more than an eyesore.

Matsumoto has always had a fascination with the brand, and more specifically this very car. It represented the finest in Japanese engineering at the time, packed with advanced features.
As an accomplished street racer, Matsumoto had a thought…

Due to the legislations in his prefecture, Matsumoto was able to submit a request to retrieve the seemingly abandoned car. After a month or so of nobody claiming the car, Matsumoto towed the car out of the thick forest.

After a deep and thorough clean, the car turned out to be in almost impeccable condition. Everything except for the engine and rear subframe were spotless.
Matsumoto set out on mission to restore the car to its former glory.

After installing a new subframe and fixing what little rot the chassis had, the interior was stripped and light-weight replacements were fitted. The car had been taken to TR-RACING after the easy-to-install items were fitted.

The car was fitted with chassis reinforcements, an aluminium bonnet and front wings, upgraded brakes, shocks and springs as well as an upgraded variant of the car’s original 2.6 straight-six which was now tuned to produce 320bhp.
After the part upgrades, TR-RACING fitted a Suzuka bodykit to the car, topping of the build.

The car, now garnished with the JVNIPER emblem, was the fastest Clarin ever conceived. the silky-smooth 2.6 litre 6 cylinder and 5-speed manual gearbox meant the car could go from 0-60 in nearly 4.5 seconds.
The interior was left spartan, the luxurious leather and mahogany trimming was thrown to the bin in place of lightweight plastic and fibre glass. The wheels were milled from a single piece of aluminium and took 3 months to complete.
Its stratospheric sticker would’ve surely put every other builder off, but Matsumoto was ready to pay.

After getting his car featured in a renowned Japanese tuning magazine, Matsumoto was satisfied.


1991 Hinode Carrier Super Deluxe "AHOY!"

The Story

Yokosuka, 1974

It was a bright summer’s day, a young couple and their daughter visited the Mikasa museum ship. The daughter was rather excited, running about the ship and admiring its many features. An hour later, the family left the ship. Looking back at the Mikasa, the daughter told her parents,

“I want a ship like that. I’m gonna sail the seven seas and rule the oceans!”

Her parents laughed it off, of course. She’s still a child after all. But the daughter knew that she wanted to rule the seas one day, no matter the cost.

Susono, 1993

Misato (not her real name) is a nun serving at a local church on the hillsides of Susono, Japan. Some say that before she started to spread the word of God, she had been an idol, performing in several concerts. However, she left the business several years ago due to unknown reasons. Only God knows why, and only He knows if the rumours are even true.

The church where she served was a rather modest one, with a handful of pews and a confession booth. Still, the church had a decent amount of visitors, even if they were mostly old people. As the years went by, however, some of them stopped showing up. Eventually, nobody came to mass. But the old priest and Misato kept the church running, perhaps waiting for a visitor.

But just like the other regulars, the time had come for the old priest. He died of natural causes one evening with no one but Misato by his deathbed. Before he died, however, the priest gave Misato a pair of keys.

“When I finally return to the Father, open the cabinet in my office.” he said, “What’s in there is yours, please use it the way you see fit. You’re still quite young, Misato. I appreciate all that you’ve given to your church, but you should go out there and pursue your dreams.”

“Dreams, huh?” Misato thought.

Misato stood in front of a wooden cabinet in the priest’s office. She inserted the key and opened the door. Misato was surprised. All this time, the priest had been living a very modest life, donating the church’s earnings to charity and only keeping what is necessary for food and utilities. Yet the cabinet is filled to the brim with stacks of bills. Misato took one bundle out.

“Good Lord.” she thought, “They’re all 10,000 yen bills!”

Closing and locking the cabinet, Misato sat on the priest’s chair to collect her thoughts. The cabinet could easily contain tens of millions of yen. But what to do with all that money? On one hand, Misato wanted to give the money to charity, to help others in need. But the priest’s dying words weight heavily on her. What were her dreams? What does she want to achieve? Was it fame? Money? Well, she has that now. And then she remembered her time at the Mikasa, with its impressive guns, funnels, and hinomaru flag.

“Not even this much money can get me a ship like that!” she chuckled.

Misato was still confused on what to do with the money and so to help her decide, Misato exited the office and went towards the driveway where a car was parked, covered in tarp. She removed the tarp, revealing a 1991 Hinode Carrier Super Deluxe that one of the wealthy churchgoers (who stopped visitng just a few months after that) donated for the church’s use. The van had a top-of-the-line 3.4l 6-cylinder engine and AWD, along with a 5-speed manual transmission and a posh interior. Just a few years ago, Misato would drive the priest and the churchgoers to religious events but the van was driven less and less as the visitors dwindled.

Misato opened the door (which, remarkably, was unlocked) and turned the ignition on for the first time in a few months before driving towards the mountains.

When Misato first signed up to serve at the church, she swore that she would dedicate her life to serving others in stark contrast to the selfish nature of her previous job. She was happy to serve God, but she felt like something was missing in her life. After a few hours of driving on the winding mountain roads, Misato decided to stop for a drink. She had expected the rest area to be empty, but that night there were a group of modified sports cars and their owners socializing.

“Street racers, huh?” Misato thought.

Misato exited her car and walked towards the parked cars, inspecting the lot. There were many different cars, including a Quezon Laguna, Hinode MID2, Homura GT2000i SAV just to name a few. As Misato looked around, one of the drivers noticed her and called her out.

“Hey!” the driver called.

Misato, having little interaction with people younger than her, jumped in shock.

“Wanna join us tonight?” the driver asked, “Don’t worry miss, we’re only here to have fun driving!”

“O-oh sorry b-but I have other things t-to attend to!” Misato stammered, backing off from the driver.

“Come on, miss!” the driver said, “It’s just a short drive! It’ll be fun! Besides, don’t you think that your ordinary life is boring?”

Then it hit Misato. Sure, she was happy. But her life was boring! All she did was clean the church and run a few errands for the priest. She served others, but never herself. Maybe, just maybe, street racing can bring her the thrill that she needed in her life.

“You know, actually, can I join you?” Misato asked.

“Sure!” the driver replied, “Come, I’ll show you to my car.”

The driver guided Misato to his modified 1982 Hinode Capeta. It had a lip and a wing up back, and had considerably bigger and wider wheels than the Capetas that Misato normally saw. The insides were stripped and the seats were horrible. But Misato bore with it, hoping to see if street racing could satisfy her need for thrill.

And without ado, the Capeta headed towards the exit and began its run though the mountain pass. The driver and his Capeta did just about anything a normal car shouldn’t: it went at speeds a few times above the limit, dove into corners, and sometimes even slid, screeching the tyres and leaving marks on the road. It was terrifying. It was nauseating. Misato could’ve died that night, but she loved it. This was it. This was the thrill that was missing from her life in the church.

The Capeta returned to the rest area and parked back at its previous spot.

“Phew!” the driver exclaimed, “That was fun! How was it for you, miss?”

Misato was hyperventilating in excitement with a big wide grin on her and a blush on her face.

“Ten years I served the Lord.” Misato said excitedly, “And I have never been this excited, ever.”

“Well, that’s great to hear!”

“I thought that I should continue my life serving Him and spreading the gospel… But this… This is the way forward for me!”

Misato unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the door.

“Thanks for the ride, young man! I know exactly what to do with my life now!”

Misato exited the car and ran straight to the van, much to the bewilderment of the driver. And with that, Misato fiinally knew what to do with her life going forward: drive fast cross the mountain passes and conquer Japan’s roads.

Misato drove back to the church to rest for the night. The next morning, she took some of the preist’s money and drove to a local garage, intending to turn the van to a lean and mean street racing machine. The owner of the garage was bewildered by the idea and is concerned about Misato’s lack of experience, but he believed in the idea and decided to build the car while teaching Misato how to properly handle it. Misato learned quickly and practiced almost every night. By early 1994, Misato had learned the ropes and was doing quite decently for a van on the mountain passes.

The Car

The Carrier has been modified extensively for the touge. The body panels, for instance, were replaced with fiberglass parts to reduce weight. Misato also removed the rear seats and entertainment systems from the back of the van (although she kept the radio and the speakers up front) and replaced the driver’s seat with a racing-style bucket seat.

To help move the stripped box, Misato slapped a turbo onto the 3.4l 6-cylinder engine which now produces 460hp which is sent to all four wheels. The brakes were also enlarged to help stop the car and the suspension was lowered and stiffened to help the Carrier corner better. An aerodynamic bodykit was also installed to help provide downforce. Being a van, however, the Carrier still retained its solid rear axle and body-on-frame construction which isn’t particularly common for cars on the touge.

The dull-looking van was resprayed maroon, with gold accent and gold wheels. Misato also applied heart logos and AHOY! decals onto the car. When asked where the logo came from, she only said “Wait another 26 years”, whatever that may mean.

These upgrades were not cheap, but it was most certainly a good way to spend the money that the priest left Misato with. And of course, it brought the excitement that Misato had been missing in the past few years.


The original van (ignore the doors yeah I made this one after the wangan version that the touge van was based on)


oh yes.

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