Car of the Year 2013 (RESULTS ARE IN!)

Ladies and gentlemen… Aw, who am I kidding?

It is me a great pleasure to host the first ever Automation, Car of the Year award.
A competition I hope to make into an annual tradition, this is the opportunity for the automotive manufacturers of the world to flex their engineering muscles against each other, to craft the most gorgeus shapes in metal, carbon fibre and aluminium, and to compete for glory, bragging rights and cookies.

The entries will be judged in the following criteria. Each vehicle may be awarded a maximum of 10 points in each category.

[size=150]Performance of intended function.[/size]
How well suited is the cars characteristics for its intended application?
Ex: A low-powered eco-hatch might score higher than a sports car in this category, if it is better at being a eco-hatch than the other is at being a sports car.

How asthetically pleasing is the car?
Form vs function?

[size=150]Economy and Enviroment.[/size]
Fuel economy.

Entries may be posted in this tread for the duration of December. Anything posted before or after will be discarded!

Please post your entries in this thread, using this form. You may submit up to two entries.

[quote]Manufacturer: (Name of your company)
Model: (Name of model)
Class: (Type of vehicle, ex: Compact luxury coupe, Economy Hot-hatch etc. etc.)
Description: (Tell us a little about the car. Features, history etc. etc. Maximum a couple paragraphs.)

Include at least two pictures of the finished vehicle. Be sure to make them flattering!

One picture each of the engine test stats and the vehicle test stats.

Final notes:
Consider this a WIP. Rules may be changed or added before or while the competition is running.

I am very open to suggestions on how to improve upon the concept. Drop me a PM or chat me up in this thread with any ideas you might have.

I’m going to need a panel of judges to help me out here, and make the scoring as unbiased as possible. Again, get in touch if you think you’re up for the job. Would like 2-3 others to help me out.

This competition is not being supported, run or is in any way affiliated with Camshaft Software and its employees. Just a plucky motoring enthusiast who wants to give something to the community.

Current entries:

Phoenix Motors Firebird by nissanman.
Legatum Automobili Thera by Molotov.
2013Genia Blaze by 09webbad.


The time has come to start declaring the winners have come at last! I will start of by listing my evaluations of the contenders, and then the final winner at the end.
Once again, appologies for the delay. I do hope to make this a yearly event, and things should be smoother now that we’re done with the first and have some experience to build on.

I would greatly appreciate if you could take your time to post feedback in the thread, if you would want to enter for any future contests or help organize and judge in them, what you’d like to see changed etc. etc.

So, without further delay, let’s get to it. In order of entry, the contestants!

[size=150]Phoenix Motor Firebird[/size]
As an excersize in engineering and performance few can oppose the 2013 Firebird from Phoenix Motors. It wades into battle with a choice of two engines, a 3.1 litre turbo-four and a 5.0 litre V8.
Both engines offer similar peak performance numbers, but the way they are delivered couldn’t be more different. While the V8 surges foreward on a smooth wave of tourque to it’s peak power of 662 horsepower at 7700 RPM, the turbo-four hits you in the back like a charging rhino. The turbo-spike is noticeable, and with a front-heavy but rear-drive configuration, downright dangerous provided if you’re not alert at all times.

While the performance is very much outrageous, the design is less so. A clean and practical, but un-engaging throw-back to the Japanese super-coupes of the 90’s.
The biggest weakness of the Firebird however isn’t its waywardness or the dated design, but what kind of fuel it runs on. A necessity of 100-octane racing fuel will make using it as anything else than a sunday track toy a costly excersize.

Note: I did not specify the octane limits for the competition, as that is something I wanted to leave to the designers depending on the type of vehicle. An american commuter for example shouldn’t have more than 92, while an exotic supercar won’t get points detracted for 98 premium.

[size=150]Legatum Automobili Thera[/size]
Passion, flair and panache. Cars like the Thera is best described using all those words that have become a motoring cliche when used on Italian sports cars.
It rightfully deserves them however. Classifying the Thera as a high-end sports car may be correct, but in many ways it feels more like a budget supercar.
This combination of an exquisite body draped over a capable performance chassis has stolen the heart of motoring journalists world over.

There is also a solid dose of engineering know-how and efficency involved as well. Despite screaming to 100 km/h in a smidge under four seconds and obliterating the quarter mile in 12.3 at 184 km/h, it achieves class-leading fuel economy, powered by a relatively tiny 2.8 litre V8 producing “only” 352 horsepower. The secret? Low weight and awd.

[size=150]Genia Blaze[/size]
Coming in after two hyper-performance vehicles might seem to put the Genia Blaze at a serious disadvantage when it is to be scrutinied by spoiled motoring journalists.
However, even in this company the little hatchback proves it deserves recognition. Pre-productions tests have shown the drivetrain to be dead-reliable, the engine barely sips fuel and emits hybrid-challenging amounts of CO2.
The engine feels plenty grunty enough for such a light vehicle, and despite the peak power being inaccessibly high the torque curve is as flat as Denmark. So you never really need to rev it high to get going.

Wrapped in a cleanly designed body and sold at a bargain price, even if the Thera doesn’t win the prize for best car of 2013, it is surely to become a best-seller.

[size=150]Legatum Automobili Fuji ECO[/size]
The second entry from Legatum Automobili is distinctively different from the Thera. Despite a fairly aggressive design with double exhaust in the back and large intakes in front hexagonal mesh, it is a compact hatch with eco-pretentions. And that’s something it excels at.

But as far as emissions and fuel economy goes however, it is beaten by the Genia Blaze despite it’s smaller, turbo-charged engine. The rival also eclipses it on the raw performance numbers, trough the slight turbo-spike and marginally lighter chassis should leave the Fuji the more engaging choice for a windy backroad.

[size=150]FMC Hunter[/size]
One of only two sedans in this years competition, the Hunter aims squarely at the budget bracket of the class.
Powered by a low-pressure turbocharged 1.8 I-4, the Hunter feels somewhat sluggish, something the performance tests results back up. The engine also produces a knocking sound at certain parts of the rev-range, remiscent of a diesel engine. The reliabilty doesn’t seem to suffer as a consequence however, as tests show it to be in the same ballpark as its competitors.

The exterior is very much form following function, and despite the bland design it have contains several practical solutions that families are sure to appreciate.

[size=150]KD14 Class 3[/size] (name from the pics, tell me if you want it changed.)
If the Hunter is economy class the Class 3 is economy plus, and evidence that you don’t need to shell out a lot of cash to get an attractive family sedan that is reliable, nice to drive and gives off little in the way of emissions. The 1.6 turbo I-4 needs a little bit of revving to get the job done, but once past 2,500 RPM it really starts to shift and pushes the 1,400 kg sedan to 100km/h in 8.7 seconds.

It doesn’t look half bad either. While the front fascia might not be everyones cup of tea, the rear and overall design feels crisp and coherrent.

[size=150]Cossack Autos 2200 CTE[/size]
One of the defining factors of a hot hatch is subtle alterations to the vehicles body to make it appear sportier.
Appearantly, Cossack Autos didn’t get the memo on the “subtle” parts. The 2200 CTE have more grilles and scoops than a cheese grater, and screams out its sporting credentials from every direction you look at it.
There’s however more to it than just its flamboyant looks. A beastly 2.2 turbo I-4 provides ample motivation for foreward movement, provided you can handle the violent torque-steer. An AWD-version is also available, and should make the vehicle more manageable.

Despite its flaws, one can’t help but grin as one bang it trough the slick 6-speed manual and throw it trough corners with reckless abandon. A welcome relief from the more clinical hot hatches of recent years, the 2200 CTE is a car built by hooligans, for hooligans, and we love it for it.

With all the contestants evaluated and presented, the time has come to reveal the victor. The champion that will win the very prestigious(lol) award for Car of the Year!
There were many strong contenders, but in the end, there can only be one winner.

The Legatum Automobili Thera!

What impressed me the most about the Thera at first glance was the design. While busy and odd from some angles, it flows well overall, has a lot of interesting and creative part usage, and it has the nices rear I’ve ever seen on a Automation car.
It’s good the rear is nice to, because with the kind of performance numbers it’s what most people will ever see. Despite its performance however, its relatively economic and reliable, and the service costs are acceptable for a vehicle in this class.

A worthy winner, and I look foreward to seeing what else Legatum Automobili may come up with in the future.

Thank you everyone for participating. I did my best to be as fair and un-biased as possible in my judgement, but if you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly, give me a shout. I don’t want to traumatize anyone from giving it a go next year! :slight_smile:

I’ll be happy to moderate this thread and edit/delete replies that don’t meet the upcoming rules.

Now opening for entries! Give it your best shot!

Thanks a lot for the offer. For the time being I reckon I can handle this myself, but I’ll get in touch if gets overwhelming.

I’m sure Wosa or The Car Company Directory would be more than happy to be a show sponsor!

There’s been little in the way of entries so far.
Come on car manufacturers of the world! Step up to the challenge!

Do we just post up a pic of our engine and its stats and then one of the car design with the engine in it and its stats?

Are multiple submissions and revisions allowed?

i didn’t know it had started. i assume we are to use the year 2013?

Company: Phoenix Motors
Model: 2013 Firebird
Type: Mid Level Sports Car ($50,000 to $100,000 Level)
Description: Front engine, rear wheel drive sports car. This model comes with 2 engine options, a 5.0 liter NA V8 or a 3.1 liter turbocharge I4. Both engine option are rated at over 600 horsepower. Both engine options rate the car in excess of 220 mph. The styling mimics the Nissan Skylines of the 1990’s (mostly the R33) with fender flares large enough to accommodate 235 series tires. both models comes standard with a 6 speed manual transmission with double clutches to minimize clutch slipping. While being a powerful sports car it is also very reliable with an MTBF of almost 70,000 Km. This car is everything a sports car should be and is every bit a match to the Chevy Corvette or the Roush Mustang. Pictures and stats to be added shortly.

see next post for additional stats

Nice topic! :smiley:

Company: Legatum Automobili
Model: 2013 Thera
Type: Sports Car
Price range: US$80,000~US$120,000
Description: Thera is the latest Legatum sports car. It’s all based (platform / engine) on our little monster (Etna RED DEVIL) which means that Thera is a Front engine, AWD car.
Thera engine is an little 2.8L NA V8 which produces 352 hp @ 8700 rpm! It’s sufficient to make Thera a VERY fast car with 0~100 Km/h @ 3.9s and Top Speed @ 286.9 Km/h. :slight_smile:

More car pics here: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2485&start=10

A £16,000 ($20,000) modern hatchback, which achieves as less than 100g/km co2 while obtaining 140hp and incredible economy. The Genia Blaze deservedly receives the 2013 Automation Car of the Year nomination

And the engine behind the creation…

That’s some mighty fine submissions guys! Keep them coming!

[quote=“Drummerdude48”]Do we just post up a pic of our engine and its stats and then one of the car design with the engine in it and its stats?

Are multiple submissions and revisions allowed?[/quote]

That’s the minimum requirements indeed, but feel free to add a couple more pictures of the car if you think that’ll improve your chances!

Maximum two submissions per person. Feel free to change or revise your submissions as much as you like before new years eve, I will be judging the last revisions.

Company: Legatum Automobili
Model: 2013 Fuji ECO
Type: Compact Hatch
Price range: US$15,000~US$30,000
Description: Fuji is a new model of compact hatch car by Legatum. It features 4 versions (ECO, L, S and AWD :smiling_imp: ) and is target to compete with cars like Peugeot 208 / Ford Fiesta / Fiat Punto.
The ECO version is the most cheap one and came with an very modern 1.0L DOHC Turbo engine which manage to give good 103 hp paired with good economy numbers. :slight_smile:



Manufacturer: Foley Motor Company (F.M.C)
Model: The Hunter
Class: Economy Family Sedan
Description: The Hunter was designed to target the family sedan market. Equipped with a quiet, reliable and highly economical 1.8L turbocharged I4 engine “The Hunter” provides a good balance of power, torque and style without the large budget requirement to match.

Hello everyone, thats my entry, didnt thought about names yet.

Class: Family sedan
About the car:
This should be a somewhat higher level of economic family sedan like the Skoda Octavia and the VW Jetta.
It has a TSI styled engine which has a flat power band that starts from 5000rpm. The idea is to make it reach its boost at 1500rpm but right now its impossible.
More tech specs:
Drivetrain: FWD, manual 6 speeds while 6th is overdrive.
Tyres: 205/50R16
Let the pictures speak for themselves.

We probably should have decided on Fuel Octane for the “classes”.

Love the car KD14!

As you can see, I prefer to post actual files rather than pictures with stats. Are the luas an appropiate substitute for the pics?

Manufacturer: Cossack Autos
Name: 2013 2200 CTE
Class: Cheap Somewhat Extreme Hot-Hatch
Description: The latest rendition of 2200 CTE, 2013 model is powered by 2.2 liter 275 hp inline 4 engine. The engine is the quintessence of CTE (Cossack’s top tuning division) way of engineering. It utilises the latest technologies, like direct injection fuel system, but keeps the engine cheap. Nobody, for an instance, actually needs DOHC - it only raises the height of CG. Multivalve SOHC system is just as good. This philosophy extends to the rest of car too. Of course, it’s nice to switch the gears instantly, but those 7-speed sequential gearboxes just add weight and are way more expensive. 6-speed manual (including overdrive) does its job just as well. Thanks to all of the 275 horses powering the front wheels (AWD can be retrofit as an option) of this light car, it accelerates to 100 km/h in only 5.50 seconds (4.80 with AWD) and has a top speed of 265 km/h (257 with AWD).

As 2200 CTE is also marketed for people who want both a practical and extreme automobile, it has a practical, 5-door body, trunk relatively large compared to other cars in its size class, and is relatively reliable for its performance. It also does not go all NOM NOM NOM on the fuel, and at least tries to be economical. Thanks to catalytic converter and such, it meets all the emmision norms, and it only runs on 95 RON fuel, the lowest octane fuel available on European market, the main market of the CTE.

Remember, Vorsprung durch Technik is not really a Vorsprung if you don’t have Vorsprung durch Preis.

[size=20]Also, as an off-topic note, this description took me longer to make than the car and its engine. Which will be crucial in tycoon mode multiplayer with game time passing as you design.[/size]
2013 Cossack 2200 CTE.lua (105 KB)
2013 Cossack 2200 CTE.lua (31.6 KB)
2013 Cossack 2200 CTERev0.lua (69.9 KB)