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Car photoshops

Show off your car photoshop work! (Or gimp or something else i don’t care)
Basically some weird/wacky or even awesome photoshops.
I’ll start off with my Ford Xscorpio

What about… the opposite? The Sportio!


Now with rims from BMW

Something I’m working on, the HR-V Raid.

It’s not finished yet.

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I’m NOT making a photoshopped image of me racing in the LeMans 24h in a unicorn-powered NOT-Focus… :unamused:


[quote=“titleguy1”]Something I’m working on, the HR-V Raid.

It’s not finished yet.[/quote]

Hey look! It finally appears to be a *functional * Honda SUV/CUV!!! You know, like when an SUV was a Chevy Suburban with vinyl interior and a 4x4 transfer case? Not a leather-bound luxury vehicle which would be ruined it it were driven in the rain, let alone mud or swamping.

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I’m going to revive this thread for no reason at all!

Rocket Bunny Accord Coupe.

I was inspired.

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might as well put the halfway decent one in here:

What ever happened to three door hatchbacks?

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Oh god, where did I go wrong in my life for this to happen?

Toyota Tercel GT2, designed with the help of porsche.

I don’t even.


Where is the bleach! I NEED IT!

Audi Jazz

More please. I feel like dying today :smile: @JACsterandOlibob

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here you go :wink:

You didn’t even try :laughing:


This is how we decide “should we try this or not”, all of these are of low quality botch jobs, since we only need a rough estimate