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Car Replicas

Post images/videos of your replicas of real life cars here.

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Does this little replica of the Hammerhead Eagle iThrust count?


I want one of those… As a project car, Caswal and Andrew should get a MKI Golf and turn it into a iThrust replica. Then Andrew can drive it!

A couple of US Fords that use the same 4.6L 2-valve V8.
Crown Victoria and a nineties Mustang, though let’s call them Fred Queen Elisabeth and Fred Stallion.
The 2-door body used for the Mustang would’ve had the perfect shape for the rear of the Crown Victoria if you stretch it out to its full length, hopefully there will some day be a 4-door version of that body.

I made a CRX Si :mrgreen:


Can u remember one TV Show called “Viper”? :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I’ve been playing Automotion demo for some time now and finally pre-ordered it today. Started making an Alfa Romeo 159 copy, here it is:

The original looks like this.

The body is shaped rather differently as I couldn’t alter it after putting fixtures on, so I didn’t take screenshots from other angles.


Made an Aston Martin DB9 as well. Close enough!

Original here and here


What do you say about my fiat 126p, even engine is almost the same :smiley:
0.6l 8 Zaw. OHVRev1.lua (38.7 KB)

fiat 126p replika.lua (59.1 KB)

Hehe I like the Fiat and the Alfa :smiley:
Here’s something I made, not an exact replica of any existing model but here’s what could have been Honda’s group-B rally car in the 80s!
This is the homologation model with “only” 400 horsepower, 20-valve 2-litre turbocharged engine and 4WD, made with 1987 tech. Couldn’t make a mid-engined model so it’s in the front at the moment.
Still packs quite a punch in a car with only 800kg body weight.

I attempted to recreate a Citroen Saxo 1.1i X in both looks and the engine.
There are a few differences, but I hope you think its a good ‘first try!’

Here is the engine:

And the model with stats:

The looks aren’t perfect, but i’m really pleased with the stats as they closely match the original specifications for the real car.
But progress is change… (or somthing like that)

I had a try at replicating a car I quite like.

For the ultimate BMW fan(s) out here!

Wanted to fit that into it, but the game didn’t.
Closest I could get to the M88 put in the M5 E28.

Another pic of it.
And for those specialists of BMWs who have good eyes; I know they never made a touring e28.

For comparison!

[quote=“boyercam”]I attempted to recreate a Citroen Saxo 1.1i X in both looks and the engine.
There are a few differences, but I hope you think its a good ‘first try!’

Your engine does seem to be a little bit off there in a lot of areas.

Hmm… true

2nd attempt coming soon size=50[/size]

Saxo 1.1

1.6 engine

Great Job on that M5!

A Audi A5.

Close Enough

Shame i couldnt make audi logo or even attempt

The resemblance is uncanny D:

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i have a fail. the back window is supposed to be arching down.

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If possible, please save your images as jpg before posting, as png images take quite a while to load. Not that I’m a moderator or anything, but it makes a difference with people who have slow Internet connections…