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Car Replicas

As promised here: SSC Tuatara hits 282.9 MPH (455.3 kph) - (STILL) Holds New Production Car Record - #10 by Slim_Jim

A “loose” replica of the record-breaking SSC Tuatara. I had to go through several iterations and two whole prototypes to get everything dialed in.

Some of the challenges along the way and I how I overcame them.

  • Excessive wheelspin in the lower gears - added torque limiters using boost-by-gear
  • Turbocharger failure - raised the 900 C limit to 1020 C. They still overheat approaching top speed, but they don’t fail anymore. The car will run out of fuel before anything has a chance to melt.
  • Engine overheating - Beefed up the cooling system. The car still gets hot approaching top speed, but it won’t blow a gasket or fry the rings.
  • Unstable at high speeds - The first prototype is stable up to about 270 mph, then the front end gets very light and the car wanders. At speeds above 300 mph it stabilizes right up to it’s electronically limited top speed of 342 mph. The second prototype has revised aerodynamics and remains stable up to 300 mph before the front end gets a little light (much more controllable than the 1st prototype). By 315 mph the car stabilizes up to the same electronically-limited top speed.

Prototype 1: SSC_-_Tuatara.car (42.8 KB) - requires this JBEAM file overwrite: camso_engine-prototype-1.zip (5.3 KB)

Prototype 2: SSC_-_Tuatara_P2.car (43.9 KB) - requires this JBEAM file overwrite: camso_engine-prototype-2.zip (5.3 KB)

Planning on adding a third prototype (in white - complete the trio :us::eagle:) to try to eliminate the high speed wander, experiment with varying amounts of boost per gear to maximize acceleration, add multiple levels of traction/stability control (snow/ice, tour, sport, race) and more.


felt like dying and suffering so i made Dodge Neon

CBT included


Please post the car file. I want to take a closer look at it.

Dodge_Neon_-_Replica.car (38.9 KB)

feel free to grab that Neon replica


A (not 100% accurate) replica of my real car.
performance is decently realistic, havent touched the game in awhile so the looks arent perfect


1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. My best work, and my first forum post.


Don’t be afraid to post your average works. That’s how community and skill is built. Open a personal topic and post your works!

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Oh no. I just joined yesterday and this is the first car I made when my forum account was activated, so I will be posting more soon! ^^


Guess I’ll post my

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR ish

Wannabe_-_Evo_9_lancer_mr.car (86.2 KB)

'guess I also have a BeamNG export with a better turbo but I don’t think this is the place to share that
well then slap on them files to enhance your experience: Wannabe Lancer.zip (14.8 KB)


It is. Refer to the Tuatara post above.

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That’s surely a promising start.

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Simca 1100


Quite nice! Though you forgot the chrome strip on the sides and the gas hatch. And the car only had one mirror IIRC.


you’re right, i put the car together in a hurry to test the body :wink:

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Soldat MeltFire - Replica from the Ridge Racer Series

It’s been awhile since the last time I post something here at the discourse.


Ah, yes, the Soldat Meltfire - one of my favorite cars from Ridge Racer 6/7 (which were released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, respectively - the two have so much content in common that the latter may well have been a port of the former). Sadly, RR7 turned out to be the last genuinely good (great?) game in the series, which is now in limbo apart from a few spin-offs on mobile platforms - but it’s not over until Namco explicitly tells us it’s over.

By the way, according to Ridge Racer lore, the Meltfire was most likely the replacement for the Rivelta Mercurio from the fifth game - right down to being developed by the same team of engineers.

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Yeah, I also feel like Ridge Racer Unbounded was probably the one that really killed the series in general. Still hoping for a new Ridge Racer game that does stick with its routes of fast-paced gameplay.

This is a slightly off-proportioned Gnade Esperanza. May I join the Ridge Racer gang pls


Startune-tuned 1963 Corvette Stingray turned into the super mean, super lean machine, the Blackship.


til what that body shape was supposed to be.