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Datsun Fairlady Z (S30)

Datsun_Fairlady_Z_(S30) (40.4 KB)


2004 Peugeot 907 Replica


1989 Mazda RX-7 FC Series 5 Turbo, powered by 13B-DEI Turbo II Wankel engine, generating 265 Nm @3500 RPM and 200 HP @6500 RPM.
Engine is also replicated, although not 100% accurate, but, for automation possibilities, I’d say around 95% is accurate 1:1.
Chose i3 since it sounds the closest to wankel rotary.


The Starion/Conquest body (which unlocks in 1975) is the closest to the FC in terms of overall shape. By the way, did you use the smaller version of it, or the larger one with its longer wheelbase?

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2.4m wheelbase - that’s also the wheelbase of FC.

1993 Toyota Celica STI was powered by a 1.6L 105 horsepower Inline-Four, known as 4AFE engine. It was not the fastest car on the planet, but it was cool and refreshing!

More photos:


Please add the car file to your posts. You can’t tease us this way, I wanna drive’em!


I suspect that the Celica STI replica is built on the smaller version of the S15 Silvia body, with its shorter wheelbase. Speaking of the ST185 Celica, why not make high-performance trims such as the GT-Four, with its turbocharged engine and AWD? Anyway, this second replica is just as faithful to its real-life equivalent as the previous one.

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I’ll post car files tomorrow.

Expect another replica this wednesday. Something else, but also JDM. I got abused for not making it in the first place haha

Yes it was based on 2.5m wheelbase and Has almost ideal dimentions when compared to real celica.

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Certainly not the best replica of mine, but eh, what the heck.
2002 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, powered by RB26DETT.
Really hard work to replicate even a bit of this car.
1-2 cars more and the replica pack part 1 is done.


get corolla’d

1990 Toyota Corolla GL 1.3 (Automatic)
fitted in picture with an aftermarket equalizer and stereo since the OEM ones are too hard to replicate


Thanks! Let’s see how it rides! Love the tissue box, talk about detail!

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IIRC it has the 1.3 engine but a few interior features from the 1.5!
Aftermarket WAKAI Equalizer and a Ryanpunkt stereo are fitted, with a DumDum satellite navigation system mounted to the windscreen.


Down to the freaking Albany logo as well, nice. I feel an overwhelming urge to go bowling right about now.


Here’s my replica of my little 2001 Renault Twingo 1.2 16v Expression.

A few things that I couldn’t get correct:
-The body panels are partial alu instead of regular steel to get the weight down without tanking the quality sliders
-The power output is around 15hp down, but the torque and the curves are about the same as its real life counter part
-The rear-end is a bit dis-figured because the body is that of a 107/C1/Aygo and not the one of the smug meme egg
-Interior isn’t accurate, at all
-Also, I couldn’t get Dutch plates so it has French plates
-My car has steelies with hubcaps similar to the shape of these rims, but since there weren’t any steelies that looked alike I gave it these alloy rims

Apart from those short-comings I think it’s a pretty faithful copy of the original.

Download: (74.1 KB)

I hope y’all enjoy and feel free to modify it to whatever your heart’s content!


Took me a couple hours, but here is a replica of the 2019-2020 Super Formula car. On the outside it’s about 90% accurate, with a lot of reference photos used, but technically it’s as close as possible to the real spec. It has a 2.0 Liter Turbocharged 4 cylinder engine outputting 530 hp(Real spec: 545) at approximately 9,500 RPM on 100 RON fuel mated with a sequential 6 speed transmission, while weighing in at just 1,705 lb. (Real spec : 1,450), with a 3,115 mm wheelbase, and 270/620-R13 front tires 360/620-R13 rear tires. If somebody thinks they can get closer to the real spec they’re welcome to try. Was going to share the car file but apparently new users can’t share those files.




Now you probably can share the file, you need to comment 10 times to be allowed.