Cars and paint organisation

So earlier today I had to clear my cache, doing a small clear out and I had a thought…

Basically the section with colours and paint is quite frustrating at times (it irks my OCD lol) as in that there isn’t really an organisation system to it, and no way of actually dragging and dropping paints around, they are all solid in place.

I had the idea that there could potentially be a sort system: A-Z & Z-A for the paints. But also I thought that something as an addition to that would be creating folders for paints, which could be re-named to such as " ‘X’ Brand Colours" or “Metallic” or “Matte” for instance. The way the folders would work would be akin to the car folders on the base menu in sandbox mode, they would open up along the scroll bar section.

Here’s the current layout:

Here’s my basic mockup of how I think it could look:


I agree as this would be usefull also they should add more special paints as CF plastic chrome and steel is not enough!

Yes please!

This is a great suggestion, and I’d also like to be able to sort them by their hue so there’s a nice gradient so, for example, I can compare all my blues, or see if I’m lacking or have an abundance of green paints, etc


As sort of a bump and addition to my original post, I had the thought of maybe Iridescent and a colour-able chrome option? As well as maybe presets for satin, matte, etc finishes?


It would also be beneficent to the same of organization and also replicating with ease to have a numerical value for the Hue, Shine, Flake, and Pearl sliders.

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