CCC 3 - Off Season - [SIDE QUEST]

Chad Car Cup 3 - Off Season

It's the motorsport off season. Boring isn't it?
Well, let's spice it up with some racing! Problem. It's the CCC.
Ah... The CCC. Truly one of the racing series of all time, filled with drivers and teams that probably don't even have a license to be there.
For this iteration of the CCC, teams will build engines, and they will all be put into the same car, and then race against each-other on a variety of "racetracks".
More will be explained later in the post.
Welcome to the third CCC!
You will be making small engines to be swapped into Assetto Corsa cars, which will be raced against each-other using AI.
Might sound simple, but if you want to win a lot goes into it.
You will also be able to choose a driver and livery.
Oh yeah, since this is the CCC, you'll need a good batch of luck. So if you are looking for a 100% objective challenge, this one isn't for you.

Anyways, I don't have much to say, lets get to the rules!

Make sure to actually put your engine into a car, and submit that! The car won't matter at all, but I still have to export the whole car.

Rule 1: The year of all parts must be 2020.

Rule 2: The techpool must be kept at default, aka +5 everywhere.

Rule 3: The max engine size is 1600cc if Naturally Aspirated and 1000cc if Turbo.

Rule 4: The engine must run on Low Quality Unleaded (85 RON).

Rule 5: The maximum RPM is 11000. No need to hit it though, it just makes it easier for me if you don't.

Rule 6: Maximum Material Cost of the engine is 1200 for Naturally Aspirated, and 1000 for Turbocharged.
To stop you from screwing around with quality too much, the min is -3 and max is +3.

Rule 7: "Ignition Timing Margin" must be set to 0.0.

Rule 8: The maximum PSI if a turbo is used is 17.4PSI.

Rule 9: No red warnings!

NOTE: Carburetors are allowed, and in some cases recommended!

Naming: The naming scheme for the model of the car is first CCC3, then your username. (CCC3 - Djadania - ExampleHolder)
I know the car wont matter, but this will just make it easier for me to see what's what.

I will be giving no big rule exceptions this challenge, as we have tested every engine type, and every layout should be viable. Do know that I am pretty lenient.

Only 1 entry per person, unless you discuss it with me!


Consider multiple engine types, even we don't know what configuration is the best.

More power in itself is not always the only thing to focus on. Torque, weight, and power curves are just as important!

Uncommon things like V16s and engines that rev over 10k rpm may get an inaccurate sound, so keep that in mind if you care about that.

Remember that anything that isn't in the rules is allowed! This includes racing parts.


Of course, someone or something still has to drive your car, and every car being the same boring color would be stupid.

Choosing a driver has 3 things to consider:

Aggression: Choose between 60%, 70%, and 80%. The higher the more risks they will take, but of course that has downsides.

Name: Simply come up with a name. It can be any name or piece of text you want, so long as it's not NSFW. Note that I may shorten them in some way if they are very long.

Country: Pretty simple, just choose a country where they are from. I recommend real ones, since fake ones causes the flag to become incorrect.

For the livery, simply choose one of the liveries here. If you want something specific, simply tell me and i'll make it for you.
I will put which ones have already been chosen at the bottom of the post. CCC-3-1 CCC-3-2 CCC-3-3

Tell me what you would like for both driver and livery if possible. Doesn't matter what way.
If you don't choose anything, your driver will be your username, 70% aggression, and from which country you are from (or a generic "world" flag).
For the livery, I will simply choose something that I think fits you, or put your profile picture on a basic livery.


The deadline for the challenge is the 7th of January 2023. Note that there may be delays, as the tool is currently slightly experimental.

You can send your entry in any way, though I prefer either the forum or our Discord. Just make sure to send it before the deadline!

You can watch the races on my channel, Djadania.
I will commentate over all the races, and maybe a few extras too.

You can join our Discord here. Not necessary, but if you would like to discuss stuff quickly, this is the place.

Remember to not take stuff to seriously!

The car used: Dodge Chally Wally | RaceDepartment (We aren’t affiliated!)
The tool used: engine-crane | RaceDepartment (We aren’t affiliated!)
Livery tutorial:

-Team L.O.O.G.I (Loosely Organized, Overblown and Generally Insane)

LIVERIES CHOSEN: Djadania-BetterDeals ~ TDH_YOGI-Castrol ~ Erenwithpizza-Subway ~ Shimmel1-Wii ~ Shimmel2-Hyone ~ Hyperboloid-HollyMatches ~ mart1n2005-Guccigang ~ lotto77-Straya


A challenge in which entrants build a car and engine each, but the latter is the only one of the two that matters (because it will be retrofitted to one example per entrant each of a different car)? Well, This hardly resembles anything I’ve seen before…

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Well the CCC2 was exactly the same thing. Remember, the car literally doesn’t matter, it can just be a red fixtureless untuned thing. Doesn’t affect anything.


Sorry if I missed this, but how are we sure our engine will fit in the car?


It’ll fit. Don’t worry about that, technically we are just talking about a piece of code.

I somehow completely forgot to put in the engine size rule :skull: fixed it now though.
The first custom livery, for TDH_YOGI

Alright, made some changes to the rules.
Added a max turbo boost
Added the engine size
Added “no red warnings”
Shouldn’t affect that much.

I thought i should clarify one of the rules since ive been asked a few times:
With “red warning” I mean so long as this isn’t red, you are fine.

You drive it or i drive it

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That’s the start of the second paragraph lmao.

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Thought it would be cool to show off some of the custom liveries ive made so far for a few entrants.
So here they are!


Ive got a few tracks chosen for the calendar at the moment (Thomson Road, Symmons Plains) but i would like more. If anyone has any suggestions for them, please give them!

What exactly is being exported, is stuff like bypass valves and VVT can be simulated with exporting to Asseto Corsa?


No idea. But you are essentially exporting a power curve. Its way more complicated than that but stuff like VVT will most likely not be directly simulated.

Is 1.74 PSI rounded up to 1.2 Bar, bcs its like 1.99688 Bar. So seen stricly its over the limit, but I would guess within tolerance?

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Yeah, its exactly the same. I just used the closest notch in automation, and for bar that’s the closest one. So yes, 17.4 PSI = 1.2 Bar


Happy new year everyone! I wish you all good luck in your lives.
You have until the 7th of january to enter!


Just to confirm that I’m participating in the challenge. You might know about that, but oh well…

Five Brats Gang for the win!

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1 to 2 more days to enter!
@ErenWithPizza , I have made a livery, but you have not yet entered. Will you?
please lmao i spent a lot of time on it fire in the hole

I will I have it ready but the game crashes when I try to open a car

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