CH-R Madness (Design Showcase)

CH-R Madness (Design Showcase)

Ah, the CH-R. The body we all know, and we all love (to hate.) Chock full of problems like being too specific of a shape, having no morphs, to lagging when fixtures are placed down, it truly is a hot mess. That said, some of us thought that it shows potential, so we banded together to make a group of designs that prove the CHR is more useful than it looks. And now, this thread will showcase the fruits of our labour.

2020 Suisei Yama Eko- @Falling_Comet

2019 Bideney SL8- @HybridTronny

2022 EFI Artia- @Lazar

2021 Saidenki Insight- @EnCR

2021 Arion Andromeda 16C- @Aruna

(also known as the 2021 Arion Big Ass Huge Fucking Chonker)

2018 Fukorami Crosslander KHO- @Urke101

2020 Aether Azerus- @Kyorg

2018 Bissan Rook Sports+ - @Borisu

2021 Radiance FT7-S- @kookie

2021 Southern Wind Concept- @Maxbombe

2017 Shoben HI-V- @Be_gone_thot

2018 Moderno Montagno Technique- @debonair0806

2019 Starley Ardent- @Executive

2019 Akari Eris SE Premium 4Trac- myself


This showcase is proof that although the C-HR bodies are difficult to work with, a skilled designer can make genuine works of art out of them after pouring in immense amounts of time and effort!


2019 Akari Eris SE Premium 4Trac

Introducing the all-new 2019 Akari Eris, our newest entry into the competitive compact crossover segment. Riding on our all-new Synergy platform, made from high-strength steel and aluminum to provide exceptional rigidity and weight savings. The model showcased here is the SE Premium, and it has an MSRP of $43,400. This example is painted in Azalea Blue, with a Smoked Grey roof, and has 19-inch "Advance" wheels.

In terms of powertrain, you receive our 1.8L turbocharged and direct-injected inline-4, which produces 190 horsepower and 185lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to a 7-speed twin-clutch transmission, and the newest version of our 4Trac all-wheel drive system. This renders it capable of 0-60 in 8.1 seconds, and an electronically limited top speed of 130 miles per hour.

Moving to the interior, you recieve Akari's all new split-level infotainment system, combing a 12-inch reconfigurable digital gauge cluster, a 12-inch upper touchscreen, and a 15.6 inch lower touchscreen. Both displays support wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and features native Waze integration with live GPS updates for route planning.

The interior is finished in Platinum Grey and Charcoal Black SofTech, with heated and ventilated front seats with 12-way adjustment and memory settings for prime comfort, a heated steering wheel, a 3 zone climate control system, HomeLink, an advanced 11-speaker Bose surround audio system, and available 4G LTE. Passengers aren’t left out of the equation either, with heated rear outboard seats and an available rear seat entertainment system.

The exterior of the Eris is just as tech-packed as the exterior, featuring full-LED head and taillights, our Proximity Access System, an electrochromic sunroof, heated and power-folding side mirrors, and Dynamic Approach Illumination.

All Eris models also receive Akari’s Intelligent Safety Suite, combining Lane Drift Alert with Centering Assist, Front and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control with GPS Link, Exit Warning and Intelligent Pre-Collision Warning in one system. All Eris models carry 8 airbags with occupant sensing, protecting the driver and any passengers. Together, this makes the Eris the safest Akari yet.



© 2019 Akari Heavy Industries; all rights reserved.


Like it or not, this gives me an excuse to post this actually high-effort car which will remain unnamed for the sake of not starting an uproar.

It does not have a name. It is just a car.


damn that’s a lot of great cars there, I don’t even know people could do something like this on a body that I would never think of.

maybe I’ll have a try someday

2021 Southern wind (no brand)

Just a front/rear view of my experience.
Quite the simple design, it was a lot of messing around. I ended with that somehow. I redid the window line, all the bottoms, as well as getting rid of the side sculpting.


A post with some effort my ass
piss fart

Society has collapsed and everyone is trying to get through the pain by using the CH-R body


how long is the wheelbase?




I don’t know I’d call this stylish, but I think it fits the showcase anyways:

2009 Kanji Personal Mobility Concept

A small, agile car, perfect for the cities of tomorrow. A hybrid powertrain. Futuristic LED lighting and the latest in Japanese design. A unique seating configuration, maximising driver serenity and views of the road. At Kanji, we're ready for the future. Are you?

I don’t think this one was built on any of the C-HR bodies - it should go on its own thread instead. But on the off-chance it is indeed built on any of those bodies, then it should stay here.

Edit: As I have suspected, it certainly is - and is the craziest use of that body I have ever seen so far.

It is indeed built on the C-HR body :stuck_out_tongue:
Look at the character lines in the door!


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2.7 meters because I used the wrong body but finally realized by the time I was already done the entire front

2019 Bideney SL6

i uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t know what to say other than it’s a Chinese coupe crossover with "2.0L turbo 4-cylinder." by that i mean it has 4L V8 because i’m just too lazy to make a proper engineering on this body oops



yay it’s back