Changing year in sandbox

Hi, I have noticed to go from 2014 to 1965 in sandbox it takes a long time clicking. My suggestion is to put where you can click into the year and then just type the year into it. It would make it easier to change the year.

Holding the arrow will move the year by a decade.

Oh, but what about changing it to a specific year with one click. That is my suggestion.

Eh, that seems like it would take too much effort for very little, if any, benefit. It would also take up space in the already cluttered UI.

Just holding down the arrow moves you 10 years. that is good enough at this point. later on, when polishing the game, I think the devs can consider this. Its a good addition I guess.

what about a drop down menu. Like the forms you fill out. Much more intuitive.

Not so sure on the intuitive part. After all, there should be some sort of progression via year; this is emphasized by the way it is. A drop down menu with 80 numbers is also not going to look anywhere near as good.

Just make the number editable. Probably easiest to do when they create new UI in Unity.

Then we come to the normal issue of what happens when you enter a date outside the game’s scope.

It’s just a case of validation. The new value is validated and if it is within acceptable ranges it is accepted, otherwise it is rejected, the old value restored and an appropriate error message is displayed.

Which also brings me to a suggestion.

Currently if you revert the date backwards, items which now have yet to be “discovered” are just exchanged for another item. Rather than doing this perhaps the game should warn the player they are about to lose a chosen option and do they want to continue.

I think that would be rather annoying for anyone who knows about that consequence already, to have that message to come up every time. Considering this is in sandbox only, is it that important? (honest question, I would say no, but you might think differently and have good arguments for that)

My reasoning was partly for those players who don’t really realise the consequences and also to prevent accidental changes if you get a bit carried away with clicking the button and go too far and have to try and remember what was changed.

However I do see your point also.