Chassis changes

@Killrob I was wondering whether there would be any wiggle room, with the devs, to make changes to the Chassis/Panel/Suspension page?

I think it would be awesome to be able to change the panel & chassis materials along with the F/R suspension types. This would mean that we could have lighter, sportier, versions of the standard models.

Chassis type and engine placement would still be locked for all trims.

This is the same thing as changing valvetrain options within engine families :slight_smile: no, we’re not going there. Mostly for gameplay reasons.

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OK, thanks.

I’ll just go sulk in this corner… :slight_smile:

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I totally get why - sometimes, certain cars switch to lighter body materials on sporty trims (The Shelby GT350R’s carbon fibre vs GT350’s aluminum springs to mind), but doing so is exceedingly rare. I actually can’t think of a car that changed chassis materials, personally.

Is is perfectly possible, but expensive, and not viable.

And, BTW, Killrob, I feel unrealistic that about the engines.

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Ahh OK

Just going to throw one suspension example out there, just for grins:

The VW Beetle/Super Beetle

The Supers had a McPherson strut setup, the regulars didn’t.

(but yeah, otherwise this stuff is super rare0

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Or the current Seat León. Until the 150hp trim, It comes with torsion bar rear suspension. The superior trims, with multilink.

The same for the Golf, I think.

An alternative solution would be to just allow us to copy whole models, then we can keep the trims but change the chassis, the materials or the suspension (and in the long term maybe the have mid engined versions of hatchbacks) while keeping the fixture placement. This should take less coding to implement than change the whole system of how the models work.