Cheap and Angry [Realistic SC]

This is not so much a challenge in its classical sense, but rather an ordinary task, the purpose of which is to be able to collect all the parameters together. At the same time, I absolutely do not know if this is possible, it’s just my desire.
In connection with the beginning of the search for a new, spare, reliable machine, I had a problem finding a configuration that suits me. Usually, I always manage to find something that is the most profitable on the market. For example, I bought a powerful video card for nothing, which is only 4 times behind the performance of the top one, and somewhere 6-8 times in the total count. But here the task is really difficult because of the money.
I don’t want to get something too slow. And at the same time, the prices are too crazy to afford to buy anything. Then, I’m not going to buy a car from under someone’s ass, given that it was most likely an avid beer drinker, and the way he exploited the car.
Therefore, I do not consider used machines in principle.

Appearance is not very important to me, but I am not enthusiastic about the Korean style, so you need to use it very carefully. For those of you who don’t get it, striped headlights are fairly easy to create, so don’t overdo it.
A rear view camera is desirable, and, accordingly, an LCD monitor.
Side turn signals are required, but they cannot be installed on mirrors.

Otherwise, everything that fits under these restrictions is suitable:

Block of compromises:

:star: Spacious interior
:star: Length up to 4300 mm
:star: Consumption of fuel no more than 7 liters on the track.
:star: Acceleration no more than 15 seconds
:star:Body type: preferably a hatchback or station wagon, crossover, city car, Suv coupe.
At least 4 chairs and 4 front doors
Preferably ABS, ESC, and TK
Preferably at least 2 airbags, frame amplifiers and power pipes for passive safety
:star: Price: $5,000 - $15,000
The price of materials may be even lower, so the final price may be less than indicated.
Clearance 140 -190 mm
:star: Tires: 165 - 215 mm
Tire profile: at least 60%
Suspension softness: slightly softer than Renault Duster
Release year: 2022
good review
Factory coating on glass
Light transmission: at least 75%
:star: Reliability and Unpretentiousness
As an interior, it will be enough to install a steering wheel and a panel plus 4 chairs.
Comfort, in general, starts in the 10 to 15 range, depending on the price.

A rating will be compiled by type: participant - auto.

The desire for a compact car is justified by the fact that we do not have a garage, a cramped common yard with little space, and the area does not allow you to calmly do repairs - they walk over heads here, even if you are under the car; therefore reliability is required.
I’m not going to transport anything large, so a stripped-down city car will be enough, which will be nice to move around.

The price limit is set for the Russian market, compared to similar competitive purchasing power in the US. This also applies to other countries where similar prices are set, because the price of a new product is almost the same everywhere.

Block Inspiration:

Suitable Variants

Naming Scheme:

Model – your username

Variant – whatever you want
Trim Engine/Variant – whatever you want

Messages are accepted only through the site.
Deadline: July 23, at 11:30 AM Las Vegas Time.

What are those?

I don’t get that, what price do you mean exactly? Just the normal estimate cost? If so, 15k seems very low (but might be possible with sth very basic I think, I’m not sure)

How are you gonna measure those?

Duster: I just sat in it and I know its soft suspension.
Frame tubes are required to strengthen the anti-collision construction.
I have such price preferences - I have no desire to buy more expensive.
$15,000 - and this is the most extreme, acceptable limit.

um, i guess you could set a min. comfort the competitors need to hit, not very clean with a description


Duster - that still tells nothing in Automation terms.
Frame tubes - still no idea what that should mean in Automation.
As for the price, I’m surprised, as it seems very much achievable with some base compact hatch - my test tiny box of cheap was around 8k. 5k seems totally impossible though, unless one builds a mobile torture chamber.

Therefore, this Scatted Challenge must solve this problem. This thing should drive, at the same time you like it, and it must be cheap and cool. It is necessary to save on everything in a row, and use maximally reliable technologies to ensure a good entry threshold. Springs and shock absorbers are not such a big problem, they can be done in the simplest and most reliable way. In short, the goal must be found the most unusual ways to bypass the restrictions and build a more or less adequate car.

The assessment will be in both games.

so what’s the min. comfort for the challenge?

The suspension should be set to comfortable - sport mode. The full amplitude of the suspension oscillation is in the range between 1 and 1.5 seconds. The comfort value is from 15, and the damping factor is from 27 to 40.

At the same time, the rear shock absorbers should be weaker in order to improve the passage of speed bumps at high speed.

Comfort, in general, starts in the 10 to 15 range, depending on the price.

Just a few observations:

  • “comfortable” and “sport” are contradictory; which is it
  • Amplitude is a distance (in this case it would be suspension travel); “between 1 and 1.5 seconds” is time. In other words, this sentence translates to nonsense (ie, amplitude should be x seconds does not mean anything).
  • Oscillation time of 1 to1.5 seconds is a frequency of 1 to 0.66 Hz. Your example is very far from this.
  • Comfort value is from 15 (meaning greater than 15)… but later on comfort is 10 to 15 range. Which is it?
  • Dampening factor 27 to 40 - I assume you mean 0.27 to 0.40?
  • The 3.4 degree body roll is very much supercar territory, not a cheap road car.

There are other problems with the brief that are just unintelligible, but I’ll leave it at this. Please consider working with someone who is fluent in your native tongue and English to get a proper translation. Your method is clearly not working to convey what you are trying to say.

  1. Well, first of all, this is just for reference.
    The roll angle can be anything.
  2. Suspension tuning is done in accordance with Automation regulations.
    Yes, Depending Factor lies in this range.
  3. Comfort and Sport are completely opposite concepts, and you need to choose one specific position.
  4. Suspension is adjusted in accordance with the template, that I fetched.
  5. Comfort value is an absolutely random number here, because firstly, in accordance with the task, you can make an absolutely rigid car, but another thing - the game - it requires springs and dampers, so I gave an approximate value.
  6. Oscillations show the mutual offset for the clamped system - there is nothing surprising in the fact that the suspension reacts to an obstacle for a whole 1.5 seconds.

In other words, soft springs plus stiff dampers allow chassis max fast to return the wheel to its initial position.

So, is that a requirement or just a suggestion?

Suggestion. I won’t evaluate by unclear, conditional points, I am just interested in aesthetics and assembly.

Personally, I will not accept for the truth the values of comfort and drivability that are given in the game, but I will experience it myself, in Beam.

so, the look of the car will be judged? or not?

and by the way, is this also a autobeam challenge as well?

Well, yes, it will be evaluated, but very poorly. I am mainly interested to know if it is possible to build such a car at all.

That is, it is not necessary to do a long project development.

Yes, for both games. The difference is actually not that big. For example, body roll when cornering is displayed quite accurately.
Acceleration, roll, sway - everything is displayed more or less correctly.
Except for mass - here it is somewhere less than half, and reduced friction in the nodes.
As well as non-exportable types of suspension.
Also, the weak dynamics of acceleration, and the wheel rotation features at the start, sharp rotation of the steering wheel and sudden changes in the position of the steering wheel - this is all that greatly removes BeamNG from the title of the most accurate simulator.

Is there Like… A deadline?
Naming sheme?


btw do you have some kind of inspiration cars we could have a look at? would help a lot for us to make what kind of car

um, might be a weird question but how long can the name be?

Added Inspiration Block and Deadline.

Farty Of All Farty, Car Of All Car, Conqueror Of All Realms, Demon Lord Of The Square Table, Emperor Farty of the Farty Automotive Corporation

By The Name of Farty Of All Farty, Car Of All Car, Conqueror Of All Realms, Demon Lord Of The Square Table, Emperor Farty of the Farty Automotive Corporation, We at Farty Automotive Corporation recommend, no, require you to buy this engineering wonder that had been given to us by the Pipe Gods of the Automation Heaven, That's all, Buy It Now, or your family and friends will be sent to the Bulag in somewhere in Bugoslavia.

More of a meme build than anything else, but suitably nutty.

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