Circuit Zolder, Belgium (UPDATED: 26/4/17)

Requested by Dragawn, here is the track in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. Measuring 4.1km, this is a fast track! My crappy, put-together-quickly test car ran it in under 2 minutes! (I installed the OpenBeta and can’t test tracks there due to an issue so had to reinstall 1362)

Circuit (1.56 MB)

In-game view:

Automation Track Editor view:


OK, so the guys over at The Car Shopping Round are using this track (probably others too, but I don’t closely follow the competitions generally), and while I was building my potential entries, I found a lot of things which really REALLY needed some work. Most notably, Turn 9 was a 1st/2nd gear nightmare. Well, they are no more.

This is an updated version of the track, with (hopefully) fewer errors/issues. Anyone who downloaded the one I posted over there in that thread, you’ll want to download this one instead, as it has the elevation fixes which that one did not. I’ve not actually tested this one WITH the elevation changes, but it worked fine before, so I don’t see any potential issues. If you find something vastly different, point them out to me and I will fix them up. Otherwise, I will get back to testing on my cars in a few days and get to have a look at it for myself.

Enough of the babbling already. Where’s the track!?!?

Here you go!

Circuit Zolder (1.6 MB)

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Awesome :smiley: And yeah, it’s a fast track, I remember the hairpin sharper though, maybe it was just my perspective from after a fast straight, great job!

Damn… i’ve been there 1 and half year ago. Two firends of mie are racing in some kind of prototype challenge and I was allowed to go in the pit and take a closer look about the team life (for writing purposes). I had bookd the flight and the hotel months earlier and two days before the event, the whole event weekend was cancelled.

I couldn’t delete the booking and I’ve been there anyway.
The whole track was desert and closed. I’ve walked half the track lenght to get in, half the track again to reach the track structure and I’ve talked to someone that confirmed me that nothing will be possible to do on the trak. So I’ve walked back (luckily some french guy on a BMW stopped and gave me a ride from the box to the track exit.

So I headed to Bruxelles, with the train this time…

Very good job on this! Love this track too. Couple of friends of me race on this so now and then.

Speaking of which guys: there’ll be an event on this track the next weekend 6-7 september.
Pretty sweet thing is that you can go round the track as passenger (after some waiting), drive go-karts, test drive cars, etc. for free after a small entrance fee.
Didn’t want to intend to advertise it, but I’ve been going to it for a few years now and been great :laughing:

I really want to but I’m a little too far away.

Bumping for updated track files.