Ladies and Gentlemen of the Forums: This challenge is simple. No backstory, just simple.

We want the fastest car your companies can make that can be driven around the Nurburgring (thanks to Beam.NG). There are two caveats, however. One, the cars must be street legal (see specifics below). Secondly, the cars will be judged primarily on their speed around the Nurburgring. Each car will be given three laps, and the fastest lap of the full Nordschleife will be taken. Assuming all rules are met and the vehicle looks realistic, well, we’ll have our winner.

So the rules are as follows:

  • No exceeding a noise level of 55
  • Catalytic Converter Required
  • Extra points for lower emissions (if cars are within a few seconds and one has far lower emissions, it will be taken as a winner), but not required.
  • No semi-slick tires
  • Nothing that looks overly ridiculous, design doesn’t matter as much as performance, but is obviously still taken into account.
  • Advanced 10s Safety or higher required.
  • Trim/Variant Year >= 2020 (complete flexibility)
  • “Super” 93AKI max (extra points if you can tune to 90AKI)
  • No Race engine parts
  • No advanced trim settings

Please make sure to post a brief advertisement for your car below, as part of the judging process. This is required. A nice engine sound is sure to add to the liking of the judges. No interiors required… whether you have one or not doesn’t matter.

Submissions are opening right away (meaning right now), and will close on Monday, March 28, 2022, at 6:00pm Eastern Time. Please PM me your .car file with the following nomenclature: Variant: MPC1(username) Trim: Car Name


What’s the trim/variant year?

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<= 2020. Complete flexibility.

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A very good task. It’s about the same thing I want to do.
But the Nurburgring… This task is similar to that Challenge from Warren Boofit…
Do you realize you don’t have the patience to do 21 or 24 minutes in one car?
But it does not have a highlight, and the fastest car, I probably will not send you, or rather send that car, which is not very good in turns.
I suggest you look at this car:
Thrust Shift Metal Block.

                       Its acceleration to 62 mph is only 1.8 seconds. 

It is a winner of many dragsters, and I still haven’t built a better car. Thanks BeamNG.
Oh, and besides, I won’t be able to send you the Zuper Reactor, one of my favorite supercars, it stayed in the defunct 4.24 version.


I’ve got more than enough time, that’s why I’m doing this on the break when I have nothing better to do :rofl:


What about fuel type? Otherwise you’ll be getting heaps of devmweth 4K horsepower monsters. :stuck_out_tongue:

93 AKI max. Whoops.

Hi, are we building for actual Beam racing or simulated through Automation AI? Also either way, is there a specific link to the track in question so I can build for it?

This is an awesome idea, “King of Ring” style love it

There are some Ring tracks here: Green Hell Track Pack v1.1 - #44 by Der_Bayer

It’s sometimes good to test on other tracks as well (and just fun to play around)…


Actual Beam racing but I’ll include AI times in the results, I think this is the link (Nordschleife Challenge | BeamNG)

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This is a good sign, I was on that page when I read your message. Looks like I’m DL’ing the right file (and patch.)

Thanks for the tips, both of you!

Can we use advanced trim settings? If so, I suggest we keep them within realistic limits.

Gonna say no, unfortunately.

Is there a price or ET/PU limit?

Not at all. Do your meanest :slight_smile:

I hope this is what you’re looking for. If it is too out there, too track-specific, let me know and I’ll pull it and try something more street. This build does follow the letter of the requirements though, and it is really nice to drive (with ESC on) in Beamng. The car is too quiet for me, reminds me a little of that bad-ass silent-running car that Jackie Chan drove in one of the Cannonball Run movies.

Introducing the 2020 FMC 'Ring Killer. This monster runs the “Green Hell” Automation track in 7:00.20 with AI Stig driving. I’m still practicing the 'Ring myself and am still trying to not destroy too many prototypes along the way. The 'Ring Killer is a “road legal” supercar, with carbon body, aluminum space frame chassis, 8.0L Twin Turbo engine (producing 1160HP/1029 ft. lbs TQ), AWD with a 40/60 torque split, 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, pushrod suspension front and rear, carbon wheels shod with 345/35R18 front, 395/30R18 rear Sports tires, carbon ceramic brakes, a carbon wing in the rear, and a carbon splitter up front. Many parts are done in a signature blue carbon weave and the rest of the car is painted a sinister black flake.
Despite the pure race vibe and abilities, it has fully functional lighting for street use, and a license plate bracket to hang a plate on.
Performance is the purpose of this machine, so here’s the raw numbers (Automation says): She’ll do ~0-62 mph (0-100kph) in 2.40s, a quarter mile in 9.31, and tops out at 248mph, gearing-limited. Despite all these insane performance specs, the car only cost 138,000.
The engine is a quiet beast that does not properly communicate the ludicrous speeds capable. Full boost of 13.5psi comes on early and builds instantly, hurling all the dials clockwise until a relatively tame redlne of 7200RPM begs a shift. It hits redline so fast, that it is recommended to leave the trans in Sport (or even just “D”) and let the car figure out what gear to arbitrarily be in. Driving hard with the ESC system fully ON is highly recommended to keep the beast tame with sports tires Despite power being over 1100HP, the engine only requires “Super” unleaded - no racing gas required (take that, Dodge Demon!) When driven sanely (yeah…we know), the car delivers 18.1MPG, and remains tractable and easy to drive, even with a manual steering rack.
It will be interesting to see if the 'Ring Killer is truly the king of the 'Ring, if it gets dethroned, or if it gets banned from competition! Either way, it should be fun!


Is anyone else having a problem with the wheels wobbling uncontrollably under acceleration? My car was perfectly fine before the update, changed the color and some fixtures and now the wheels practically fly off when I hit the gas.

It would be impressive, but it makes the car undrivable lol.


This is in beam, yeah? There was some talk about it in the discord. Something to due with how Automation and Beam simulate suspension toe. The devs released a hotfix for that this morning I thought?


Hmmm, I’ll have to check. Yeah, it was in Beam. I had the car all dialed in mechanically so hopefully I won’t need to change anything.


Named after the famous Australian Murder Bird, the Durendal Cassowary (also a native of Australia) will gladly rocket you off the face of the planet to certain doom. It’s 1400 hp V12 engine screams like a harpy coming for your soul, and it is ungodly expensive. But, if crashing at almost 270 mph and exploding into a ball of fire sounds like the perfect way to die for you, then this is your car. Happy motoring!