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Green Hell Track Pack v1.1

Anyone noticed how hard it is to get below 8 minutes?
Seat and Renault both have 2.0L turbocharged cars that can crack it.
I used a 400hp mid-engined car with some downforce and sport tyres and stil got barely below 8’30’’.

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[quote=“ThomasD1962”]Anyone noticed how hard it is to get below 8 minutes?
Seat and Renault both have 2.0L turbocharged cars that can crack it.
I used a 400hp mid-engined car with some downforce and sport tyres and stil got barely below 8’30’’.[/quote]

This is mostly down to the simulation, rather than the track itself.
Small things like the AI being rather “timid” around some of the high speed corners, and the fact that the AI takes corners at a constant speed has a massive effect at the end of the long lap.

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Gave it a whack with ‘Sport’ SUV (well, as close as one could get with current body styles). It was nothing outrageous either. However, I’d say it did pretty decently @ 8 min 46 sec.

Basic stats:
6 sp Manual AWD, Front Longitudal 3.4L NA Inline 6
Aluminum Block/Header, Sport Intake, 2.75 inch Tubular Exhaust w/Straight-through Mufflers and High-flow Cat.
Regular Octane Pump Gas
291 hp @ 7500 RPM
244 ft-lb @ 4800 RPM
Double-wishbone Suspension Front/Rear
300 mm Brakes/4 piston calipers (Default 50 brake setting)
AHS Steel Frame, Aluminum Body, Monocoque assembly
~1440 kg
6.2 L/100km Economy


AUDIE RA 8 Extreme Total Time 487.84 Grenn Hell

The Audie RA8 Extreme has 730 hp and a top speed of 378.6 Km.Aus safety of cars was reduced to that speed , although a much higher top speed would be possible . The car was produced from February 2010 for a period of time . After 1500 global Exenplare production in late 2012 was eingestellt.Der sales figure stood at 650,000 euros .

My Corvette/Viper styled car and his 8:01 around the nordschleife :slight_smile:

Please fix the coding or the map, after the 1st sector the car model drives off-track with an offset to the right (from your perspective) untill the main straight has been completed for about 30%.

Don’t hold your breath, this track was made 5 years ago by someone who isn’t very active anymore.

Awww :frowning:

this for automation or beam and if for automation how do we install it

tracks on the forum are for automation lap test mode

and what is that when its at home?

It’s the test lap, in automation. Same when it’s not home.

can you explain what that is and all that please? also , how to import the sodding thing because im not sure how.

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It means tracks on the forum are for automation lap test mode.

if only there was a search function on the forums that could allow us to find such important info…

source: How to build Custom Tracks

Go to my documents/Automation/Tracks and put (or unzip) the track folder there.
If you do not find Tracks folder, create one with that name. So, for the green hell you should have something like documents/Automation/Tracks/Green Hell and inside at least two files, a png and a .lua file.

Run automation, and in the lap test mode, you will find a drop down menu where you can select custom tracks that have been previously downloaded and placed in the previous described folder (see above).

If you’re already running automation when you place the custom track in the folder, close and re-open automation so the new custom track appears in the list.


Thanks ! I tried searching for info but nothing came up for me… idk weather it was just my conputer not displaying properly but i didnt see the thing you quoted when searching , thanks for the info again

plz tell me how to access lap test mode because im dumb?

On the page after the suspension tuning page


A major update to the track - expanding it to 6 track variants and finally adding a realistic elevation profile! Quite an effort, but worth it! :slight_smile:

Have fun!

Green Hell Track Pack


The world's most famous racetrack in various configurations for Automation. The Nürburgring has its unique place in motorsport history - and still, the Nordschleife is the ultimate challenge for every car. Enjoy!

Track Configurations

  • Nürburgring GP - current GP layout (with faster version of the Veedol S)
  • Nürburgring Sprint - current shorter sprint layout (with faster version of the Veedol S)
  • Nürburgring VLN - version used in the VLN/NLS long-distance races (Sprint + Nordschleife)
  • Nürburgring 24h - version used in the 24h race (GP without Mercedes Arena + Nordschleife)
  • Nordschleife - Green Hell lap without the modern part of the track
  • Nordschleife BTG (Bridge-to-Gantry) - using the tourist entrance, just like everybody can experience the track with their own car. The Sector 2 time is the BTG time.

Feel free to use the tracks in any challenges! In case you base another version of the track on this, please post your version in this thread.
Please leave your feedback here in this thread regaring track times compared to real world, specific cornering speeds, … Thanks!

Download link in the OP



  • added 5 more track configurations
  • added elevation profile for all tracks (v0.9 was completely flat)


  • initial release


Add-On: 24h Layout 1970

As a separate download, you can get the 1970s version of the 24h layout, consisting of the old Start-und-Ziel-(Beton-)Schleife and the Nordschleife.

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