Green Hell Track Pack v1.1

Green Hell Track Pack


The world's most famous racetrack in various configurations for Automation. The Nürburgring has its unique place in motorsport history - and still, the Nordschleife is the ultimate challenge for every car. Enjoy!

Track Configurations

  • Nürburgring GP - current GP layout (with faster version of the Veedol S)
  • Nürburgring Sprint - current shorter sprint layout (with faster version of the Veedol S)
  • Nürburgring VLN - version used in the VLN/NLS long-distance races (Sprint + Nordschleife)
  • Nürburgring 24h - version used in the 24h race (GP without Mercedes Arena + Nordschleife)
  • Nordschleife - Green Hell lap without the modern part of the track
  • Nordschleife BTG (Bridge-to-Gantry) - using the tourist entrance, just like everybody can experience the track with their own car. The Sector 2 time is the BTG time.

Feel free to use the tracks in any challenges! In case you base another version of the track on this, please post your version in this thread.
Please leave your feedback here in this thread regaring track times compared to real world, specific cornering speeds, … Thanks!

Download here (Google Drive)

Add-On: 24h Layout 1970

As a separate download, you can get the 1970s version of the 24h layout, consisting of the old Start-und-Ziel-(Beton-)Schleife and the Nordschleife.

Download 1970 24h Layout (Google Drive)



  • added 1970s 24h layout


  • added 5 more track configurations
  • added elevation profile for all tracks (v0.9 was completely flat)


  • initial release


I feel like this resembles a certain ring… Nice looking track! :smiley:

I was planning to do that track, but I see you have done it quite well. How long did it take?

Don’t ask. :slight_smile: More than 10 hours, still not finished and some tweaks needed.

That’s really nice! I’ve visited the “real” one in January, and it is awesome!

Great work! Mind I ask what program you guys used to create the “Example” Automation Test Track graphics? I’m considering or GIMP for now. I have a few sketches for tracks that I hopefully will have time to test out.

I almost always use Inkscape: free, quick, good looking results. The Green Hell pic was made in Photoshop though.

Huh, looks like a cool piece of software, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

v0.9 has just been released, the file is linked in the first post. Have fun (and give me feedback)! :slight_smile:

Looks good Martin!
Maybe if it is possible, you could add more sectors?

Tiergarten - Aremberg
Aremberg - Bergwerk
Bergwerk - Hohe Acht
Hohe Acht - Tiergarten?

AFAIK, Automation supports only 3 sectors per track.

Yeah, that’s the way it’s currently done. It won’t be a big problem to add more sector times to the code, but you somehow would have to make the user select how many sectors there are. Maybe Caswal wants to include that, it’s at least possible to do.

A shakedown in the green hell with the Venom. Btw great work Der-Bayer!!.

Feedback hmm, dunno what could i add atm, more sectors as you’ve said, would be useful to get a better idea of car performance.
I had something in mind but… #¡?, maybe would be a good idea that alongside with control and acceleration graphics add another one that shows if the car is climbing or not, even what kind of surface is undergoing (bumpy, flat…).

I meant feedback regarding the track, not the simulation per se. :wink:

Anyway, we have been talking about how to show the player the height profile, maybe we can add something reasonable for that. The bumpyness might just be shown by random bump noises depending on how bumpy the current track section is in the future.

For the hieght, we could use a heightlegend, ranging from 3 to 4 coulours, both into positive hieght and negative height.


Just like the meter in the bottom, but then used for height(difference). Green/blue would be 0, the normal.
Just draw the circuit (currently the red line) with these colours and there you got the height difference!

At the same time you get into potentially big trouble when it comes to contrast to surrounding colors :slight_smile: it’s not that easy.

Actually, not really KillRob. The colors differ too much from the rest (which are mainly a different blant type of green and grey) Also, if you work with a small outline along the track with a basic color like black or white, you can isolate the colour to the track only.

I was thinking about something like this.

A gradient/grade section that show the value in grades or percentage of the road, and another one below with an icon (better without the car) that would show what kind of surface is undergoing (bumply, etc).
I think something simple but easy to read.


Nice Razyx! Really good alternative if that can be implemented.

The idea behind my height differences was to give players an idea of how flat or hilly a circuit would be, testing their cars under different circumstances.
Your idea is a great addition to the testtrack screen!

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Good stuff, Razyx, that is indeed pretty easy to implement and clear to the user. We’ll look into getting something like that into the game.