Color changing the block

this is just a suggestion I thank it would be cool to be able to change the paint color on the engine block

Well we have Aluminium, Cast Iron, AlSI and Magnesium Blocks.
They are** some** shades of Grey, but unfortunately we dont have 50 of them.

But to answer your question: No, probably no coloured block.

To bad. Would have been fun to be able to paint the engine. Like the GM color, “Hugger Orange”. Or Ford blue, maybe the red used by GMC.

I agree that this should be added to the game, i’m sure it isn’t too much work to add it compared to some of the other suggestions, and it would just make the engines look nicer.

Well done for bringing up a dead thread.

This is pretty pointless to add to the game as it provides zero value to gameplay whatsoever. And the devs’ time would be much better spent elsewhere. This can probably easily be achieved by modding the game at some point.

Should this thread be closed?

Its not about bringing up a dead thread, Pleb. I would guess this person has done a proper search before requesting something. So Thanks for that, Remmy.

As for your suggestion: It would be cool indeed, but probably something that might get added somewhere a long time down the road of the development of the game, or as something that gets modded in by the community. Sometimes easy changes don’t add to the game experience in a gameflow way, but in an aesthetic way and this is probably one of those things that adds enough for little time and effort.

This would be a nice feature for immersion, like my company uses blue motors or different colors for different engine types (sport eco usw.)
i think, modding it for proper function would be difficult (i dare you to prove me wrong :wink: )

but yes their is a better use for the precious developer time^^

as much as I think this would be an awesome feature I hate to bring up the fact that the engine designer is locked until v1 is released. while this does not actually effect the motors performance in any manner it would be an addition like the valve cover colors which is still part of the engine designer, so it is safe to say they would work it in very similarly.

I do however like this idea while yes this doesnt add much to gameplay, it brings up an arguable debate because its similar to being able to select your valve cover options. Factory painted blocks were a real dealership option and that is exactly what this game is about. little features like this allow the user to define his cars and make them stand out from the crowd, like noted above Like the GM color, “Hugger Orange”. Or Ford blue, maybe the red used by GMC.

I do however not feel this is an important change for right now, but more something that could be added in or maybe even a DLC pack after the release of V1.

What’s wrong with using the top end color instead?

there is nothing wrong with that? nobody said anything about removing valve cover coloring?

Perhaps someone should throw this idea into the 3d modding forum? See if anybody has the time/effort/know how to allow for colored blocks. Most commercial engine blocks are a nice grey these days, but ‘vintage’ cars had very distinct block colors that really add to the identity of brand like mentioned before with chevy orange etc.

This isn’t the type of mod to be modelled. Its something that has to be done with coding.

Add in the 3ds max colour textures (apart from the colors of the different metals), a new element like the car body paint (the blue colour that you can use to add the ID in a grille to make the texture like the car paint). I do not know if I explain…

Do you even read comments and replies?

I don’t understand the

Wizzy was saying.

he is saying you cant just simply mod this in like with fixtures, it has to do with the actual games coding.

Yes, exactly. This needs programming, not like 3dsmax work, but stuff like you do in the .lua files, but then more difficult stuff.