Common problem of nearly all business tycoon games

First of all, sorry for my english. I am not native speaker.

As you may already noticed, most of business tycoon games have the same problem: too much money after some time and that causes lack of incentive to continue playing.
Ithink the best way to escape this is to make more or less realistic model of ownership:

  1. In the game should be Board of directors. After each year they should decide, whether you continue your carear as a manager or not. They also set up player’s salary and bonuses. These guys should also set long-term and short-term goals.
  2. Shareholders. They are waiting for enterprise value increase and dividents.

Maybe this system should be like in “Railroad tycoon 3”, but more challanging. But in “Railroad tycoon 3” ownership system wasn’t really balanced: Board of directors were always happy even on high difficulty.

Beside that, I am really looking forward to play in complete Automation game. It is really great project!

Too much money after some time is, to first approximation, just a sign of poor/lacking game design. I dislike fighting symptoms, if there is too much money then there needs to be more ways to spend money in a good way. Research will be a big black hole for the player’s money, which becomes exponentially more expensive the further you want to be ahead. I think that alone might be enough to solve a big part of the “money problem”, there will be many more too though. :slight_smile:

Exactly my thought when I read the OP, KillRob.