Community Redesign Centre (CRC)

Community Redesign Centre

Hello and welcome to Community Redesign Centre or known as CRC where people from the forum or at the Discord server can take their lovely car and ask other people to redesign it to make it better and nicer looking!

The formula here is simple and i bet most of you are familiar with CSR and CSC since this centre is mostly asking other people to redesign their car. It doesn’t matter if you redesigned their design or re-engineered their engine, as long as people are willingly to help you making a better car!

tl;dr for those people who don’t like to read long paragraphs. which i bet most of you did

  • Put your .car files here in this thread and ask other people to redesign or re-engineer it.

General Rules :

  • One entry per day and per user and MUST be your work, not stealing other people’s car and post it here as your own car.

  • Just don’t try spamming the same request at other people as they got other things to do rather than listening you rambling to others to improve yours.

  • Please keep the thread mostly civil as we don’t tolerate people who breaks the rules.

  • You can put your .car files either at here or via DM’ing the person who is interested in your car.

  • If you felt like anxious about putting your .car files in the public thread, try to DM the creator and vice versa.

  • Try to state either you want your car to be re-engineered or re-designed as it’s making easier to let people know.

  • If you want some roleplay actions here, feel free to do it.

Credits to @Maxbombe for the awesome idea.

And kindly use this template in the forum after re-designed or re-engineered of an existed car as it makes things more organized and professional looking should i say :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Original Car Link (the original .car file):
Car Name (the original car name):
Author (of the redesigned car) :
Desc (optional) :
New Trim / Variant Name (optional):

Starting off the thread with my own very car to get re-designed or re-engineered.

2008 Newman CK-R

Newman - (29.6 KB)


Hello one and all!

I have a second car for people to look at re-designing.

While I consider myself one of the better designers, there can always be room for improvement. So, with that said, I put forward my 1994 Mk2, pre-facelift Voltan Switchback MR sports car.

All I want doing to it is a re-design of the exterior. However, I would like to core principles of Voltan design language to be kept. That being said, go wild! I would love to see what the community can offer in the re-design, especially the more experienced designers. (73.4 KB)

If this does well, I may consider putting up the 1998 Mk2.5 facelift for a community re-design.

If I also like aspects of the design, I may consider adding them into the base car.


I’ve updated the rules to be more exciting or something. :wink:

Here’s my attempt.

2014 Newman CK-R Facelift

Newman - CK-R redesign by (40.5 KB)

It’s my first british design so feedback is greatly appreciated! (DM me on Discord (username is SpeedLife1#1220) or DM me here)


The 2019 New CK-R Concept by Spander design.

Here is the .car : Newman - New (46.8 KB)
, you can now download it, and redesign it!


I see that the redesign requests here are (relatively) modern, so i thought that i should send something more “classic” for people to facelift!

So here is my 1965 PAZ Simushir 1500S Wagon. This car has a 35- year production run from 1965 to 1990.
I thought that this car should have 2 design facelifts in its production run, 1975 facelift and a 1982 facelift. (Im not asking for both, you can just make one of them if you are interested)
Only requirements are that no morphs should be used, and the car could still still recognizeable as the same model. I am really interested what kind of designs the community can create!

Here is the car file: PAZ Simushir - 1500S (56.4 KB)

Have fun!


Soooo here you guys go, i’ll send the unfinished prototype for the 2020 Silver-York name to be decided (best name ever I know)
Tryna keep with the traditional vibes of Silver-York while still keeping it modern
(Silver-York Posting - Archived to see previous designs)

Silver-York - 2019 design prototype (128.0 KB)

Have a play with the design and lets see what you come up with.
The car is aimed more at the entry luxury premium with a slight emphasis on sports but not complete

So yea i forgot to mention :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
@On3CherryShake is responsible for the initial design of the Modern Silver-York concept. He approached and asked if he could make one so he made one. The base design waa then sent to me where I revised and changed. Without Cherrys input a modern Silver-York would probably have never happened


I’ve seen a modern S-Y now, my life is complete TwT

2008 Newman CK-R GT By Giudici Design House

Newman - CK-R GT Giudici (49.9 KB)


a very quick 1982 facelift of the PAZ Simishur 1500s… i’ve basically just took all of the fun out of the vehicle and replaced it with black plastic

Just an idea, but y’all might want to quote which cars you are building, and the original posters could link the designs people make from their cars in their posts for organization’s sake.


Newman CK-R by Lünnerden Design

Newman CK-R - Lünnerden (37.5 KB)

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Well, I did what I could. The PAZ Simushir 1500S wagon from 1975.

PAZ Simushir - 1500S Wagon (65.8 KB)

Heres another car that you can redesign if you want to
Drachen Luxus - (33.1 KB)

Couldn’t agree more - it was one of the few things missing from the company’s history.

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Jeez, this took off more than i thought it would.

Well its coming

Reizei Oxygen SE 2.0

Yeah, one of my best designs for redesign here. Try to keep the basic shape going but try to make it newer and nice. You can facelift it, make a concept out of it, anything really.

Reizei Oxygen - SE (62.5 KB)

There’s a lot of cars here. Many are already quite good. I’ve never seen anyone redesign a Zephorus, so what better time than now? I’m sure the community would love something even if its just to look at rather than redesign. Anyway, here goes
Also Tronny 1 entry per day is quite a lot as we are seeing already

We’ll start easy, this is an old design of mine which i haven’t re done myself yet. I wouldn’t bother about the mechanical decisions because its a quality spammed mess, i origionally wanted something fun in beam. So I’m interested in the design, not the engineering.

Looking at it now, there’s improvement to be made, and I wonder whether people will change it to be better. It has all the Zephorus qualities, agression, style and speed. I want to see what you lot can do.

Zephorus - (56.6 KB)


i didn’t think redesigning another persons car and then submitting my own would count