Company name on the valve covers?

Probably been suggested before, but I couldn’t find it. Purely a campaign option only. Once you’ve named your company, the name should appear on the valve covers where applicable. Figured it’d be a nice touch.

Yep, suggested. If I remember correctly, problem was the difficulty of creating the actual text, as it’d have to be 3d and modelled out.

But, it would be super awesome! hahaha No, seriously. It would be. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t they just do it so its just painted text on the valve cover, and not 3d?.. Sure it wouldn’t be quite as cool, but that can’t be that difficult can it?

It can be done, easily - with instances of 3d-objects (letters) placed on top of the cylinder heads - or - one has to create an image file to be used as a decal. The latter will definitely give more room for creative solutions. To add a 3d-effect the alpha channel may be used as a bump map, possibly with a slider for “brightness / height”.