Compatibility with BeamNG

If I remember correctly both games use Lua coding… I think.

Anyway I think it would be nice if we could somehow port engines made in Automation to BeamNG. Not sure how simple it would be to code this, but hopefully it’s not to time consuming or difficult to do.

Our lua save files use an open format with all the engine data in it you got from the dyno run for every 100 RPM step, so porting that info over to any other driving/racing game should be reasonably simple, yes. We won’t engage in that any time soon though, that’s the modders’ job :slight_smile:

Fair enough, I suppose I’ll try to familiarize myself with lau coding and how BeamNG works… still, maybe some of the people involved with the track maker would be interested in taking this on?

This would be a totally awesome idea.
Probably something devs might not even have to work on if it’s simple enough.

Does anyone know how difficult it is to code in Lua? Or where to learn it? Preferably online.

Lua is a reasonably easy language to learn, but that’s the least of the problem, the scary bit is converting what we define as a car, into what BeamNG defines as a car, which is probably entirely different.

Also I suspect our car models, which aren’t very structurally complete, are designed to be adjustable in shape and fit on lots of different engines and chassis would not be very usable in a soft body physics thing like that, so you’d need to remodel a bunch of stuff too.

I hope physics stuff is not even in discussion here, because it’s (as far as we know) impossible to convert Automation cars to BeamNG cars in a good way.
If it’s about building an engine in Automation and “placing” that engine without it’s graphics into a car in BeamNG, that is very much possible if engine data for BeamNG cars is available, that would just require a little conversion tool to read our engine luas and put the data in a format that BeamNG can handle.

So without converting things such as models and physics, it would be totally possible to convert stuff like engine data over?
From what I understand you just need to know Lua, how Automation is coded, how BeamNG is coded and somehow translate it over?
Correct me if I’m wrong.

Well, that statement can only be right: “when you everything, then you know everything, right?”. :slight_smile:
You don’t need to know how Automation is coded, we use a very open file format for the data. I don’t know about BeamNG’s engine data though, and this is the wrong place to ask about it, obviously. Just build an engine in Automation, save it and check out the lua file to get an idea.