Concept Cars....The thread

I’ve been thinking about this type of thread for a while, as Im sure at least one of you have as well. Post 'em if you got 'em!!

This is the only “concept” that I have, and it didnt start out that way. I made this in my early EARLY days of playing this game. So needless to say, I was actually trying to design a roadworthy vehicle. By the end of it, I realized that I got a little too crazy with the lights and said the hell with it.

I introduce to you all a 2nd time, the Wells U-Concept


Engineering GT.

So far, the headlights look a little bit like La Ferrari style, but it is not likely to stay, and will be something like Murcielago.

Our concept that we developed:
BMW X6 Zver

We tried to create a scary zombie atmosphere in the German style.


I’m assuming that the first car you’ve shown here is from VVII/LVAP, and judging by the nature of this thread, serves as a test bed for their engineering and technology. However, it takes much more than just a few unitary light fixtures to create a set of vertical headlights that’s even remotely convincing. Is the second car (which looks like an X5, not an X6 - but with worse proportions) also from the same company?

Anyway, it’s quite fitting that concept cars also got their own thread in this subforum - and not before time.

Wells SS-1 Concept


Wells SC-1 design concept