Conventional Longitudinal FWD (not MF) Layout

I have reviewed the longitudinal FWD layout before I suggest: current in-game longitudinal FWD is like a front mid-engine, FWD (MF) layout found in Citroen DS/SM, Saab Sonett I, Renault 4, 5, 6, and 16, that set the engine within the wheelbase, which made those cars had long hood.

So I have a suggestion: conventional longitudinal FWD layout, in addition to the current front mid-engine, FWD (MF) layout, while the MF layout will be renamed to Mid FWD in game to avoid confusion with the Longitudinal FWD, that the MF layout has south-north layout, while conventional FWD retained north-south layout like front-engine RWD layout (see also at the reference image).

Here are the list of conventional longitudinal FWD cars, if not all: Subaru 1000/FF-1/Leone or L-Series/Impreza/Legacy/XT Coupe or Vortex/SVX, Honda Legend (2nd and 3rd)/Vigor/Inspire/Saber/Ascot/Rafaga, Toyota Tercel (1st only), Audi A4/A5/A6/A7/A8, Volkswagen K70/Passat (B1, B2 and B5), Ford P4/P6/Corcel/Del Rey, Saab 99/900, Lancia Flavia/Fulvia/Gamma, Alfa Romeo Alfasud/Sprint/33, Citroen 2CV/Dyane/GS, Renault 12/15/17/18/20/21/25 and 30.

Further References I used to examine: and

Conventional Longitudinal FWD layout reference (placed above the front axle).

compared to the current Longitudinal FWD in the game (technically a front-mid engine, FWD layout, also known as MF layout).


That’s a great idea!


As great as that sounds, won’t we end up with tiiiiiny front engines?

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We will not end up with tiny front engines in case of a conventional longitudinal FWD, if the cars had long front overhang. Fun Fact: it also has distinction of the largest engine capacity (8.2 liter or 500 cu in) in a front-wheel drive car, the 1970-1976 Cadillac Eldorado.


In reality, maybe, but the bodies we have at the moment don’t strike me as having huge front overhang, although I may be wrong.

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Most of them have more space in front of the axle than they have behind it. Have you tried to build a longitudinal FWD car on any body other than landyachts or some old (40s-60s) sports cars (which have incredibly long bonnets)? THIS limits engines, in many (if not most) bodies even a 1.5 V6 is too long…

And about the space in front of the axle - it might be bigger in some bodies, as they have some values set quite riddiculously. The best example is probably the Crown Vic body in which even with the shortest front morph there’s about half a metre between the front end and the engine bay.

Small correction/addition to the list: Passat B4 didn’t use a longitudinal layout, but rather a transverse one, as it was the same construction as the B3, Volkswagen’s own, unlike B1, B2 and B5 which were based on Audis. And also all Audis from before 1996 used longitudinal layout (50, 80, 90, 100, 200, Coupe, Quattro, V8) - in 1996 they introduced the A3, which was their first model with layout.

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I have tried out the Felgen’s Sonett III with longitudinal FWD layout - I can’t install a 1.5 liter inline-4 (74.5 x 86 mm bore and stroke), it said “Engine is too big to fit in car”. The same problem also occurred when I tried to install a 2 liter inline-4 turbo in a corvette6317’s Delta.
I also updated the list of longitudinal FWD cars, because I misunderstood at first that B4 is the 4th generation, but it is really an updated 3rd generation (B3). Of course, all pre-1996 Audis (including DKW 3=6/F102/Audi F103 predecessor).


hopefully one day we will have Longitudinal fwd without the engine being Front mid-engine. first we have to wait for the unreal update

That is not the point of this thread.


The layout of the Cadillac was more like the SAAB 99/900, engine ON the axel. Not in front or behind.

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Dodge Intrepid/Eagle Vision had the same longitudinal FWD configuration. A 3.3L and 3.5L V6 sat under the hood in the first generation.

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Oh, I’ve forgot about that at first, although conventional longitudinal FWD layout I shown has engine placed above the axle at first (but some cars also placed on the axle like front-engine RWD layout as well, such as Honda Legend (2nd and 3rd), Inspire/Vigor and Ascot/Rafaga, those cars had 5-cylinder, except Legend that had V6 engine).

Here is also a front-engine RWD layout reference that I didn’t mention at first, where some longitudinal FWD cars placed like in the image, but without driveshaft to transfer power to the rear axle and wheels.