Cool Wall Six (Final round done)

Starting with a 20 point penalty compared to most cars, and not finishing (second to) last, I guess I am as happy as I can be. :smiley:

Finally, a podium finish! I’ll gladly take that, as well as being the highest-placed car that’s either RWD or not a hot hatch of some sort.

I will glady take my 14th position and run with it!!

Going a sports-SUV route was a bit of a gamble, so I’m not too surprised with middle-of-the-road. Maybe I could’ve done more to make it look sportier, but everything I tried wasn’t working.

Great job with this one, it was fun checking though all these results. And congrats to @GassTiresandOil for being the first 2-time winner of a Cool Wall challenge!


Oh I didn’t remember G.T&O winning the first round, but now when you say it…there were after all no intentions to make it a (semi) continuous challenge yet by then.

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BTW, are you willing to (eventually) take up a seventh round of this?


Oh, I won’t be able to host next round. But I am glad that this has become a recurring challenge where winner has the opportunity to host next. I’ll have to pass the honors to @Maxbombe and @Texaslav .

They are still busy hosting CSR161 as we speak, so whether or not they can host CW7 is currently uncertain.

In either case i guess some ABG7 dude shall see if he can host in case they pass due to hosting CSR161 already

Bearing in mind it’s usually months between rounds I don’t think hosting a current challenge should be too much of an issue

Of the 2, I’d recommend giving @Maxbombe first choice merely because @Texaslav already hosted last round. We’ll see what they say tho.

If neither @Maxbombe nor @Texaslav can host the next round, I will happily take the reins for it in their place.


Cool Wall has always been an “occasional” challenge: lately we’ve established the winner has the rights, but we don’t care about CWs happening all the time. That said, I don’t think I’ll want to host one this summer or fall. @Maxbombe?


I have not enough free time to deal with a challenge.


I do, however, so I will definitely host CW7. Just give me some time to make a suitable ruleset.


Take a lot of time! Cool wall is an irregularly recurring challenge, I think it was, what, six months or more since the last one when this started?


CW5 launched last June and wrapped up two months later, while CW6 commenced in February of this year (only to end in May), so a sizable wait of six months may not be all that unreasonable. However, if the circumstances align, I may not need as much time to start CW7.

There’s also the matter of the supercharger update finally being released into the open beta - if and when that happens, I’ll continue to play it safe and use the latest stable game version instead.

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