Cool Wall Six (Final round done)

Cool Wall Six

The Brief

Bristol in 2022 will be the setting for the cool wall 6 challenge. The buyer(s) here are Hannah Davis, her husband Wayne and their three year old daughter Mia.

Backstory and more info
  • Hannah is 34 years old has lived in the outskirts of Bristol for about 5 years now, she was originally from just over the River Severn in Newport so still travels over to visit her parents. Her job involves lecturing at the City of Bristol college which is in the centre of the city. Hannah drives to the campus for work and on the way drops her daughter Mia at her nursery. She has been driving for twelve years and has a full manual licence. Her current car however is automatic just for the ease of driving in the city. She has always had cars since passing her test and is somewhat of a skilled driver.

  • Wayne is 32 years old and has lived in Bristol his entire life. Wayne and Hannah met quite soon after she moved to Bristol. He is a call centre manager in the centre of Bristol. Wayne has a full driving licence however chooses to travel to work by train. Wayne has only had a driving licence for five years, this is also a full manual licence. He is a competent enough driver however with only weekend or holiday driving doesn’t have the most ability.

  • Mia is a three year old child so doesn’t have much agency over this challenge. However she does need to occasionally travel in the car they choose to buy.

Quick Points

  • The family own another car that is only one year old so this isn’t their every day car, more than likely they will use their main car for going on any holidays in the UK too.

  • The car must be able to hold all three of the family members at a minimum

  • They own a relatively new build three bedroom detached house like the picture below, as such it’s pretty tiny and parking is a premium. Their current car occupies the drive so this new car has to fit inside the internal garage. This is a standard small UK garage so 2.4m x 4.9m.


  • The car will be primarily driven by Hannah however there will be times Wayne will need to drive if it’s a long journey.

  • I have left the type of car wanted intentionally vague as there is no specific body style of car Hannah really favours over any other. She just wants to buy something she can drive that is more fun than the family’s compact crossover, and the whole family can use it on weekends to go for days out and enjoy the countryside.

Hard Rules
  • Trim and variant years must be between 1975-2020
  • Radial tyres only, no race or drag tyres as these aren’t going to be road legal.
  • Nothing from the legacy body mod.
  • Road legal, so lights, wipers, fuel filler flap visible, plates ( the obvious stuff)

Soft rules/penalties
  • Unrealistic or otherwise “odd” choice for the type of car you are making will be -1 point for each item. If for some reason your entry gets five points off here it will result in a bin

  • Engine loudness: -1 points for 40-49.9, -3 points for 50-59.9, -5 points if above 60

  • Engine stress: -1 point for each percent of stress, including power density.

  • Race or limited production parts and semi slick tyres: -5 points, obviously race or drag tyres are banned however.

  • Quality below -2 will be -1 point for each quality point lower than this number. (-4 quality would be -2 points for example)

  • Registration plates: cars not using the correct UK style plates with the correct colours front and rear are subject to -1 point.

  • Advanced trim settings are on a “be reasonable” basis if you make the car on stilts and then use advanced trim to lower it down to cheese comfort then obviously that’s just stupid. You can make whatever you like invisible when it comes to chassis and engine if it gets in the way of the design since sometimes the intake pokes through the bonnet.

Emissions and fuel rules
  • Bristol has a much maligned “clean air zone” cars are exempt from a daily charge if compliant with Euro 4 emissions or better and from 2005 and newer, or older than 40 years (1982 or earlier). This is not an every day car but the occasional drive to work and into the city would be nice in the summer. This is further explained in the scoring lower down.

  • Fuel of either 95ron or 98ron unleaded. 95 costs £1.60 a litre, and 98 is £1.95 a litre. This cost will be important later. Just assume anything that would have been leaded has been converted to unleaded by now as fuel additives aren’t really common any more anyway.

  • 1975 to 1991 - No emissions rules

  • 1992 to 1996 - WES 7 (Euro 1)

  • 1996 to 1999 - WES 8 (Euro 2)

  • 2000 to 2004 - WES 9 (Euro 3)

  • 2005 to 2009 - WES 10 (Euro 4)

  • 2010 to 2020 - WES 11 (Euro 5)

There is no benefit to exceeding the euro emissions rules for your year bracket, this is just unneeded cost for you. Cars have to be either 1982 or older to be exempt or 2005 and newer. Everything in between is subject to the charges.

Techpool rules
  • Total techpool is $65m when trim and engine combined.

Just add the two numbers together.

Price limits

The couple have £18,000 to spend on a new second car. With my very rough depreciation numbers, that are adapted from how Texaslav did CW5 it works out to how much you can have as your maximum approximate cost in automation.

Trim Year Budget Percentage Retained Price in Automation
2020 18000 100 18000
2019 18000 98 18,367
2018 18000 96 18,750
2017 18000 94 19,148
2016 18000 92 19,565
2015 18000 90 20,000
2014 18000 88 20,454
2013 18000 86 20,930
2012 18000 84 21,428
2011 18000 82 21,951
2010 18000 80 22,500
2009 18000 79 22,784
2008 18000 78 23,076
2007 18000 77 23,376
2006 18000 76 23,684
2005 18000 75 24,000
2004 18000 72 25,000
2003 18000 71 25,352
2002 18000 70 25,714
2001 18000 69 26,086
2000 18000 68 26,470
1999 18000 67.5 26,666
1998 18000 67 26,865
1997 18000 66.5 27,067
1996 18000 66 27,272
1995 18000 65.5 27,480
1994 18000 65 27,692
1993 18000 64.5 27,906
1992 18000 64 28,125
1991 18000 63.5 28,346
1990 18000 63 28,571
1989 18000 64 28,125
1988 18000 65 27,692
1987 18000 66 27,272
1986 18000 67 26,865
1985 18000 68 26,470
1984 18000 69 26,086
1983 18000 70 25,714
1982 18000 75 24,000
1981 18000 76 23,684
1980 18000 77 23,376
1979 18000 78 23,076
1978 18000 79 22,784
1977 18000 80 22,500
1976 18000 81 22,222
1975 18000 83 21,686

To work out your cars cost versus the total budget just take the approximate cost in the game and multiply it by the decimal of the percentage for your trim year. So for example a 1991 car that costs 25,00 in the game would be 25000x0.635=15,875 so happily under the budget.

Scoring System Explanation

A car’s “coolness” will be ranked on a scale of -20 to +20, with 20 being the coolest possible, and -20 being as uncool as possible. What qualifies as cool is explained in the “coolness” section.

All other categories are worth either 0-10, 0-5 points or 0-2 points. For each category, the best car will be assigned the highest value, the worst car gets the lowest value, and every other car’s value being assigned in relation (rounded to the nearest tenth). Here’s an example with real-life cars (repurposed from the previous cool wall rounds):

The Transsport has the best practicality, so it gets a score of 10 in that segment. The Seville has the worst practicality, so it gets a score of 0. And the Astra? Its practicality is 1/3rd the difference between the best and worst cars, so it gets a score of 3.7.

Now let’s add a 4th competitor:

Since the Eclipse now has the worst practicality, it gets a score of 0. And since the bar is now been set lower, the Seville gets a score of 4.4 (2/5 the difference), and the Astra a score of 6.6 (3/5 the difference). The Transsport, still the best, still gets a score of 10.

Scoring Areas
Cool Wall

Obviously the main point of this challenge is where your places on the wall itself. As in Edsel’s challenges I will divide the wall into six columns. Furthest left or right is worth either + or - 20 points and dead centre is worth 0.

Each person can request up to five cars for inclusion on the cool wall, this can either be in this thread or anonymously through DM if wished.

Up to two questions can also be asked in DM if you would like clarification on why a certain car falls where it does.

Ideally the cars submitted would be from 1980-2020 as this will be where you are aiming your entries. However entries older than 1980 or newer than 2020 are fair game to gain interest after all.

When requesting additions to the wall please supply a decent sized picture, the full model name of the car and the year of manufacture or at least year ranges if it’s not a specific sub model of car.

Ten Points
  • Comfort

  • Purchase cost.

  • Driveability

  • Sportiness

Five Points
  • Runnings costs, this is the cost of fuel used to travel 5,000 miles yearly plus the in game service cost.

  • Reliability

  • Safety

  • prestige

Two or one points
  • Clean air zone compliant or exempt through historic status. A simple 2 or 0 points for this one.

  • Practicality

  • interesting colour that fits the car is worth one point.

The Cool Wall Itself

A cars vertical position means nothing regarding it’s cool rating, just pay attention to it’s horizontal position on the board

  • Naming convention is: Family and Model must be CW6 - username. Trim and Variant are free, but it makes sense to actually name your car.

  • Rules are up now until February 17 2024. Your five cool wall car entries can be sent straight away but won’t be added onto the public facing wall until after then. If you want to change any of your cool wall entries until this time that is fine, just in case any rule alterations change your thinking. Not all entries have to be sent together so feel free to split them up.

  • Once rules are set and the round opens on 18 February2024. Because of the amount of challenges running lately I will leave this open for four weeks, so the closing date is 17 March 2024. Cool wall submissions can be sent any time until the closing time and will be added as quickly as possible.

  • Total techpool is now $65m as I felt the original was too generous

  • Safety is now five points not ten

  • Purchase price is ten points not five

  • removed the lhd penalty as in the end it’s hard to police this

  • Budget is the same but I have flattened out the percentages and added jumps for cars in 2005 and 1982 to compensate for the clean air zone charge.

  • clarification on emissions rules and year cutoffs.


I’ll start us off:

82-84 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

07-09 Mustang Convertible



In all seriousness, the amount of people that will get this wrong is comically large. Maybe vanilla EU plates would be best?


OK, my first two entries:

1984 Maserati Biturbo

1985 Opel Monza GSE


1972 Triumph GT6

2001 Honda Integra

2018 Subaru BRZ


Cool wall entries in the meantime:

  1. 2012 Nissan GTR

  2. 2000 Porsche 911 Turbo

  3. 1984 BMW E30 M3

  4. 1990 Land Rover Defender

  5. 1975 Jaguar XJ-S


2023 BYD Dolphin

2024 VW ID.3

2022 Hyundai Kona N


Alright, I’ll drop a line and see what kind of nibbles I can get…

2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe

1992 GMC Typhoon

1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Supercharged Coupe

  1. 1985 Audi Quattro

  2. 2014 Audi A4 Allroad

  3. 1995 Porsche 928 GTS

  4. 2001 TVR Cerbera 4.5


my Cool Wall entries:

2010-2012 Saab 9-5 Aero

2010-2013 Volvo C30 R-Design

2018-present Hyundai i30N

2022-present Audi RS3 Sportback

1997-2001 Nissan Stagea 260RS


1986-88 Holden VL Calais

1990-98 Mazda 121/Autozam Revue

1976-86 Rover SD1


2010 Toyota Crown Athlete

2006 Mazdaspeed 6

2013 BMW M135i


1998-2002 Honda Accord Euro R

1986-1991 Toyota Soarer

2008-2015 Toyota Alphard


2004-2010 BMW M5

2013-2017 AUDI RS7

2008-2011 Bentley Brooklands Coupe


2024 Toyota Prius


2000 Alfa Romeo 156

1990 Volvo 480 Turbo

1979 Sabb 99 Turbo

1977 Citroen GS Pallas


Here’s 3 from me:

1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

2005 BMW M3 Coupe

2007 Pontiac GTO


Some others from me:

1969 Jaguar E-type

1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

2014 Dodge Viper GTS

2020 Toyota Land Cruiser 76 series GXL

Mitsubishi Pajero SFX


HFB needs to learn how to count :upside_down_face:

1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6

*reliability moment*

2003 Subaru Impreza WRX STi "Blobeye"

2011 BMW Series 1M

1992 lancia Delta Integrale EVO 2

2006 Range Rover Sport TDV8

*directly from Cheshire*

i haven’t really looked at or participated in cool wall before, so looking through this I’m kinda confused. What’s the purpose of the car photos, to find something that might work for them?