Cool Wall Six (Round open till 17 March)

How about a 2020 Pennant Dash I5? Top of the budget range at $17,900, but with modern safety and reliability built in. A naturally aspirated I5 puts out 192 horsepower, with sport tires and advanced automatic selectable transmission.


That’s a nice looking car. Like the paint color too.

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is anyone even going to read this? I guess I'll just put a spaceship here (_)(_)=====D~~

FOR SALE: 1996 Planar PG40 Genoace XGS Volt

£16,500 ONO

Odometer: 120,386
Body Type: Hatchback
Engine: 2.4L 6cyl Petrol
Transmission: Automatic, 5spd
Drivetrain: FWD


This fantastic example of an early PG40 Genoace has pretty low miles, only 120k, and mostly from highway use. Only two owners from new, it’s unmodified and well-cared for. Interior’s in great shape, and very 90’s in all the right ways.

Being the XGS, the engine is the great Rotomax 2.4L V6, and has just recently had its major belt service done. Gearbox was serviced back at 100K, and won’t need doing for another 60k or so.

Translucent bumpers, mirrors, and spoiler (yes, they’re stock) are all in good condition, and it still has the original matching translucent hubcaps, which is a bit of a rarity from what I’ve seen. To clear up some misconceptions about these unusual design features, Planar keeps them in good stock and has kept producing them since the car stopped production, so while they may not be the cheapest parts they still exist and are about as much as you could expect for an OEM bumper etc. Sick of people trying to tell me about my experiece with my car :triumph::triumph::triumph:

Selling for £16,500, but willing to bargain to a reasonable degree. Any lowballers and tyre-kickers will be forced to go to a Smash Bros tournament with my son.

Call me on [CLICK HERE TO REVEAL NUMBER (SELLER WILL BE NOTIFIED)] to have a chat if you’re interested.


The All-New 2020 Bazard Mauna

A segment-leading compact crossover with a hot driving feel and incredible value for money.

Yes, I haven’t learned my lesson and am again submitting a new car to cool wall


This is a really good effort design wise, both the front and rear light designs look nice.


Quick update and an apology for being off the radar last week.

There are no bins for this challenge, every car fell within the rules which is very nice as I haven’t got to throw anybody out.

However I’m massively behind in the writing portion of this as I had a problem with leaking rain gutters on my house and basically the entire week was taken up by me and my wife replacing all the guttering and downpipes ourselves.

I’ve done photos and put the stats together so it is just the writing I have to do, and luckily the biggest part of that is the cool ranking then after that it’s not very wordy.


This is a video game challenge, not real life, so delays are totally acceptable as long as the challenges are done in the end.
Take your time putting that together, CW is one of the hardest challenges to run as a host so I guess nobody expects the response quickness of a Ferrari engine.


I feel for you.


Served 5 tours in Syria :syria:, was used as an ambulance in Iraq :iraq:, and broke down in Jordan :jordan: once but was able to be fixed with some tape. Other than that, we got this imported through Turkey :tr: and Portugal :portugal: to finally come here to the UK :uk:.

I am asking for $26,300 for a 2000 Rhania Preserver Type-B, this comes with a spare tire, some added lights, some jerry cans on the side, and a recently installed push-bar.

This comes with an inline 6 making 205hp and has 5 seats for all your needs, honestly, it hurts me that I have to sell this, but I need to pay my crippling debt. hopefully, I find someone who cares about this Rhania just like I did.


Round one, coolness

This round is worth twenty points in either direction, so twenty to negative twenty. The cars are in no particular order here, purely the order I imported them.

  1. Joliette Duchesse S2 Turbo @thecarlover

Starting out with a bit of a banger really, it’s a French coupe with an inline six. Pretty hard to fault it on the coolness stakes other than it maybe being more lightweight and sports focused though that 80’s luxury leather interior does appear very comforting.

18 points

  1. MD GT1 R240 Silverstone @the-chowi

At the complete other end of the design idea is the GT1 from MD with an ultra modern relatively angry looking face. The car does have a slightly more rounded “city car” shape than would be Hannah’s preference and the colour is quite far towards baby blue. The GT1 is however suitably lairy and you really can’t knock the performance package for the price

13 points

  1. Waldersee Attache K20K @Texaslav 7 @Maxbombe

The Attache definitely gives of more of a “tuner” vibe with it’s extended arches and huge rear diffuser. The shape manages to look sharp and focused with a design that borders between a hatchback and a coupe. Reading a contemporary road test there are a couple of things that knock it for Hannah and they are the way the engine runs out of steam well before the rev limiter and the car just looks like it should be more powerful than it is.

12 points

  1. Pennant Dash i5 @oldmanbuick

The second out of four 2020 cars available. The design however doesn’t really feel very 2020 or sporty in any way. The lack of grille gives it the look of an ev but there isn’t much else for Hannah to go on as there is very little actual design. This is the only five cylinder car here and they always gain a couple of cool points but that doesn’t really turn into a sporty or fun to drive car with the autobox.

-10 points

  1. Planar PG40 Genoace XGS Volt @lotto77

An undeniably quirky blob, the Genoace looks like a tiny city car but it’s actually four metres in length and has a large 2.4 v6 engine up front. The design very mid 90’s with a lot more circles and ovals than Hannah really feels comfortable with. The translucent panels lift the car slightly from being just a commuter hatch. The auto gearbox on the other hand is nullifying the advantages of the revvy v6 engine.

0 points

Phénix Alcyone 2500S @karhgath

A nicely modern enough design for 2008, would have somewhat of a storntrooper face if it was in white. The inline six, manual gearbox and rwd make it compellingly sporty while the 5 door hatchback body without any really sports design means it doesn’t stand out massively.

8 points

Famal Myria GTI @Hshan

lightweight small engined very early 90’s hot hatch. the Myria doesn’t really shout out that it’s anything over a less potent model other than the alloy wheels and small rear spoiler. Hannah wonders if a more powerful better handling variant ever came out later on as the 1990 GTI doesn’t really speak to her as it’s not that engaging.

4 points

Eltrè Haricot - 1.0A Opentop Facelift @Hilbert

The Haricot has all the quirks and features Hannah could ever hope for. A small 4 door sedan with a fabric opening top, i’ts unlikely you’ll ever see another on the road. It doesn’t really hit the fun part of what she wants though, it’s also got quite a blobby design, with the overall shape of a cod liver oil tablet

8 points

Cavaliere Nobile Freccia MC @Happyhungryhippo

Very boxy for a 90’s design, no unsightly blobbyness here. The Nobile appears to be some kind of touring car commemorative special edition which always helps with rarity. It’s a shame the car doesn’t have more of a bodykit, and the limits of fwd can be shown here which does get in the way of fun on windy roads

6 points

Rhania Preserver Type-B UN spec @happyfireballman

Quite literally none of this “car” is what Hannah is looking for. Maybe if it was at least quick it would have something about it, but as it stands it’s a no.

-19 points.

Durendal Tizona RS6 @GassTiresandOil

Another hatchback with an almost coupe profile. The overall design is good with a modern front end it isn’t quite aggressive enough, which is a shame as it has a large v6 engine and awd making this a pretty potent car.

10 points.

Shenhua Dao @ErenWithPizza

Rather a peculiar looking car hatchback. There isn’t really anything to quarrel with when it comes to performance however. Another car that is a bit too understated for quite how fast it is, at least it isn’t all mouth and no trousers.

11 points.

Bazard Mauna @Edsel

halfway between a hatchback and a full crossover, the Mauna does look a bit squinty with the small drl’s which probably could have been placed higher on the front. it’s relatively cool and modern but also overly tall with no pointers to it being a sports model

8 points

Axuus Sabre SE @DuceTheTruth100

About as 80’s wedge as a hatchback can be. Hannah likes the fact the Sabre isn’t pretentious and is just a nicely designed car, it does however also look like it could just be another commuter car and also it doesn’t seem all that spirited to drive.

7 points.

AMS Acolyte 3.5GT @abg7

quite oddly proportioned if viewed from the side. The acolyte has a powerful engine, rear wheel drive and a coupe body style which all certainly help it. But it also looks quite staid in it’s design and not nearly as fast as it actually is.

11 points

Voltari Minerva 3.0S @vero94773

A low and sleek coupe that oozes cool and means business even standing still.

17 points

AVG 180T @Djadania

What a cool mid 90’s coupe Hannah thought at first seeing the AVG. This is however a 2020 car, and from that point of view it isn’t nearly as cool as it’s verging on the retro. The scissor doors and glass roof panels are certainly conversation starters.

-5 points.

Mara Xenia 1.6 LRS @AndiD

Truly a commuter car. Low power and automatic. Would be ideal if this wasn’t looking for a sporty second car

-15 points

Valvida Emos VSR @Tsundere-kun & @vouge

A very nice looking car if not massively sporty looking. Seems only a couple of steps above what you would want as your family transport. The revvy v6 offers plenty of performance.

6 points

Pescetti Veloce Turbinara @IncredibleHondaFit

The front end reminds Hannah of an Austin Princess which is never a good start. The tiny wheels make the Pescetti look more ungainly than it otherwise should. The fact this is an early turbocharged rear wheel drive coupe is somewhat overshadowed by the British Leyland design.

7 points.

Tatsuo Caldera GT/4 @nicholasrams774

The only wagon here for Hannah to look at, and it’s a rather nice looking offering with plenty of sports styling without being too overbearing. Hannah wonders why the rear wheels are so far inboard though.

12 points.

IP Colibri 2000 GTT-4 @Knugcab

Small turbocharged awd hatchback, what’s not to like? the design is a bit on the “normal” side but it’s got a few touches which hint at the utterly bonkers acceleration on offer. Hannah does wonder why the engine revs 2000rpm over the power limit though.

15 points

Position Car Score
1 1981 Joliette Duchesse S2 Turbo 18.0
2 1979 Voltari Minerva 3.0S 17.0
3 1991 IP Colibri 2000 GTT-4 15.0
4 2020 MD GT1 R240 Silverstone 13.0
5 2010 Waldersee Attache K20K 12.0
5 2003 Tatsuo Caldera GT/4 12.0
7 2005 AMS Acolyte 3.5 GT 11.0
8 2008 Durendal Tizona RS6 10.0
8 2010 Shenhua Dao 10.0
10 2007 Eltrè Haricot - 1.0A Opentop Facelift 8.0
10 2005 Phénix Alcyone 2500S 8.0
10 2020 Bazard Mauna 8.0
13 1978 Pescetti Veloce Turbinara 7.0
13 1988 Axuus Sabre SE 7.0
15 2009 Valvida Emos VSR 6.0
15 1994 Cavaliere Nobile Freccia MC 6.0
17 1990 Famal Myria GTI 4.0
18 1996 Planar PG40 Genoace XGS Volt 0.0
19 2020 AVG 180T -5.0
20 2020 Pennant Dash I5 -10.0
21 2012 Mara Xenia 1.6 LRS -15.0
22 2000 Rhania Preserver Type-B UN spec -19.0

:sob: damn

I am pretty sure that the cars from @Djadania and @abg7 can’t both be named “AVG 180T”.

Thanks for good reviews this far, though. :slight_smile:


Welp, it seems subtle doesn’t work here. Also, I thought that Myria was pretty sharp for a 90s hot hatch :thinking: It’s not like it’s supposed to be a straight up track toy. IDK, maybe I just love 90s French hot hatches too much.

dang, foiled by not remembering the existence of the Austin Princess. Wish I had gone with the quad headlights (even though that would make it pretty much a straight up GTV ripoff)

Retrospectively maybe we should’ve added the tallest of all hatchback spoilers that eclipses even the ricey Civic Type R


Any progress? :slight_smile:

Challenges seem cursed again, looking at this, TMCC, LHC, JOC…

Yeah sorry I meant to finish writing and post the penalties today but I got stuck in too much traffic coming back home so it’ll be up tomorrow now. I’m just going to put all the penalties in one big post to get that out of the way.


No problems. Also, I am very well aware of what troublesome houses will mess up in your life at the moment. :rofl: