Cooperation with Car mechanics simulator

I bought for a couple of weeks ago Car mechanics simulator, I great game in my opinion. Automation is a great gam to. So I think it should be awsome if you could get a coop like the one with Drive. It would be very awsome if you could get your cars you build in automation, in the workshop in CMS

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Won’t be possible. CMS do have removable parts, and implementing these features in Automation requires some extra work or even a total redesign.

Also, don’t for get the game devs themselves, they could deny the offer, but we can’t say about it tho.

It also highly depends on whether the devs of CMS actually wants to cooperate with Automation devs. Being able to export stuff to an entirely different game takes a ton of time and commitment from both devs, and if one side decides that this is not worth their time and effort, then it’s not going to happen.

I have a dream! I have a dream that I can fix the car in CMS I crashed in BeamNG. But also I can’t even imagine how much work this would be.

It could be possible without a co-operation. By exporting to beam, we can get the 3d model of the car, which, if you’re a good modder, would be easy to export to car mechanic simulator

So, we’ll assume you know some good modders.

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I have made a few cms mods myself a while ago, they were very rough but they worked and I’m far from a good modder, so I assume that a talented modder from the workshop wouldn’t have a problem