Copy morph and fixtures to different bodies

What I’m thinking of with this is the Land Rover Defender body, which is available in both long and short wheelbase bodies. If I were to make a single “model” in both long and short wheelbase versions, I would love to be able to copy the morphs and fixture placement from one to the other for consistency. I’m thinking maybe a body grouping, where both these bodies would fall into, where I can copy the morph and fixture placement from one body in that grouping to another for the purpose of consistency. I don’t know if that could be implemented in coding, or if there’s another way of doing this, but it’s just a thought I had with the addition of new bodies.

It’s technically possible if the bones have the same names. However, bone settings in two different wheelbase versions often have different numbers.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by bones and numbers. I’m mainly suggesting the possibility of different wheelbase bodyshells being available as different trims, rather than different models. Either that or to be able to just copy all fixtures and placement and put them on a new body so that they could be applied to a different wheelbase version with minimal adjustments for getting the same appearance.