Crash Avoidance Systems mentioned in Advanced 20s Safety

I noticed that Advanced 20s Safety doesn’t mention all the modern safety equipment that modern vehicles have nowadays, such as lane departure warning, blind spot detection, all of that. All it currently mentions is a system similar to OnStar, so I thought “Why not mention systems like forward collision warning with autonomous braking and stuff like that?”

I’ll leave a link to the playlist of what I am talking about below.

Feel free to leave your constructive criticism and such below. Any feedback is welcome on my suggestion.

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Crash Avoidance Systems could also be in Advanced 10s Safety tbh.

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but they would be more primitive

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That has nothing to do with Safety in Automation:
Drivability: How often you crash (i.e. that’s where it should be)
Safety: How dead you are when you crash


“I’d say about a sixty-four percent dead there. They’re definitely not dead, but there’s room for more aliveness.”


Would a crash avoidance system be more suitable as a form of driving assist, rather than fluff for Adv 10s/Adv 20s safety then?

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