Crash tests


Safety is one of industry’s major standards today, and some auto makes like Volvo take it very seriously, almost as the central pillar of the design of a new car. It would be nice to have some kind of institution inside the game which do crash tests in your cars. Good results coming from a well planned structural resistance would boost the car sales, meanwhile poor results would provoke a deep fall in the sales.

But if a car is too cheap, even a poor result would not affect the sales. Look at some of Brazilian and Chinese cars, which show almost none structural/torsional resistance. They sell a lot, because they’re cheap (quite cheap here, but Brazil is another world…) and who buys one of those do not have much concerns about safety.

I agree that safety ratings are important, however I feel that this could be implemented in a future update after release so it can have the bugs worked out. Also, if it’s implemented, would be nice to have it come in over time, and not affect sales too much until much later (1995-2000+) as it did in real life.

I resent how safety has changed the way cars look because it dictates their design, and that companies don’t have as much freedom to style the cars as they would have without the restrictions. I’d hate to have safety affect my car designs. In real life, it’s a necessary evil, in the game it doesn’t have to be. At least let us have a good 30 to 50 year run without having to worry about it.


How about an option to play with or without safety standard restrictions??

crash test would be a good idea if you could incorporate even after releasing the final version