Crest Sport Industries /// Share and suggest your own cars to be tuned!

Hey there.
In this topic, you can request any of your cars to be modified into a race car. Also, you’re more than welcome to share your own racing versions of regular cars!!

I’ll also be displaying some of my own work, so you can see what your cars could become.
Of course, be free to indicate any IRL car you’d like your project to be based on! :slight_smile:

First off, the Crest V10 GT2 2018.



Looks great, and I can definetely feel the R8 vibes!

I did something similar a while ago, and it has now a proper thread to be shared. Hope you like it :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work man! big muscle cruiser vibes too, and the running light signature looks super nice

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Leaving 2018 behind, 2019 brings a new champion to the track. The 2019 Crest V10-GT2.
As the GT2, Titanium and Carbon are used everywhere they can be, to insure a lightweight and stiff chassis and an engine that can withstand big amounts of boost.

830hp/855Nm, 8000rpm, 1290kg, 355km/h top speed, 465.000$ key in hand.

Keeping the bi-color paint theme, the 2019 GT2 suits up in a Gunmetal Grey / Solar Red.

I Mean… Come on. This face just means business.

Be sure to let me know if you’d like a road-legal version posted!

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It definitely needs a street-legal version to go with the racing variants. Then again, I expected nothing less from a build as stunning as this one.

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Thanks a lot my guy! The street legal version of the GT2 is ready to get it’s photos taken, I’ll tag you when I do post them.

Oh, so you’re taking requests? Good luck pal.

BBSC_Shared_Platform_-Bridgell_Tupi_Van(EU).car (75.7 KB)

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I’ll try my best ! (and yep, writing that before seeing the car…) lol

Gonna post one race car by me and one street car I’d love to see turned into a racer
Polikart MP16 Prokart

18.4bhp of Prokart Goodness. Twin GX200 engines, 3rd in the British 24hr

Grant Addison Is looking for someone to help turn his Bramhall Strada into a fun, fast racer. Can you help? (41.0 KB)


I’d be happy to turn that econocar into a time attack monster !

@th3maldonado Maybe you could help, I can’t seem to find where my cars are saved ?

Edit: that tiny gokart monster looks sick!

Econocar ouff :sob: Cars are saved in a database inside c:/users/USERNAME/documents/my games/automation, you need to export them to a .car file (floppy disk icon) to share, they end up in …/automation/carexport. To import the exported .car files, put them in the …/automation/carimport folder.

Ahahah sorry, no harm intended.

oh right, thanks for the help then mate!

IT’s all in jest dw bro. This is the VSi Spec of the Strada, meaning it’s the top spec of the “budget sports coupe”. 180bhp and only 1070kg, pretty decent for '87

CTI had a go at a sportier version of the Spada VSi. @th3maldonado

What they ended up with was the Spada VSi-T.

From 180hp to 220hp, a sportier stiffer suspension system, wider body kit, diffuser, disc brakes, hood scoop, spoiler, sport rims, and of course, the most important element of all (if you wanted a credible sports car in the 80s), a bright red side stripe.

(I did add a headlight cutout for the turbo intake, but I doubt a road legal version would get this kind of mod, so do feel free to remove it (it’s your car anyways lol). (46.7 KB)


Toastyy :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! I did my best to stick with the car/era aesthetic!

If you review the provided .car file, you’ll find that the car is not so expensive either!

Thanks for sending me your project man!


It seems I can’t open the file unfortunately. Maybe it’s because of a mod I haven’t downloaded…

If you have another car you want me to have a go with, feel free to share!

Want another caR?

Oh yeah for sure!

If you have any kind of coupe sports car/super car, it’s what i’m the best at I think (30.4 KB)

A nice Lanark looking for a home on track.

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