Cropping Fixtures/Dominant Fixtures

Another fixture related concern, this may have been said, but I didn’t find it.

Essentially I think you should be able to assign dominant fixtures that crop the grills in the case of headlights that have odd grills because they are placed on top of a grill.

To illustrate, here is an image of one of my affected designs:

As you can see both headlights on either side are blacker (the extreme right and left ones have only half the grill behind them) and it looks pretty unpleasant.

Thank you for your consideration!

I have encountered this also. Though, there is not really an easy solution that that I guess, taking into consideration other fixture related questions that have been answered. Nevertheless it would be great if this was possible. Best for now is just putting the grill the the beginning of the outer headlights, IMO.

Sadly convincing fixtures to cut into eachother is REAAAALLY hard to do right. If we can get it working we’d love to though.

Would a quick fix to this be a layer system?? I know games like Juiced 2 and Forza had a layer system when designing paint designs on cars.

I think Daffyflyer is trying to say that getting 3D objects to cut into each other properly is extremely difficult compared to 2D textures such as the ones used in forza and Juiced 2

Cutting aint the problem, 3D layers have been said to be working on if I remember correctly, if it works though!