Crossovers should be added to the game to add variety. The crossover could be based off of anything ranging from a Subaru Outback to a Mercedes GLE to a Honda HRV. It would be nice if there were to be a modern decade one ( 2013-16) and a older one (1990-2005). tell me your opinion below! :smiley:

The Ford Explorer bodies can easily be made into crossovers, as can some of the wagon/hatch bodies. Just add AWD :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve made a Ford Flex body, but that’s far from the entirety of the crossover segment. I definitely see more pure crossover bodies coming at some point, either from the devs or modders.

Those will be a great addition to the game and I think they will be added later. For now the devs are working in the mechanics of the game, you know, the tycoon parts, calculations, etc… More car bodies will be coming later. The moders also make great car bodies, you shouldccheck’em in case you haven’t. If you can’t wait, you can mod a car body yourself, it’s not that hard really, it only requires free time and lots of patience, there are tutorials in the game’s YouTube channel and you can ask in the forums for help. I did a body with no experience and it took me like 2 weeks (learning in the process).

Don’t forget too that a good bunch of crossovers are just lifted up wagons with AWD, so you can already make those.