CSC 61 Retro Modern

CSC 61 Retro Modern

2024 Varchetta headquarters

Founded decades ago, Varchetta was renowned for producing some of the most iconic and beloved cars of its time. However, as time passed, the company focused its attention on only supplying designs to other companies, abandoning the prized creations that formerly donned the Varchetta badge and helped to establish its long history. Varchetta is now aiming to recover its status as a pioneer in automotive design and engineering under new management and a fresh vision.

It is straightforward yet complex: to take the classic designs that previously graced the racetrack and create retro-modern works of art. Varchetta chose to adopt this idea because it wanted to honor its historic past and offer a special driving experience that bridges the past and present.
The first step for Varchetta was to dust off its archives, designs, and specs of its classic models in its archives while embracing the most recent technology developments in safety, performance, and sustainability while trying to preserve the essence of the originals. It is straightforward yet complex: to take the classic designs that previously graced the racetrack and create retro-modern works of art. Varchetta chose to adopt this idea because it wanted to honor its historic past and offer a special driving experience that bridges the past and present.

Here at Varchetta Auto Team we have a few requests for the design prompt. For the older designs we want the general shape of the car to be in a way similar, we do not want a 1:1 version with LEDs and 18-inch wheels. since we have not had an actual car within the past 20 years with our badge, we want the creativity of you the designer to add the Italian flare to your expression. you can take from any of the 5 '60s designs shown in the Main Inspiration tab as a base for your design, we want you to mix and match the styles shown and make your interpolation of what those classics could look like as a modern car

Uniqueness level 8-10

Main Inspirations

1969 Varchetta LMV-corsa

(Mid engine V12)

1966 Varchetta V-Corsa Concept

(front engine V12)

1959 Varchetta 350 V-Corsa

(front engine V12)

1963 Varchetta 304 GTS LM

(front engine V12)

1966 Varchetta Corsa MKII

(Mid engine V12)

1992 Varchetta Corsa LMV Concept

(Mid engine V12)

Company Designs

1982 Hoffsman Salto HSR

1960 Di Inferi 290LM Aerodinamica

1965 Di Inferi 320 GTLM Aerodinamica

1982 Hoffsman Holfgang H-GT5

only the body kit

2023 Vengen GTR-V Concept

main shape sculpted by the team (not the whole design)

Irl Inspirations

these are just examples of new cars taking inspirations from their older counterparts

De Tomaso P70


De Tomaso P72

Ferrari 250 P5

1968 Ferrari 250 P5 Pininfarina_07

Ferrari Daytona SP3

1966 Alpine A110

2017 Alpine A110

1966 Jaguar E-Type

2017 Jaguar F-Type

1969 Jaguar XJ13

1991 Jaguar XJR-15

1995 Jaguar Xj220

2013 Jaguar C-X75

1985 Lamborghini Countach


2022 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4

1967 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

2024 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

1966 Ferrari P3

2006 Ferrari P4/5 Pininfarina


-im not judging the engineering but at least make the engine a V12
-like stated before, im looking for a unique look so your not tied down with the simple shapes of the OG cars
-again like stated before please dont just make a 60’s car with LEDs and 18 inch wheels, that isnt retro design thats a restomod
-For the class of car, you could either go for the high-end sports car or supercar maybe even hyper if you really want to
-for the name you can be creative and do what you want, name it after a random Italian city, word, random guy idk whatever you want as long as its something italian
-if you wounder if whatever car your doing is what i want, it probable is. dont be shy, go all out if you want but still follow the all but pretty open rules :+1:

Submission Guidelines
1 time submission

Naming Convention:
Car and engine model name: CSC61 - FORUM USERNAME
Car trim: Varchetta, model of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

Rules are subject to change until September (25), 2023 00:00 GMT-4
Entries open September (25), 2023 00:00 GMT-4
Deadline: October (24), 2023 00:00 GMT-4


everyting i do is perfect already


This is justified considering that many of the company’s most memorable designs were V12-powered.

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Yea, you can do others but v12 was the main engines used by the company

Their backstory reminds me of De Tomaso’s - both of them were active for decades before becoming dormant, until they were unexpectedly resurrected decades later.

I have added some new IRL Insprations to the list

Also about the class of car if you have no clue what would get a better chance of winning this

when i comes to the sports or super or even hyper classes, it doesnt matter what class you choose as long as the design is good

so something like the Lamborghini Huracan can look better then

the Czinger 21C even tho its a higher class of car


Good lad KSI,

What does your branding/badge look like?

Or what font would you use?


for now just use this, i have a badge but its kinda complex to make
Screenshot 2023-09-21 105208
ok so for the outside make it steel and the inside just leave it as is.
Screenshot 2023-09-21 105526
make sure its aligned to the surface and if you want you could also place it in 3d


Since we don’t know when devs will drop the update and there’s the possibility that more than somebody might already have started working on something, what will you do in case of cars made before the new LCV and other cars made after? I honestly don’t know if car files will suffer from compatibility problems…

im not really doing anything for engineering so nothing should get in the way of the only visual challenge

are interiors gonna be judged heavily? and i assume the cars need to be dated to 2024 (body & trim year 2020), yea?

i mean you should add some kinda interior but no, im mainly judging the outside and for the interior, only the fact that its there.

should we stay on stable or switch to open beta?

Tbh i dont really know much of the game has changed but I’ll probably switch over after im done with agc so you could change to open beta


one more thing, is there any preference along the sliding scale of “base” level Huracán to ultra rare/premium flagship Laferrari to concept territory Egoista? or is it all just fair game throughout?

edit: asking not only for proper styling ideas but if we’re required to include legal devices like proper indicators, license plates, etc.

not really, i just wanna good design. you can do both the hurrican and the egiosta and both have an equal chance of winning

no, im giving you freedom with not having to worry about where to put plates or indicators but really indicators are integrated into the headlights anyways so you could add them if you want


Zephorus Autos
Varchetta Patrimonio


2024 Edition

Roughly translating to "Heratige" the new Patrimonio is everything the original Varchetta brand was about, and more.

4.5L V12, linked to a 7 speed manual box screaming to 10500rpm

More Images

Made in four original colours
Or made to order

Marble White

Ital Green

Toscano Speciale

Dusk Blue

These cars are not a real product of any manufacturer, any likeness or other similarities to real brands is purely coincidence. Top trim model shown, actual model may change in final submission.

Part GMA T.33 (engine, gearbox), part Daytona SP3 (exterior, especially the rear), the Patrimonio honors Varchetta’s traditions while also pointing to a lighter, purer future. Bravo!

By the way, I have a hunch that the base body is either from one of the '09 Mako sets, or the '17 Emira-esque mod that was added recently.

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It is indeed the 09 Mako body, the 2.68m

Whats left


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