CSC56 - What a B-Ute (Results out!)

The year is 2008

Helron are the perfect traffic filler globally, thier MPVs, thier Coupes, thier Sedans, they are everywhere, apart from Australia that is

Helron only has the Callamester for the AU market, and they want to expand, so thier thought process is simple. A mid sized car, but it has a truck bed. When they realised the simpsons did it first the idea had been done before, by themselves, they revived the Yokie nameplate from a horrible car from the 70s, and got to work…hiring other people to do thier work

Da rulez:

  • 2009 on everything

  • bodies based off Sedans only

  • two doors and two seats is the limit

  • the bed must be part of the body

  • Keep it a V6 or V8, Helron know thier way around them thanks to making plenty of them

  • design and stats are judged, however Im not too knowledged on realistic parts, the only hard rules are that tire sizes must end in a 5, AU License plates on the front and rear, and of course, it has to be road legal.

  • Unleaded regular fuel only, 91AKI I believe

  • Make sure the car has AU plates, or at least has room for them

  • please keep the car up with Helrons design language (shown below)

  • do not waste your time with interiors, they will only get deleted on my side because they will not add anything to your standings and will just add fixtures.

  • touching the techpool in any way results in a bin, leave it at +5

  • 50k in automation currency is the hard limit for the price of the entire car

Helrons in the late 2000s had one special design characteristic, the headlights were all the same

as seen on this Atlantic MPV
all Helron models use these headlights between 2005 and 2011, and that rule must be followed here too

The Helron Badge is a simple white outer circle, a black inner circle and a H in the middle, the H must be white

Sub Rules:

  • CSC56 - (your username) for the model name, the rest of it is open, including the engine family name
  • Obviously, you have to post pictures here, but DM me the entrys
  • I will inspect a car when it is submitted, and will relay information back if anything is wrong, You have one chance to correct these issues once I have pointed them out

Ill leave the rule deliberation open until the 29th of March hits in every country, and the deadline for submissions is the the 13th of April

(please can we have more than 2 entries this time)

previous Yokie

Possible inspirations

If anyone has any inspirations that you could let me steal put in, please hit me up, I only know of these three and one of them is aftermarket


There was the Proton Jumbuck, but that was a FWD, Mitsubishi powered… thing.

Edit: Also you said the badge was a circle shape but the example Helron is sporting a square badge, so will there be an option for both?


well pointed out, thats an old build, Ill replace the image with a Helron with the proper badge

Csc is 99% of the time only design based. So is this one going to be judges on engineering too?

I don’t think that’s going to be a problem but you may want to make the technical aspects a bit stricter so the cars all follow the right kind of company engineering.

its just gonna be the basic stats like the reliability stat and such. I dont know enough about engineering to penalise people for unrealistic choices but at the same time, I want people to actually try with it

Another quick question. Do we have to use those headlight fixtures as they come? Or can we make everything inside transparent and then remake the insides

just the shape, the insides are all up to you

Is this going to be a workhorse or a hooner?

What does this mean? Why not specify which fuel you want?


because its that small of a thing that I always forget to change it on my own cars, and Ill probably forget to check it here too
@Jaimz68 it would have trims to do both, but which one you pick to actually present is up to you

Many people do not build a brand new car and engine for many challenges, please specify a fuel type or do not include a fuel type rule at all.

I got told to say something about fuel types, but I dont want to moderate fuel types, so I said just leave the fuel as is, but fine, Ill make it Unleaded regular

If you aren’t too fussed about the engineering may I suggest just going with design only then. It’ll make it more approachable for many people too


Exactly. This is was CSC usually is anyway, so…


Its not that im not too fussed, its that I literally dont know engineering enough. I will focus on basic stats as I said, but I will make them less of a focus, more of a tiebreaker if two cars are really close


Update! If they are ok with it, the winning build will be published onto the Helron brand Wiki page and the car will be treat like a true Helron product! If you have any problems with this, let me know

Edit: I realised that I said the naming scheme was CSC55 - (username) when it was meant to be CSC56. Its been changed now

Edit 2: Ive added that it needs to be able to legally fit AU plates

The mandate for +5 tech pool everywhere is meant to keep things simpler for the host to judge.

Also, regular unleaded fuel is 91 RON/86 AKI.

And what about exterior color choices? Which ones will the Helron design team prefer the most?

exterior colour doesnt matter too much here, every model in the lineup has its own “special” colour
Thanks for the fuel correction, ill sort that

Does Helron have a particular moniker for their top tier sports trims? For… reasons.

Edit: Also, in Oz we use RON 91 as our ‘Regular Unleaded’ which I think is equivalent to 87 AKI

Helron normally uses RS for its in house fastest trims, with the Lance getting special treatment with its “Falcon” trim. You can abide by the RS rule, or make a different name for it