CSC58 - God's Green Earth [Finished, Reviews Out]

CSC58 - God's Green Earth

Fujimi HQ, 2009

As a new decade rolls around, with increasingly tight fleet emissions regulations, as well as healthy customer demand, Fujimi excecutives are looking at an electric future. Fujimi’s engineers have finished work on a fully electric platform, based on their existing Modular Transverse Architecture for ease in manufacturing and cost-saving as they head on into uncharted waters. While engineering is complete, outsourced designers are tasked with making the looks to go with it.

  • You are to design the first generation of Fujimi EVs.
  • Creativity in body style choice is encouraged, but remember, this is for 2010, so pick-ups and SUVs are out of the question.
  • The design must look reasonably “eco”.
  • There must be no visible exhaust tips.
  • A detailed interior is not required, and it will not affect judging, but you can make one if you wish - and i’ll review it.
  • Advanced trim settings are allowed within reason. I will not be setting values or restricting any specific settings since it detracts a bit from the creative challenge, but just keep your look realistic to the type of car and the era.
  • All years must be set to 2010.
  • Techpool is irrelevant, just leave it at default +5 all around.
  • Wheelbases must be in the 2.5 to 2.7 m range, rounded.
  • This will be a mainstream car, so it must have five full seats.
  • Otherwise, your engineering choices will not be judged.

For submissions:

  • Rules discussion will take place until 2023-05-06T06:00:00Z.
  • Submissions will open 2023-05-06T06:00:00Z.
  • Submissions close 2023-05-27T06:00:00Z.
  • Model and family name must be “CSC58 - your forum username”.
  • Trim and variant names are free.
  • An ad must be posted here, and .car files are to be sent via forum DMs only.



Fujimi's design and logo


Previous CSC


Any sort of company design points that should be used in the car? Or maybe previous designs

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nope, this is meant to be a new era for their designs, and they wish to start over with a new design language specific to their EVs


Quick question: Will there be photos of other Fujimi products available to look at. Because it would be good to know what Fujimi is doing around this time to make a car that, while unique, also feels like a product that Fujimi would make.

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welp, you got me there. i don’t have anything before 2016, which is this:

and like i said, it’s meant to be a new design language just for their EVs
if anything, just look at IRL Japanese design trends of the era from any of the major brands


Mildy disappointed that there’s not a soft requirement for an interior in a design competition, just a checkbox for does it have one or not.

so, i’m getting to work on a Fujimi from the era in case anyone finds it useful

that’s what there is though, anyone can make an interior if they like, it’s just that some players don’t like making them and i’ve never seen a host ask for them. let’s say that if you make one i’ll look at it and review it, but it won’t affect standings.

i’ve added a taste of Fujimi’s 2010 design language for petrol and hybrid cars

With that in mind, is a transversely mounted engine mandatory?


it’s not mandatory but it does make sense. ultimately, i will not look at engineering besides the wheelbase


If i make an interior but its basic, can i ask you to not review it?



Well, the rules are set and submissions are now open.


Don’t get caught in the far left lane without your trusty eco-friendly, Fujimi Castellan E Trim. The car you know you hate to love: now all-electric and all-sexy! Truly the only better alternative for your green-thumbed bleeding heart would be a bicycle (which for the record, fits easily into the car - park and ride baby!).

Fujimi Castellan E Trim - Eat it up!

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Here is my entry - the 2010 Fujimi Alessandro.




haha creative name go brrrrrr

Right, so


I made the entire thing in just few hours, help

More environmentalism

Cool badge! (wow)

Aerodynamically slanted hood !!!

It has a spoiler so it’s practically a sports car

Cool fog lights!

I suppose it looks bit too much like a hybrid, but eh, that’s what you get for putting hybrids in the inspirations :stuck_out_tongue:


Fujimi Xero design proposal by Carrosserie Marin

We have envisioned the first generation of Fujimi electric vehicles as a compact five door hatchback.

For familiarity with current ice vehicles the Fujimi corporate grille has been retained, however it is filled in for improved aerodynamics, a modern square design is used along with a blue secondary design which is also used on the headlights, wheels and tail light lenses. The charging port for the Xero is positioned in the nose of the vehicle.

Modern led daytime running lights flank the lower grille area, which has the main bumper visible as both a design feature and also to restrict air flow to only the battery cooling system and air conditioning system.

With no need for the usual exhaust system the rear of Xero can be uncluttered and clean. The lower area has a shaped diffuser which releases the air flow along the underside of the vehicle.
To accentuate the smoothness of Xero the rear lights are housed in clear lenses with the tail lights being led powered as shown below.





The Pop! EV is a proposal from Hwaseung Design Studios. We took classic Fujimi design cues such as the corporate Fujimi grille, similar side surfacing to other Fujimi models, and worked in other small details. We took these cues and modernized them, bringing Fujimi design into the new decade.



About 48 hours remain

I'm still missing car files from @VanZandt_Breda and @crwpitman1