CSC58 - God's Green Earth [Finished, Reviews Out]

Fujimi Atlas

Eco-friendly, spacious, and practical. Great for any family and cargo delivery needs. After all, an electric van is still a van, and an electric platform allows for more cargo space with the absence of an engine.

Featuring increased front visibility for better maneuvering.



Agellla Automotive Design presents:
Fujimi MTA-E Concept

Here at Agellla Automotive Design, we believe in keeping some of the design features we associate with muscular, healthy and competent combustion engines. Driving electric should not feel like a compromise.

To get the most range out of current battery technology, we opted to forgo cooling vents — even fake ones. The shape language should be reminiscent of such features, but with none of the drag.

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Fujimi Rustler Concept

By Studio Ogna
Ready to rustle your shareholders’ Jimmies?
This bad little boy can hold so many batteries. It even has a solar roof. Co-production with [redacted] is a distinct possibilty.



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Fujimi USA HQ Meeting Room, 2009

Interns, employees and executives flow into the meeting room. Executives don’t know why the meeting was called, and expectations are high, since it’s so close to their lunch hour.
After an intern finally finds a VGA cable without bent pins, the chatter dies down - they are looking at a presentation from their design team, with several different propositions for their newest product - an electric vehicle.

-Ooh, it’s the EV thing, I’d forgotten we were doing that.
-Better not let the folks at Japan HQ hear that…
-How many designs are we looking at? I’m hungry.
-Maybe seven?
-I thought we had eight?
-Yeah, they sent renderings but no CAD files.
-Well, one less thing to look at, gets us closer to lunch.
-Yeah yeah whatever, let’s get this thing started.

The intern, having finally connected her laptop, presses play on the presentation. As the first slide rolls around, the murmurs quiet down.

Fujimi Atlas, by @Rise_Comics

-This is a bit unusual, isn’t it?
-Well, we DID say we encouraged creativity in the body style department, but I certainly wasn’t expecting a boxy van.
-It’s certainly bold and brash.
-More like, belo…
-You don’t have to finish the joke, we get it.
-Looks a lot like our QBik van, would certainly be big in Asia…
-That’s a tall windshield…
-Marker lights? How wide is this thing?
-Not enough to need them, that’s for sure.
-At least it has our grille…

-Onto the back, then…
-Those taillights, they do make quite the statement.
-Hold up, it isn’t even set up as a five-seater like we asked…
-Well, let’s move on to the next one, shall we?

As the intern clicks next, dissatisfaction turns into satisfaction, with a more traditional tall hatchback/small MPV entry.

Fujimi Xero, by @mart1n2005

-Now that’s more like it!
-What’s up with that name? Is it a copy machine?
-Nevemind that, this design is great.
-Very nice and not too outlandish.
-Certainly got our design language down, especially up front.
-Yeah, very BlueHy, especially that headlight-grille area.
-I’m loving the blue accents, definitely gets the “Eco” message across.
-Doesn’t it look a bit squished to y’all? Tall-wise?
-Only a tiny bit, but it certainly won’t hurt headroom.

-Let’s move to the rear.
-Hidden door handles, nice look!
-And the taillights, quite the creative treatment there, very modern.
-It’s a bit bare in the back, otherwise, no?
-Maybe, but it still looks great.
-Let’s shortlist this one, shall we? But we must move on.

Another great entry, this small hatchback satisfies the room, with flowing lines and clean surfaces.

Fujimi Rustler Concept, by @Ludvig

-Rustler? Oooooh, I get it, because it Rustles the LEAFs.
-Nice, very funny, let’s see what our friends at Yokohama have to say about that.
-Anyway, we seem to be on a bit of a roll, aren’t we, ladies and gentlemen?
-Truly, this is an amazing design.
-Yes, very flowy.
-Green accents this time, very nice.
-And that charge door, creative placement.
-I’m loving those headlights, very BlueHy, but more modern.
-Do we have the technology to mass produce those DRLs?
-Well, it does say concept in the name.
-That should also explain the small mirrors, then.

-Ok ok, let’s take a look at that booty.
-Loving the simmetry with the front.
-Ditto, though I’m not too sure about that big green piece.
-Certainly works to address the bareness…
-Hidden door handles again, seems to be becoming somewhat of a trend.
-Though I don’t love that the molding on the side sticks out…
-Ok, but do you love door dings?
-Fair enough, fair enough.
-Aaanyway, let’s consider this one, but we have to look at the next one.

As the designs roll around and the day gets older, the mood turns dim, not helped by this design, which executives feel is just derivative of their previous hybrids, with some gripes about its graphic elements.

Fujimi GReeN, by @Hilbert

-That’s interesting…
-Looks more like a hybrid, doesn’t it?
-What a funky way to spell green.
-Seems like it might be able to share sheetmetal with the BlueHy, at least.
-Though that front end, very stretchy, isn’t it?
-Yeah the vision is there, but it stretches way too much.
-And those headlights, man are they deep.
-Yeah, at least the lower part looks quite nice.
-Certainly, that lower fascia has potential.
-Wait a minute, is that a big piece of plastic just cutting across the front wheelwell?
-Looks like it, a bit careless…

-Onto the back then, shall we?
-That lightbar’s interesting.
-It’s not awful, that’s for sure.
-A bit tall, no? For a liftback sedan.
-Surely. At least the BlueHy cuts the tallness with a window.
-On another topic, that offset is doing my head in.
-Yeah, the rear track could stand to be quite wider.
-Moving on?
-Sure, let’s look at the next one.

With the click of the arrow comes a hearthy laugh. This very happy, Italian-named car certainly helps aleviate the mood.

Fujimi Alessandro, by @crwpitman1

-Mamma mia.
-This Alessandro dude looks like a frog, with those eyes.
-A very happy one at that.
-Not to say that it’s bad, of course, I actually think it’s quite nice.
-Yeah, the most creative implementation I’ve seen of our grille.
-Though those lower indicators… They tie in nicely to the face, but it’s way too much real estate for turn signals.
-Fully agree, maybe some of it could be used as a DRL.
-Does anyone else find the side treatment a bit outdated? Like all the elements are ten years too old for the body’s design?
-Me too, those mirrors are very square - and somewhat small.
-Hey, is anyone else worried about crash safety? That overhang is way too short.
-Yeah, not to mention aerodynamics…

-Anyway, let’s see Alessandro’s behind.
-Back at it again with the bad offset.
-Deeply disturbing, especially with such a low ride height and such big rims.
-Are those 19s? What about range, or comfort?
-Well, the skinniness certainly takes care of the first thing.
-Otherwise, the rear is kinda nice.
-Yeah, good use of space, though the taillights could be a bit smaller.
-And is that rear sidemarker just cutting across the bumper seam?
-Yeah, not an amazing execution…
-Let’s move on, we’re almost done, I’m starving for lunch.

As stomachs get grumblier, so do the moods of those in the room. This following design doesn’t really help, since everyone agrees it has a lot of room for improvement, and isn’t quite there yet.

Fujimi MTA-E Concept, by @Ananas

-Metropolitan Transportation Authority?
-Yes, very funny.
-Let’s start with positives, yeah?
-Alright then. I’m quite pleased with that lower fascia.
-Yeah it’s quite a nice design, very EV.
-Though, elephant in the room, that upper portion is making me not wanna have lunch anymore.
-The inverted grille mustache is certainly not great - remove that and you have quite a serviceable EV design, dare I say even great.
-More like a unibrow, no?

-Anyways, the bootay.
-Well, there’s a consistent motif, with the taillights and front indicators.
-I’m not really sure it fully works, though, with rectangles and parallelograms on a modern, flowing body, especially contrasting with those circles down low.
-Big wheels and big low again.
-Yeah, it does say concept, doesn’t it?
-Again, a few tweaks short of greatness, that lower bumper looks nice.
-Yeah, I like it, very front-back symmetric again.
-Can we move on? There’s just one left and my stomach is grumbly.

The intern clicks the right arrow for the last time today, to the expectations of twelve hungry executives, employees and interns. This last one better be great, or their lunch might not go down easy.

Fujimi Pop! EV, by @vero94773

-Damn, talk about a palate cleanser!
-Hey don’t say that, I’m way too hungry for that kinda talk.
-Sorry, anyway. These people at Hwaseung really know their way around a pen!
-Hwa-what? Is that a new KBBQ place?
-If you stopped joking around, maybe we’d be closer to actually finishing!
-Alright alright. Any thoughts?
-Yeah, I love it. Very nice implementation of the Fujimi design language.
-Not extremely “Eco” though.
-Maybe that’s a good thing? Makes it more approachable.
-I’m loving the headlights, very nice inner design.
-Also, great surfacing, emphasizing the lower fascia, hood and that flowing shoulder line.
-Fully agree, takes a simple design and gives it a lot of character.
-If I were to have any gripes with this design, it’s that the door mirrors are too thin.
-Agree, but nothing that can’t be fixed for final production.

-Now, onto the back end.
-Again, really really nice design.
-Maybe that lower bumper character line is a bit deep, but otherwise it’s great.
-I’m also not quite happy with those taillights, they could stand to have more modern-looking lens materials.
-It’s a small issue though, their design is great and fits the body lines amazingly.
-On a tangent, I’m loving that floating roof.
-Yeah, it gives it a very modern look, and adds character.
-Very funky car, yeah? Especially with that name.
-Yes, very fun.
-Alright alright, if everyone else agrees, I think we have seen enough to make a decision.
-Yeah, let’s do it over lunch, ok?
-Very well, lunch is on me!

After a much needed lunch break, the executives bring the CEO their final rankings, choosing which design makes it to final production.


7.- Atlas @Rise_Comics - Not exactly what was being sought, though an electric van is a potentially great idea if done with better execution, as you progress and improve your skills as an Automation designer - keep at it! Though I do have to say, it was the only binnable one of the bunch, with the amount of seats.

Ultimately I decided against that, since there’s few entrants and its an inconsequential oversight, but other hosts might not be so lenient when it comes to breaking hard, set and written rules.

6.- MTA-E @Ananas - Some good ideas here, especially in the lower bumpers, but the halogen strips, big headlights and freaky mustache/unibrow thing keep it from being great.

5.- GReeN @Hilbert - Again, some good ideas and executions, I especially liked the lower front, but not quite fully there in the end. Likewise, keep at it, it has quite a bit of potential as a design, especially if that upper front moves closer to the lower front.

4.- Alessandro @crwpitman1 - Very funky design, which is a positive. Making the 2010s Fujimi grille into a happy face is not something I’d envisioned, and it’s great. Short overhangs, bad wheel fitment, outdated fixtures on the side and not quite great taillights keep it from being amazing, though.

3.- Xero @mart1n2005 - A very normal, grounded design, which uses coloured accents to denote its eco-friendly nature. Great implementation of corporate design, with very original taillights - with an interesting material choice. Wouldn’t be out of place in any European street, or as a ridesharing car. Though maybe it’s not great that the blue accents and door badges are really the only thing that denote its EV nature. If you told me it had something like a 1.2 ICE i’d believe you.

2.- Rustler @Ludvig - Very electric, very flowy. Great charge port placement, following the shape of the Fujimi logo. Smart move to get rid of the grille, makes it more Fujimi EV rather than Fujimi EV, while still keeping some features from the corporate design language, like the headlights. Front-back simmetry is also great and gives it character. Very hard choice between the top two, seeing as this is a better EV design, though not necessarily a beter overall design. Ultimately, I didn’t fall in love with the molding on the side of the doors and the front fascia, by this era something a bit more flowing might be more appropriate.

1.- Pop! EV @vero94773 - In the end, this is the design that won me over. Amazing execution, with detailed body molding, fully modular headlights and overall just a great interpretation of the 2010 Fujimi design language. The size, choice of colour and floating roof give it a fun, easygoing character that is perfect for a small urban car. If there are any negatives, I would say that it could pass as a traditional ICE car in every aspect, though at the end of the day that doesn’t really detract any hypothetical points.

Congratulations to @vero94773 for the win, and to the rest of the participants!


hey cool, my first CSC win! congrats to all the other entrants, and thanks for hosting a fun round!

as for hosting, i have an idea and i’d like to take it on, expect the new round up in a day or so.


…well, i did say a day or so