CSR 115 - What if "variable generation Focus pt.3" never happened?

CSR 115 - What if “variable generation Focus pt.3” never happened?

As always, it would be appreciated if you aren’t sure about the rules around the CSR, that you follow the link to the general rules for this competition by clicking here

The story

Somewhere in southeastern Spain
June 2019

Me. It’s me. Cheeseman aka George, 21 years old. You already know a lot about me, but let me tell you more. Proud owner of my second Ford Focus, but this is the first new Focus which I bought on a lease since I am in full-time employment and can afford and obtain this and also it would be great if I can start getting a credit score. Single, no kids, got nothing better to do, and love driving.

That being said, June 2019 rolled around and something happened. The lease stipulated a maximum of 90,000km and that very number appeared on the computer and the three years wasn’t quite up yet. This was actually later than expected, but due to changes in circumstances of employment and residence, my extreme mileage turned to more moderate mileage and was set to get even lower. It was time to change, the obvious choice was to get a brand-new shiny Ford Focus ST-Line with loads of tech and the award-winning Ecoboost engine, so I headed to the Ford dealership and…

But what if I didn’t go to the Ford dealership?

IRL, I did actually look at a couple of other cars but mostly down to the sheer incompetence of other dealers I inevitably scrapped looking elsewhere and returned to my trusty Ford dealership and signed on the dotted line. If you want to see my Focus, I will include the link to the forum post here (an update is coming on that, stay tuned). However, what if the world of Automation was available to me in the real world? Surely something could tempt me away from another Focus, right?


  • Model year 2019 or older
  • Trim year must be 2019
  • Minimum 20 comfort
  • Minimum 50 safety
  • Minimum 5 full seats
  • 95 RON unleaded fuel only
  • Catalytic converters obligatory
  • Must have ESP
  • Maximum trim emissions of 40
  • Maximum loudness of 32

Pretty non-restrictive I think, keeps it open for most. Most of these regulations are simply to make sure it is fair and realistic, such as safety requirements and emissions levels that are expected to be met in the ever-tightening emissions laws in Europe.

But what about the price? Doesn’t matter what the list price is, as mentioned before I didn’t buy the Focus outright and opted for leasing so I plan to do the same again. That means, my friends, the lease calculator is back again!


“So how are we going to calculate that then, using the old spreadsheet you had before?”
No, this time I’ve created a newer, fancier, sparklier, and more advanced spreadsheet to calculate this on. This is simply a finance option, the monthly amounts are solely for the car and do not include servicing costs, insurance, tax etc. as they will be part of the judging criteria.

Do you want a link? Here, take a look at the following link: CSR 115 MONTHLY PAYMENT CALCULATOR
Make sure to make a copy of it in order to use it.

How does this work? Let me break it down for you:

  • On the left columns, you have the bits of information required in order to make the calculations. I’ve completely redone how the prices for the cars are calculated and even made a makeshift resale value calculator based off a few values given in-game. On the right columns, you will find that the numbers will do what they need to do to calculate the price of the car. DO NOT tamper with the formulas, cheating will lead to IMMEDIATE disqualifications and ALL entries will be checked.
  • About the pricing, in order to make it as realistic as I could reasonably achieve, the price is based on a conversion of the number the spreadsheet calculates converted into euros, plus the addition of the 21% IVA (sales tax, VAT etc.) and a registration tax (which is technically based off of CO2 emissions but I’ve based it off the fuel consumption equivalent) to make a list price. The resale is calculated, and since this is finance the interest is added and all the numbers are added, subtracted, multiplied or whatever to make the monthly payments in euros including tax. This number is the most important number, not the sale price. A higher value car could have better lease payments than a lower one depending on resale factors.
  • USD to EUR conversion is based on current exchange rate data with 1 USD equating to 0.90 EUR.

Moving on from that we move on to the judging criteria

Other important requirements/permissions

  • Advert for any submission must be posted on the thread
  • All mods from Workshop except meme bodies and furry mods etc. are permitted. If I do get an error I will be in contact with you by PM to try and determine the issue. If you have included a mod that could fall under a “meme” category, the car will not be accepted.

Judging criteria

VERY IMPORTANT - :star::star::star::star::star:

  • REALISM - Don’t be sending me unrealistic stuff or memes, it’s a waste of your time and my time. There are certainly ways to “trick” the spreadsheet that I am aware of in order to boost your results but I know how it could be exploited and it is just through being unrealistic. Don’t min-max, don’t be unrealistic, otherwise you’ll be straight in the bin.
  • DESIGN - Although cars older than 2019 are permitted, I’m coming out of a 2016 car. If you send me a car that looks old or at least not as modern look as the 2016 Focus you won’t get far. The design is less important in the sense of a car being beautiful, I have a very broad spectrum of cars I like in terms of design that many hate, so oddballs will be fine. Just make it realistic and modern.
  • SPORTINESS - There’s a reason I buy Focuses/Focii(?). I want something that drives well. The speed isn’t necessarily an important factor, but a pleasant, well-sorted and fun driving experience is exactly what I want. Does this mean I won’t consider automatics and only want a pure, thoroughbred, manual sports car or hot hatch? No. I just want it to feel nice to drive and not go into a panic when I want to go hard.
  • RUNNING COSTS - Everything relating to running costs is of significant importance to me. I’m young, so insurance is expensive. I don’t want to be paying stupid money to just get the car serviced. I also don’t want to be driving a car that guzzles fuel like there is no tomorrow. I want to enjoy my car without breaking the bank completely.

IMPORTANT - :star::star::star::star:

  • SAFETY - If there is one reason to go for a newer car it is for improved safety. The safety requirement is already quite restrictive, but any bonus points on that is a bonus point for your car and more reason for me to buy it.
  • TECHNOLOGY - Much like safety, if I’m replacing a not-that-old car for a newer one I expect it to come with the latest tech. Of course, I don’t expect miracles to be pulled for no money at all, but I do want a good array of toys to play with. A lot of this can be incorporated within your design, so get creative with it.

WORTH CONSIDERING - :star::star::star:

  • COMFORT - I’m young, and as much as I complain about having a bad knee and a back that is often sore, I can cope with a firm ride. Besides, it is to be expected with a sportier setup, and Spanish roads aren’t exactly in bad shape (mostly). What I don’t want is to be driving around in something that just bounces down the road or jiggles about because that is annoying.
  • DRIVABILITY - I don’t consider myself the best driver in the world, but I do know I’m more capable than most my age. As long as it is mostly controllable I will be fine.
  • PRACTICALITY - As much as a low-slung coupe sounds like a great idea, realistically it is going to be a problem. It is just me, but I’m also usually designated taxi for nights out with mates (because I drive the best and have the nicest car) and I often find myself filling my boot with stuff. It doesn’t have to be cavernous, but some space for people and stuff is needed.
  • RELIABILITY - There is no minimum requirement for this as it isn’t hugely important considering I don’t usually own cars for very long at all, and only plan to keep this for three, maybe four years. It needs to be reliable enough to ensure that I will have little to no problems during this time.

UNIMPORTANT - :star::star:

  • PRESTIGE - It may be important for resale values, but to me, I couldn’t care less. I’d buy a Dacia if they had a decent model that suited me in their lineup, trust me, but I still value having interior materials that don’t feel disgusting.
  • OFFROAD - My parents do live up a dry riverbed which is “offroading”, but it is smooth and I’ve seen Aston Martins drive up dry riverbeds in Spain they are mostly that good, so it really isn’t that important, but don’t be silly with it.

As always, the same naming system applies!
Car and engine model name: CSR 115 - “username”
Car trim: Brand, model and variant of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

PLEASE MAKE SURE with this round please make sure to also inform me if you would be willing to host next round or not to have it for reference.

Please pay very, VERY close attention to these regulations. You have only ONE opportunity to submit your vehicle correctly with the correct naming scheme. Failure to comply will lead to immediate disqualification and a place in the hall of shame. Please CHECK your entries before submitting and DO NOT rush your entry.

Submissions open as of Wednesday 4th December @ 23:59:00 CEST (GMT +1)
Deadline is Friday 13th December @ 18:30:00 CEST (GMT +1)


Good luck, and have fun! (and read the rules properly)


Well this is a very interesting CSR lmao, this time the host himself is the buyer!

Can’t wait to get working on this, btw is it stable or OB?


Stable. Open beta is a bit broken at the moment. I will add that to the post, thanks for pointing that out.

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now this is my calling.
Also this is my little DD.
I love that damn car.


So the Registration Tax goes up with your fuel mileage? Is there a minimum and maximum cut-off to that?
And this 21% IVA thing, what is that exactly? Is it just a fixed increase of 21% of the car’s cost before taxes and stuff, or after, or something else entirely?
Also, when we enter the fuel economy onto your spreadsheet, that value is the games final calculation in L/100km? (As in the number that shows up on the actual fuel economy button, in L/100km)
Sorry I’ve got so many questions, but I want to be sure I get it right. The “Body Costs” in your spreadsheet, does that refer to the Trim Material Cost, the Trim Approximate Cost or something else? I don’t see anything for Body Cost

Hey I used to have a focus similar to yours @Cheeseman. Sold it in june of this year.
Your new focus looks awesome by the way, it’s a shame we don’t get the focus anymore around here.


IVA is a tax applied to everything that any company sells to anybody. its applied to the final price of the item. when the buyer is a person the price offered usually includes this tax, but for companies the sum of the price and this tax is separated. IVA stands for “Tax added over value”

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I’m sorry Cheeseman, and everyone else, but I just left Ford Friday, so now I can say this. Enjoy your clutch shudder. Enjoy your leaking timing cover (2.0 N/A), enjoy your warped heads (1.5 Eco), enjoy your burned out transmission computer, enjoy your door latches that break open in a crash allowing the cabin to collapse in on you, enjoy your Ford. I didn’t for the last three years.

I know this isn’t the best place for this, but you are under 48 hours into my new job at not Ford, and the CSR is “give me something thats not a Focus.” The irony really hit me, and I needed to vent some.

*edited for profanity

Before it starts, I know my perspective is unique, just like yours. I know a great many people love their Ford whatever. I know I am jaded by more than just Fords’ quaility, and I know that my job put me in front of almost exclusivly the broken ones… I think the word is “triggered”… Not your fault, but I am taking this CSR personally.

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I use to work at a Ford Dealer and I can vouch that Ford has it’s quality problems with their transmissions, engine gaskets for the ecoboost engines and so on. But then again, what popular world brand, especially U.S. brands don’t have issues? Every brand has their ups and downs, even the prestigious ones.
I love my 16 Focus ST but I’m not saying it’s a perfect car itself.
While cars have the technology and economy, their reliability is not that great. Brands don’t really make cars that much long lasting only because of cost savings and the average consumer in the US market trade their vehicles for newer models within 2-3 years. Dealerships don’t make a lot of money through sales but make their money through service.
We just have to take it for what it is man.


What about transmission choice? Does it matter or not?

Technically, registration tax in Spain is divided into a number of brackets depending on CO2 emissions. Since that is something that can’t be done in game, it is based on the equivalent fuel economy that generally gives off said emissions. For example, a petrol car that gets 5.1 l/100km is around 120 g/km, the turning point for 0% tax to 4.75% tax. You can find more info about the different brackets online, but play around with values on the spreadsheet and you’ll get an idea.

IVA is a value added tax or sales tax that is applied to all items in Spain (although some are exempt and others fall under lower brackets). All cars have a 21% IVA.

The number you want to put in is the final combined result that appears in the fuel economy tab in the more detailed stats section. This is important because there is a difference in registration tax between say 5.09 and 5.1 l/100km.

Body costs is the material costs of the trim.

Hope this clarifies.

On another note, this isn’t a place to discuss your personal issues with Ford’s quality history nor your dislike for Fords. Not only is it irrelevant to the topic, but the way it has been put is rather disrespectful. This is to discuss the challenge, please can we stick to that.


So the tax for the fuel consumption starts at 5.1L/100km and is fixed at 4.75%, no matter how high you go? I am understanding that correctly?
(I’d just like to say too that I am quite enjoying your challenge. I’ve never made a car this way before)

The brackets in Spain are:
4.75% from 120 g/km
9.75% from 160 g/km
14.75% from 200 g/km

I can’t remember what the fuel economy equivalents off the top of my head and don’t have access to my sheet at the moment, but I can assure you they are as accurate as reasonably possible. Like I said, play around with numbers and you’ll see it all change accordingly.


What’s wrong with the trim emissions listed in the game?

They in no way bear any comparison with real world CO2 emissions and would be impossible to even remotely be accurate to base it off of that. Generally speaking if you burn a certain amount of fuel you get a certain amount of CO2, hence why fuel economy is comparable to CO2 emissions.


trim emission is an arbitrary number, and doesn’t differentiate between CO2 and other pollutants like CO, NOx, and unspent hydrocarbons

I’m really struggling to get my trim emissions down to 40, I was running a 1 ltr I3, and I could only get 90

I’m at 68.9 now with a 16 valve 1.2 Turbo

remember that the emissions are for the trim, engine emissions are higher than trim

Yeh, my trim emissions are 68.9