CSR116 - Big Attitude, Small Appetite

CSR116 - Big Attitude, Small Appetite.

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If you have never participated in a CSR before, please familiarise yourself with the CSR General Rules in this thread. Thank you.


Nestled high in the mountains between Fruinia and Hetvesia, the tiny Republic of Sana Marzio has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last fifty years. Once a sleepy, rugged nation known more for their wool production, the country has become a centre for financial services for the wealthy, owing to its relaxed financial laws and very low income taxes, with nearly 500,000 residents packing its 33 square-kilometre area. Along with a thriving tourism industry revolving around the country’s many casinos, Sana Marzio has become a place to see and be seen if you’re a high roller.

However, this influx of people and money has had its consequences; traffic in Sana Marzio is among the worst of any country in the world, with the roads and parking garages of the country clogged with parked cars, further exacerbating the traffic problems. Additionally, Sana Marzio is totally dependent on imports of fuel from neighbouring Fruinia and Hetvesia, something the government felt it needed to address, along with the country’s enormous carbon footprint for its size. As such, the Government of Sana Marzio passed some of the most brutal automotive taxation laws in the world in 2018, which charges a substantial registration fee on all new cars registered in the republic, along with some of the highest annual road taxes in the world as well.

So, what am I looking for?

I am looking for a supercar. But not any supercar; it has to be a car that looks, feels and drives the part, but isn’t going to cost a fortune to purchase and own in Sana Marzio. This means, you’re going to have to look at very small displacement engines, trading power and fuel economy with each other. I have created a spreadsheet for you to calculate your car’s registration fee, as well as its annual road tax, found here:

CSR116 Registration and Road Tax Calculator

Make sure to make a copy of this sheet, so you can use it on your own!

The spreadsheet calculates two things; Registration Tax and Road Tax. Here’s how they work:

  • Registration tax is calculated based on your car’s approximate price (found in the Markets tab in-game) with taxation brackets; meaning, every dollar in the first bracket is taxed at a certain rate, then every dollar in the next higher bracket is charged at a higher rate, and so on; all of these brackets are then added together to get your registration tax. Additionally, any car that burns more than 6 litres per 100 kilometres gets hit with a fuel economy levy, which can become extremely onerous very quickly.

  • Road Tax is calculated based on engine displacement, fuel economy and the length and width of the car. Like the registration tax, these numbers become very large, very quickly - just as an example, a V12-powered Scagliati La Serenissima will incur $600,000 in registration tax alone, and cost nearly as much per year in road tax.


  • Trim year must be set to 2020.
  • Minimum two seats
  • Catalytic converters are mandatory
  • 98 RON fuel ONLY
  • Minimum 45 Safety
  • Must have ESC at minimum
  • Semi-slick tires are banned, tires must use 0 Quality ONLY

Please note that there are no PU or ET restrictions in this challenge; it is up to you to determine how expensive your car should be. But, do note how the registration and road tax calculator works, as cars with a high cost get ruinously expensive to own very quickly!!!

Styling Inspirations

Click for pictures

Judging Criteria

VERY IMPORTANT :star::star::star::star::star:

  • DESIGN - This is a supercar, it needs to look the part, and not be some jumped up hot hatchback or dowdy old sedan. Let your imagination run wild.
  • COST - This car needs to be reasonable to purchase - the client does not want to be charged a 300 percent registration tax, and neither do they want to pay double the car’s value every year in road tax.
  • SPORTINESS - This is a supercar, do I really need to tell you that it needs to be sporty?
  • FUEL ECONOMY - This ties into cost, but this car needs to be absolutely as efficient as possible.
  • PERFORMANCE METRICS - Acceleration, handling, top speed and Automation Test Track lap times are very, very important.

IMPORTANT :star::star::star::star::eight_pointed_black_star:

  • DRIVEABILITY - Sana Marzio has narrow, hilly streets all over the place. If this car is a dog to drive, it will spend its time in the garage, and that defeats the purpose of this car, doesn’t it?
  • COMFORT - This is a modern supercar and not some stripped-out trackday special, it should have at least some creature comforts.
  • PRESTIGE - Sana Marzio is a place to see and be seen, and who wants to be seen in something that will get you laughed at?
  • REALISM - Yes, the premise isn’t the most realistic ever in CSR, but min-maxing will still be punished like always. Try to make realistic choices whenever possible.

WORTH CONSIDERING :star::star::star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star:

  • SAFETY - This will be a thoroughly modern car, so it should be reasonably safe, and there will be some bonus for safety over and above the required miniumum
  • ENGINE NOISE - Considering the heavy taxation scheme on cars in Sana Marzio, you can guarantee they will frown upon loud cars.

Anything not mentioned will not be evaluated in the finals.

Other Criteria

  • All cars MUST have an advertisement posted in the thread before the submission window closes.
  • All non-meme mods from the Steam Workshop are allowed. If I get an error loading your car, I will send you a PM on the forums to try to address this issue.

Submission Guidelines and Deadline

Naming convention remains the same as always:

Car and engine model name: CSR116 - YOUR FORUMS USERNAME
Car trim: Brand, model and variant of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant


If your entry does not comply with the naming convention, you will be binned with extreme prejudice!

Rules discussion begins immediately, with the rules becoming final, barring any serious issue, at Midnight GMT on Wednesday, December 18th. The submission window will then open, with submissions being allowed until Midnight GMT on Sunday, December 29th; note that due to the upcoming Christmas holidays, the submission window is slightly longer than normal.

Good luck and have fun!

Please note that due to continuing issues with the Open Beta branch, this CSR will be run on the stable branch only.

A Final Note on Conduct and Etiquette In This Thread

CSR 115 was a shitshow of poorly behaved idiots ruining things for everyone else. If you’re going to be like that, insulting myself and/or the other entrants, don’t bother sending a car to me because it’s going straight into the bin sight unseen. Additionally, I want discussion to remain as closely related to the challenge as possible; you want to talk about other stuff or complain, go make your own thread.


Any restrictions on body type? And since catalytic converters are required, must they be of the three-way type (either normal or high-flow)?

use what you deem necessary.

The only question I have is this: how important will outright power be? I haven’t started messing about with it yet, but my prediction is that is’s gonna be either lower “fuel economy and higher power” or vice versa, since unfortunately we can’t really simulate the C-X75’s turbines and diesel motor, or hybrid systems haha. Is it just gonna be a guessing game with which one works best with the given constraints?


Alright, tuning seems to be at its limit, concept is almost set:

KGB Concept Super Light 203

0-60 - 2.6s
1.26 cornering g
Top speed: 203mph


MSRP $327,650 after tax.


From what I see that is the smaller LaFerrari body so I’m going to guess you’re on open beta. This is for stable only, probably a good idea to not use that.


(Also @Kyuu77)

This competition is stable build only, it says so in giant text on the op


Chips, you ought to rebalance the taxes on body dimension because right now a good number of car bodies are too expensive to even worth considering when compared to the tiny McLaren body.


Yeah I was about to say the same. I think the penalty for size is a bit too much and will make people go for the same few bodies, and a big chunk of the road tax can depend on size. Some bodies having weird engine bays reduces the competitive selection even more

I think you should make those two matter a bit less for road tax; and increase the diminishing returns for going with a tiny length, as the diminishing returns right now are very small, it’s almost lineal.

Also a question about engine noise: I assume they would be OK with bypass valves, as long as the engine is silent enough with the mufflers, right?


Anyone know what a realistic price/cost would be for a realistic target? My 1st attempt so far gave me $105000 Approximate Cost with a 1598 cc engine (1.6L V6 Twin Turbo), 21.4L/100km, 4.42m length & 2.06m width for a $771,003.83 Registration Tax + $175,200.77 Sales Tax = Total Purchase Cost: $1,051,204.60 with a Yearly Road Tax of $118,927.24

From what I’ve seen, everyone is going for the sub-6L/100km fuel eco, thus cutting the road taxes to below $10,000.

I think this CSR is like: gimme a car to show on monaco, or something like that

I definitely second this

Its also worth noting that the McLaren bodies are pretty shit anyways, and have numerous issues like too high of a minimum ride height, axles are not properly centered (iirc driver side wheels poke out slightly while passenger side is inside the wheel wells) and the front wheels are off centre within the wheel wells. IMO I think it would be best if the footprint taxes were more lenient to allow for slightly larger, but still faily compact sized bodies such as the Porsche body or the SWB LC500 and C7 bodies


I have adjusted the values for both the footprint component of the road tax, as well as a slight relaxation of the fuel economy component. This should be a little bit less difficult.

Please make sure you get the updated calculator.


Small displacement and high power? Welcome to the


So basically what would do well here is something like a Porsche 911 or a Ferrari 812 or California? Seems like practical but not bank-breaking is going to need to be as characteristic as “wow fast car go vroom vroom make me smile big”

Except hypermiller

Welp, seems like we’re forced to use OB in the form of current stable now…

Also, question;
If small volume engines are preferred, are full-size super car speeds expected, like 180mph and up? Or considering the smaller size (and usually torque), would something around the 150mph range be acceptable? Especially on a vehicle with considerable downforce.

Platinum Mumbai Ventura: All the comfort and performance of the Panamerica, in half the size and displacement.

*prices start at $92,167 USD, including taxes


Drivers Luxury Sport Turbo : Fall in love the first time you shift out of first.