CSR 125 - Alternative Sports? Alright, Ikouzo! [Finished]

Hold on a bit.

Does that mean both the engine and the trim reliability have to be over 60?


That’s what the “and” is for, :slight_smile:


Who wants the FF fever?!!
Can’t park shit in Tokyo?!!

The new MAHG Delta with the latest 2.0 Turbo!


This new little pocket rocket from the MAHG SARL Motor Corporation is here to put your trousers on fire!!

Sold with the latest technologies for a safe A to B commuting, this hot blooded city car will be the best acquisition of your life!

Sold in Export trim, it features the lastest safety equipment and driving aids!

Then we get to the interesting bit!

Equip it with the Rapide kit and you’ll get a 2.0L (3rd class tax) turbocharged 4 cyl developing 231hp and still managing less than 10L/100km!

This kit features as well reworked suspension geometry with new bushings, shocks, springs and anti-roll bars!

On top of that ,a great yobo body kit to get yourself noticed !

On the road, this peppy engine unit will propulse this charriot to 60 in 6.2sec and with some spirited driving,you’ll cock up wheels or look like a drift king!!!

This little nuggety nugget is for sale at 2 787 602.4 ¥!

We’re sure knowing all that, you want another look at it!


Man. Machine. One. The '04 Mun Namazu Sport R, a driver-focused FWD sports coupe with a peppy AlSi Alloy NA Inline 4. With a lightweight, corrosion-resistant chassis and a high-tech sport suspension design, any canyon can be carved with the finesse of a master swordsman.



It has finally come to Japan!


The Matrox Prism is finally coming to Japan, now with its exciting high performance trim, the CTZ!

The “Z” sports a 1.6 engine, capable of revving up to an astounding 9 thousand RPM to deliver a whopping 173 horsepower from its tiny powerplant! Through the extensive use of light materials and precise quality control, this car tips the scales at a mere (near as it makes no difference) tonne. Designed specifically for sharp cornering, it excels when on winding roads and narrow mountain overpasses, this car is just made to carve the Japanese public roads. Prices starting at $29200 USD (national taxes not included)

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The Halberd Motors Photon*, now available in Japan**

With 220hp under the hood, 5 seats including 3 folding ones, and more than enough space in the trunk, this car will be able to carry you, your friends, your groceries, and an IKEA shelf at any speed, and without siphoning your bank account’s worth in fuel.

*Model S pictured

**Availability may vary depending on location. Please check with your dealership.


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I can assure you that something is indeed coming…
When is it due again? :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t think it resembles a C6 Corvette all that closely (especially with that upper grille, something the base C6 lacks entirely), given that our client’s budget doesn’t quite stretch to such exotic machinery.

Anyway, most of these cars look good enough not to be out of place in Burnout 3: Takedown or Need For Speed: Underground 2, to say nothing of Gran Turismo 4 or even Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition.

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To me it looks like a GTA4 Feltzer…

Looks kinda like a Cobalt to me

2004 Savante S V6 Coupe

The Farox Turbocharger Coupe Manual Sex Car came out in 1998, and 2004 was the last model year – but that’s okay, because by 2004 many of the small faults have been worked out and the reliability is proven, which provides a good peace of mind when purchasing a car like this.

More details


Kitanishi Vanita SP25

0-60 in under 5s and 307hp, Hehe turbo goes whooosh


2004 Hanno Firma S-Spec

by @mcp928 and @mat1476

A japanese AWD coupé.

No time for an ad today, maybe next time.

2004, Hanno Motor Company Ltd.



Neko CX-2 MKII


also wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

The Yonfi Ravis of 2004
"Drive the eastern future"

I also made dramatic alternative pictures because artistic-ness


Wow… Some super sexy cars here, and the adverts… I’m not even going to bother :joy:

2004 Morton Tōtoru

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