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American regulations for lights

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A sneak peek at the new-for-1957 Alira Stinson, Alira’s attempt at an American car built to European ideals… with a “big surprise” of some sort hiding under the hood? I wonder what that might be… all I know as a journalist is that this car feels swift and light, and everything felt remarkably luxurious and solid. It is clearly a true performance machine. We weren’t given much other information, but I can promise it will be worth the wait.


big post coming soon probably maybe kinda idk. :slight_smile:

Sometimes Speed is all you need



1955 Denver Caladrius Hardtop V8

Cruisin’ in style and speed with your sporty Caladrius Hardtop V8, equipped with 335ci V8, powering up to 215hp, 414nm of torque with 3-speed manual.


1959 Angus Sprint SC 292

The brand new 1959 Angus Sprint SC improves on the formula pioneered in 1955 by the original Sprint. This is your fun car, your weekend car away from your everyday worries. Cruise the highway with style in this two-seater coupe without breaking your wallet. With 3 brand new and stylish colors available, you will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Compared to the base model, the Super Coupe includes an all new 292 Yamaska V8, 4-speed manual, 14 inch wheels, power steering, enlarged rear trunk, all-leather seats and interior, AM radio and front sway bar.

It’s the perfect car for your perfect getaway. Visit your Angus Dealer today.





1956 GMI 370 Arrow

The 370

With GMI reaching Large company status in 1954, the board proposed a Large sedan intended for sale to all GMI executives and the powerful figures of the Island nation Garcia. With our prototype meeting all design criteria after a few rounds of trial and error, the board reached the desision to release the newly named 370 line globally, with different engine and trim models to meet all markets.

The Arrow

For the Gasmean (American) market only, GMI engineers equipped the 370 with a High output 6.0 V8. Making around 212 BHP at the Flywheel and 300 Ib/ft of torque, the Arrow can sure Pull alright. Paired with GMI’s all new 4 on the floor Accushift manual transmission the arrow will reach 0-62 MPh in around 9.4 seconds. Some would say it can Muscle it’s way through the competition.

The Price


In Automation Dollars


*The value of $2,008 was given by using the website inflation calculator and entering the Automation dollars value in 2012 then calcualting the value in 1956. 2012 was used as that’s the default year in Automation.


Few cars in the 50s had anything else than round headlamps anyway.

Basically read this for more clarification: History of US Headlights. Because my car is a '56 I use 2 large lights that in reality would be the regulation 7" in a chrome bezel for style. TBF you don’t have to be exact about size, don’t think @variationofvariables is hosting a measuring contest… just keep it realistic.

For 1956 Staier’s engineers managed to surprise some industry watchers (including a few members of company management) with the Grizzly, a GT based on the Staier Meteor. The GT uses a version of the larger Jovian’s V8, though this one only displaces 241 cu. in. Also, in a departure from the Meteor, the Grizzly uses an independent rear suspension. The Grizzly is expected to hit dealerships this summer with an expected price in the neighborhood of $15 000.


1959 Watson Ariesa Coupe V8 330ci


Uh you are using a body that isnt from 1951 and below…? Or is your 3D fixture work so well done it looks like one of the 1955+ bodies :stuck_out_tongue:

pretty sure it says you cant use a body UNDER 1951, so only 1951 and later…could be wrong tho

What model year means is the year the model was first designed. Doesn’t mean you can’t use a pre 1951 body persay.

Oh wait did i read it wrong thonk, yes I did well then

ahh, wrong body then…

Zephorus Instigator

For when you need to get somewhere fast, with a few other people or potentially illegal substances

378CUI V8 Engine and 5 seats, Premium for a low price.
Available in any colour as long as it’s black.


Husar Lancet 214

In 1959 Lancet is one of the fastest production road cars with estimated top speed of 240km/h(149mph), reaching 0-100 in 8.3s. Four gear manual transmission and sporty interior of the car underlines its character.

Please, ignore these 2 floating blobs


1957 Avantii Carroltar



Going fast is always the solution