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Garcia Lore Page


Garcia - A Proud Fictional Island Nation


Garcia is a relitively decent sized Island nation, about 75 miles from most southern point, to most northern. The nation is located about 100 or so miles off the coast of Columbia in the Atlantic, originally being discovered by the Spanish in 1503. By 1756 the British had taken over the island converting it into a coloney, being held by the British until the Freedom Act of 1924, when Garcia was given independance as a Commonweath country. Having been modernized by the British, Garcians drive on the Left of the Road, and use the Imperial measurement system, including UK Gallons.

Important History

British Takeover 1756
In March 1756, Garcia was held by the Spanish. Island natives had been starved and the poor used as cheap labour to build the great spanish port of Juavos. Word of this had spread to the British, who saw this as an oppourtunity to not only build a new Coloney, but spreas their naval superiority to the south Atlantic, hence why on 2nd April 1756, they invaded the Island, bringing prosperity and a sense of security to the Island.

World War II
In the second world war Garcia had 2 new military Airfields built, One in its midlands, and one in the south, as defence against possible attacks from German vessels and a final outreach for British officials in case og a German invasion of the United Kingdom. At the end of the war these were handed to the Garcian Military. Furthermore multiple navy bases had been built, most notworthy bein the one on the small ofshore Island of Tantos.

Attempted Soviet Invasion of 1976
In the summer of 1976, the Soviets being keen to find a way at posting ICBM’s in range of the US Capitol, attempted to invade Garcia. It started with ships taking the Navel Base of Tantos, then raids on the southern airfield. In a final cry of help the Garcian government called upon the US to help. Not wanting a repeat of Cuba, the American forces first blockaded the Island nation, starving the Soviet fleet. This followed by destruction of Soviet aircraft currently based on the southern airfield. After the conflict, Garcia handed Tantos to the US Navy, along with permission to build a new airfiled on the Island for defence against future attacks. To this day high anti-socialist views run high within Garcia.

2016 Non Turbo Ban
As an attempt to reduce the emissions output of the Island, Garcia banned the sales of any naturally aspirated vehicles, to improove the fuel efficiency so not as much fuel has to be imported per year, but also to reduce the emmissions output of the island.


With most central Garcian roads being rough, rally suppport runs High in Garcia. In fact to promote the Governments Help to Buy Cars sceme, that helps residents buy cars under 1L in capacity, a Rally event is held each year. This rally covers 4 major stages across the island, and invite all major manufacturers to enter. The winning Make and Model is chosen as the car of the year for the sceme, being selected as the car that the Help to Buy aid goes to.

The island also has 3 race tracks, all different. The newest was built in 2018, as an appeal to the F1 board to hold a race in Garcia, with hopes of improoving tourism in the Island.


Garcia’s idustry mostly spans across the pruduction of Tobacco and Grapes, although Garcia also has a few mines, with the North of the Island being rich in Titanium, a valued resource across the world. Anther key part of Garcian industry is it’s very own Auto Manufacturer GMI - Garcian Motors Incorperated. The company was founded in 1938, producing small cars for the people of Garcia. In 1962 the Company was accquied by LLA, a Birtish auto manufacturer.

I hope you all enjoy the first of my Lore for Garcia, my Fictional Nation, you are all free to use an reference Garcia in challenges and events. I currently looking for an artist to produce a Flag for Garcia, along with a Map, although I will most likely be sketching the map then have an artist produce a high Qualiy version.

Garcian Map - Entries Open
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Bogliq Automotive USA (Generations II)
'63 Garcia Small Capacity Rally | GSCR63 - Entries Open

Car Lore

Automobiles were first introduced into Garcia in 1922 as a Means for the countries most important people to travel the country quickly. By the break of war in 1939, cars were a common sight within the Garcian cities where most of the middle class and upper class population resided.

During the war Garcia went from having few paved roads to having multiple highways and roads everywhere. Even the countryside had rough primitive roads to help the military cross the country quicker in the case of invasion. This proved to be successful when the soviets ivaded, allowing the US military to liberate the nation effectively.

Of course as cars improved over the years and became more affordable, the roads also improved. By the late 1980’s there were at least 2 cars for every citizen in the country. In 1989, the Garcian government put out a new target to have 95% of all the nations major roads paved toa high quality, investing $4.5Bn into the renewal of the nations infrastructer.

Upon the break of the 00’s, the Garcian government set out its goal to reduce the net emissions output of the country. This started with a tax increase on larger capacity engines. Then the abolishment of tax for vehicles under 1000cc capacity in 2005. Then finally in 2016, the sale of Naturally Aspiated engines in Garcia were banned.

Tax on Vehicles

1922 - 1938

  • No Tax

1939 - 1945

  • $1pm on all vehicles

1946 - 1974

  • $1pm < 999cc
  • $2pm 1000cc - 3999cc
  • $3pm 4000cc - 6999cc
  • $4pm > 7000cc

1975 - 1977

  • $3pm < 999cc
  • $4pm 1000cc - 1999cc
  • $5pm 2000cc - 3999cc
  • $6pm 4000cc - 4999cc
  • $8pm 5000cc - 5999cc
  • $10pm 6000cc - 6999cc
  • $15pm > 7000cc

1978 - 1982

  • $2.50pm < 999cc
  • $4.50pm 1000cc - 1999cc
  • $6.00pm 2000cc - 2999cc
  • $7.50pm 3000cc - 3999cc
  • $9.00pm 4000cc - 4999cc
  • $12.00pm 5000cc - 5999cc
  • $18.00pm > 6000cc

1983 - 1993

  • $3pm < 999cc
  • $5pm 1000cc - 1999cc
  • $7pm 2000cc - 3499cc
  • $9pm 3500cc - 4999cc
  • $15pm 5000cc - 5499cc
  • $20pm > 5500cc

1994 - 1999

(Turbo Cars - 25% Tax Reduction)

  • $2.00pm < 999cc
  • $3.50pm 1000cc - 1499cc
  • $5.00pm 1500cc - 1999cc
  • $6.50pm 2000cc - 2499cc
  • $8.00pm 2500cc - 2999cc
  • $10.00pm 3000cc - 3499cc
  • $12.50pm 3500cc - 3999cc
  • $15.00pm 4000cc - 4499cc
  • $17.50pm 4500cc - 4999cc
  • $20.00pm > 5000cc

2000 - 2016

From This Point Tax is based on a percentage of vehicle price from new taken from an emissions category.

Turbo Tax Reduction 30%

  • 0.05%pm < 50
  • 0.075%pm 51 - 100
  • 0.10%pm 101 - 150
  • 0.125%pm 151 - 200
  • 0.15%pm 201 - 300
  • 0.175%pm 301 - 400
  • 0.20%pm 401 - 500
  • 0.225%pm 501 - 600
  • 0.25%pm 601 - 700
  • 0.30%pm 701 - 800
  • 0.35%pm 801 - 900
  • 0.40%pm 901 - 1000
  • 0.50%pm > 1001

2017 - Present

  • 0.06%pm < 50
  • 0.085%pm 51 - 100
  • 0.11%pm 101 - 150
  • 0.135%pm 151 - 200
  • 0.16%pm 201 - 300
  • 0.185%pm 301 - 400
  • 0.21%pm 401 - 500
  • 0.235%pm 501 - 600
  • 0.26%pm 601 - 700
  • 0.35%pm 701 - 800
  • 0.45%pm 801 - 900
  • 0.50%pm 901 - 1000
  • 0.80%pm > 1001


Given the above information, it seems inevitable that merely owning a naturally aspirated car will also be prohibited in the future, followed by all cars, period - but until then, the citizens of Garcia will most likely still be allowed to drive and own any naturally aspirated cars made before 2016, when the turbo mandate kicked in. In effect, it would be a grandfather clause for atmo cars.


Lovely. Weird tax brackets, slow progression, very political and illogical turbo tax reduction. And of course, my favorite, tax based on capacity up until the end of 20th century. In fact only two might be taken as real complaints. Weird brackets are… weird, but ok. The progression though makes the tax for expensive cars with big engines basically a joke. Also it might be a good idea to lower the emission limits with time, instead of increasing the tax on each - IIRC a well optimised modern car will mostly stay under 50 emissions, even if it’s a big limo with a V12 (though I might be wrong on that last point).


Thanks for the feedback, I guess some adjustment is needed, I mainly wanted to get the majority of the brackets done with room for adjustment later.


It’s the sale of new cars in Garcia from 2016 that have to be turbo, any car sold before then is still legal. A bit like seatbelts, where in most countries if your car was sold without seatbelts before it was a requirement then you don’t have to have them fitted.