Garcian Map - Entries Open

Looking For Cartographers


Gacria is a proud nation, a nation that needs a new national Map. Therefore we are looking for a skilled cartographer to create an official map displaying our nation.

There’s not much Lore to this one. All I reccomend is you look at my Garia Lore page here for ideas;

In terms of what I am looking for;

  • Main Island about 100-130 miles across, and about 40-60 miles width
  • A mix of cities across most of the island
  • A central mountainous region
  • Rural areas
  • A few lakes and rivers
  • Train routes
  • Major Roads and Highways
  • A Smaller island roughtly 10-30 miles across
  • Mostly dry and arid, perfect for vinyards and tobacco growth
  • Northern part needs to be rocky, perfect for mining
  • Naming of Cites and Towns needs to be Spanish/Itallian inspired.

As for the more boring rules;

  • Phallic and inapropriate submissions will be banned and those who submit them will be exluded from my future challenges, car related or not.
  • Entries must be sent via DM on the form with the message Titled ‘Garcian Map Entry’, if not then your entry will be ignored.
  • Have Fun and post your entries and question here.

As said, just use the Lore for inspiration, and be creative.