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Bogliq Automotive USA (Generations II)


The story so far

Bogliq Automotive USA was formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1930, under the leadership of Konstantin Bogliq, to build light commercial vehicles for various millitary and civillian contracts throughout the world.

When WW2 broke out, Konstantin Bogliq, now in his 40’s, authorised a major expansion of factory capacity to secure as much war contracts as possible. This meant that after the war Bogliq USA would have to either become a major US automaker or fold due to being unable to sustain their wartime growth…

Konstantin has chosen the former…

So, sustained by small supply and maintenance contracts worldwide, Bogliq USA rode out the post-war moratorium on new designs and busily prepared their first post-war designs to unleash on an unsuspecting public!

All US dollar prices quoted will be done using this calculator and if you want to check price parity with your cars, one AU equals one 2010 USD.


Glad i’m not the only one who uses that calculator


For clarity, does the “AU” equal the $ price as quoted in the game?

I love the backdrop to this story. :slight_smile:


Yup, exactly that. :nerd_face:


May 4th, 1947, Bogliq HQ

CEO Konstantin’s office

Konstantin Bogliq was mad, really mad! He just wanted to march over to the office of Jack Chancellor, CEO of Ardent, and punch him square in the nose. Why, you may ask? Because Jack used his cronies up in Capitol Hill to get Bogliq’s war repayments relegated to the second round of payouts, while Ardent was first in line. As far as Konstantin was concerned, Jack “Bastard” Chancellor’s actions rendered hims persona non grata and deserved nothing but Konstantin’s contempt…

Konstantin simply had to find another funding source, and quick, or else he’ll have to fire-sale Bogliq Automotive’s shiny new factories and lay off too many good people. Konstantin reached for his 'phone and made some calls. He had contacts and chips he could call in; he’d be damned if Bogliq went bankrupt because some old money snob couldn’t play fair!

January 7th, 1949, Bogliq HQ

Research and Design Department

The party was going well, a grand affair, smiles all 'round as the lads at R&D celebrated their new head of design, Andrew Wilcox. Konstantin had headhunted the young engineer from a failing aircraft company, the lad being full of innovative new ideas and the nous to see them through to production efficiently. The party also marked the end of an era. No more war contracts and maintenance jobs; Bogliq was designing the future!!!

@VicVictory I hope you’re OK with this lore. If you aren’t, PM me and I’ll change it to something else :wink:


Of course I am. Jack Chancellor, after all, was a tyrannical industrial baron along the lines of Morgan or (pre-philanthropy) Carnegie. Of course, he’s only gonna be around a couple rounds before he croaks…


I feel a war brewing. :smirk:


That may be where the rivalry between Bogliq and Ardent began… It’s guaranteed to be intense!