CSR 133 - Missing Detective Prologue [Investigation Over]

CSR 133

Missing Detective Prologue



"On a quiet morning in the town of ███████, a plot was being readied by a group of men. Moving in harmony as they quietly loaded the 1954 Bonhomme’s trunk with a few thousand dollars worth of god-knows-what. These men actioned in a way not just done by some ragtag team of thugs, these men were full-blown organised crime members, but to the untrained eye, just men in suits loading packages into an old car.

Finishing their smooth work in loading up the black Bonhomme, they all hopped into the sedan, and briefly looked around.
The coast was clear.
They were ready.
The plot was to be performed.

Or was it?
Out of a corner nearby, a small police sedan zoomed into the clearing. In the driver seat, a coated figure. Who could it be? The police sedan slid in front of the black Bonhomme in almost perfect sync, the men stared at the driver and the car in front of them. It was seemingly out of nowhere where this small sedan came from, and now it was right in front of them, interfering with the potential plans.

In a burst of intuition, the driver of the black Bonhomme shifted into reverse, hopping the curb behind it and stopping right before a wall. With some skill, the police car was evaded and lost in the corners. The Bonhomme was too fast for the commissioned police mobile, and their plans were continued with precision and haste.

Out of seemingly nowhere though, the police car came barrelling in front of the black Bonhomme, stopping the car without a scratch and saving the day! Until a giant tentacle came out of the port’s waters and smashed both the police mobile and the Bonhomme to bits and causing the nearby shops collateral damage! And as you can see! I was lucky enough to survive thanks to my brilliance!"

Everyone stared at the Detective as ███ put on a smug face as ███ began giving an explanation for this morning’s little accident. People nearby both sighing and clapping to ███ little story that might’ve slightly been twisted to ███ own words.

“Well, that’s what I remember happened anyway- Ouch! Could you be a bit more gentle?”

███ said as the nurse tended to ███ wounds. The Chief was next to the nurse, rubbing his forehead to make sense of what the detective was saying.

“Detective, you’re arguably the best in this police force, but in this past month, with the cases you’ve been solving that involved chasing the Mafia, you’ve managed a lot-”

Before he could continue, the Detective cut him off almost in sync with the phone that began ringing.

“Hey, better catch that call if you don’t want kidney stones! Owie-!”


"Look! I did my bloody job! That’s the fifth shipment I’ve cracked down on!


“Oh, and if you noticed, It was only one shop that was damaged this time! Only one! No one else got hurt, too!”

“For Pipegod’s sake, Detective █████████! Could you bloody listen for once!?”

“O-okay… sorry… Ah~!”

The nurse finished up her work, and the Chief signaled for everyone to leave to give himself and the Detective some privacy.

“Detective. Police mobiles, shop fronts, and this town in general is not expendable. You’ve gone through 2 assigned cars this past year. You’ve caused thousands of dollars in damage to the surrounding area. Almost all of the criminals you’ve caught came locked up with an injury of some sort. You need to pay attention more to what kind of collateral damage you have been causing.”

The Chief sighed, the Detective just stared at the floor in shame and remained quiet.

“We’ve decided this a long time ago, if you made one more slip like this, we’d have to take disciplinary action.”

A moment of silence happened as the Detective looked at the Chief, and braced for what was to come.

“As an initial warning, we’re no longer providing a police car for you. You are to spend your own earnings on what you’ll need for work. You cannot claim your returns for whichever you purchase either. See this as a learning opportunity to care for what is provided to you. When you unnecessarily write off those police cars, you’re wasting the taxpayers’ money. Money that could’ve been spent elsewhere other than your reckless shenanigans. Do you understand?”

Yet another moment of silence arose as the Chief’s words settled into the Detective’s mind.

“… why?”

Detective █████ ███████ is among the top detectives in Gasmea. The Detective has been known for ███ reckless exploits with cases assigned to ███, and one of these cases has finally brought annoyance to the Chief, and now the Detective is forced to purchase ███ own vehicle for police duty.

Being able to buy ███ own vehicle for police duty is a double edged sword.
███’d be able to purchase whatever would suit ███ tastes, but ███ unfortunately would have to service it ███self if it ended up damaged or whatnot.

General Requirements:

Model Year: No lower than 1951
Trim/Variant Year: 1952-1959

Body style: Sedan, Coupe or Convertible only
Tyres: Cross Ply

Maximum Loudness: 40
Race parts are forbidden.

Maximum Engine ET: 80
Maximum Trim ET: 65

Maximum Approximate Price: Soft cap of 20,000$, Lower is obviously better.

Naming Scheme:
Car Model/Engine Family: CSR 133 - < your username here >
Trim/Variant: Car name/Engine name

Sidenote: Please double-check the rules before submitting! Furthermore, be sure to check for any realism discrepancies you may encounter. Being instabinned for something that could’ve been remedied with a rulecheck is no fun!


:star::star::star::star::star: - High priority

Realism and Looks - Of course, who wouldn’t want to be seen driving in a pretty looking thing?

Driveability - Detective wants a vehicle that’d be easy to throw in and out of a corner, as you will never know what kind of scenario you’d accidentally toss yourself into. This car will also be the Detective’s new personal daily driven car, as ███ had always used ███ assigned vehicle as a personal car.

Service Costs - ███ can’t file ███ tax returns on this vehicle, better to spend less on dealing with the car’s problems if ever one actually does pop up.

Reliability - Better to break down less than to not have a working car at all. ███ can’t simply hop into another policemobile replacement if this one goes bust. ███ also prefers manual transmissions, as ███ fears harsher driving, like the exploits ███ has planned for every mission, might ruin an automatic’s longetivity.

:star::star::star::star: - Medium Priority

Sportiness - As seen with the earlier encounter, the policemobiles are too slow for what ███ might encounter, higher tier organized crime members would likely be driving larger cars with powerful engines. ███ also desires something with a little bit more fun to bring some sense of life into a case.
This will be judged using both the Sportiness stat, and the car’s general handling characteristics according to the Test Track tab.

Vehicle Size - After the encounter with the Bonhomme, ███ figured a larger car might be a bit better. Though in some cases, such as that one incident in ████████, ███ might ███████ ██████████.

:star::star::star: - Relatively Low Priority

Comfort - ███ absolutely hated the uncomfortable shitspec seats of the police sedan, and thus, ███’d be looking for something not horrible to drive, but not exactly a boat.

Practicality - ███’s not hauling criminals or anything major in this car, so it only really needs to hold ███ and maybe an assistant, as well as ███ files and equipment. Stuff like that could maybe fit in a smaller coupe.

:star::star: - Very Low Priority

Fuel Economy - Gas is not that expensive, but ███ doesn’t want something that runs out of fuel immediately after a chase.

Inspirations, ██████

Perhaps one would enjoy some music?

With such all said and done,

The games shall begin by the middle of the night.

Forbye, the deadline shall occur by the middle of the night.

actual english

Round will open on 00:00 February 10th PST if no other rule changes are needed.

Deadline is on 23:59 February 17th PST.


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Time to crank out another Hillstrom maybe?

Old cars CSR! Now that’s interesting. Also, I think I’ve got part of the code cracked :wink:

PS Yeah, I’ve got it all cracked, but I don’t really get what’s this about :smile:

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We haven’t had a 50s-themed round in a while, so this one feels like a breath of fresh air.

And judging by the fact that our client for this round rarely needs to carry more than one passenger at a time, I suspect two-seaters will be accepted.

Is it bad that my entry may be causing my frames to drop… due to some paint design I’m doing…

Also are ET/PU soft caps? Just because using a period correct V8, along with body on frame and period correct interior setup, I’m getting around 75/80 on engine and 57/69 on trim. It could be the body I’m using, but I might reccomend a slight increase if they’re hard caps.

to me it has been impossible (as of half an hour of trying) to get into the PU requirements of the trim

even then i had to cut lotsa corners just to be ~13% over

it sems like the current ruleset heavily favors domestic, which, while realistic seems unfair to import brands

With a small amount of quality spam in aerodnamics
and a few bits of negative here and there I can barely squeeze the trim in. Not difficult, just requires some sacrifices

I can also confirm that ET limits are… restrictive. Even for realism. Just bumping it to 80 for engine and 65 for trim could make a huge difference.

A slight adjustment.


A few headaches here and there. The course of true love never did run smooth. But alas, let that not hinder what is to come. The slight discrepancies can be made up for.
No matter how major or minor.
Mjw qfxy.

Ring, went the bell in a coffee shop overlooking the harbor.
A ████ walked into the shop, ███ eyes flew around as if looking for something of importance. In a breeze, they landed on a table far back, near a small window.

███ walked towards the table, and as ███ approached, the person ███ was looking for eventually spoke up after taking a sip of coffee, beckoning for ███ to sit by.
███ sat on the table, across the person.

“Have you made up your mind, ███ Detective?”

███ spoke first. ███ eyes glistening as the light shone through the window and onto ████.
The Detective took another sip from ███ coffee cup, before staring back at the ████ and letting out a short sigh.

“No, Grace, I took a look at what could be had and the results were not exactly stellar.”

The Detective took another sip of coffee. The girl, Grace, had a puffed up look upon her face meanwhile.

“Would you perhaps prefer if I did the looking for you? Give me a few days, I could probably get something up rather quickly.”

The Detective had a small chuckle, and gently caressed her cheek.

“Oh, my dear Grace. Women aren’t supposed to be too deep into cars. You know that much.”

“You say that… yet…”

The puffed look on her face had faded away, and gave way to a pout.

“Dear, I was only joking. You’re always free to help me. If you’re that keen, then I suppose we shall look together. It is a Friday tomorrow, we shall go then.”

The smile grew back on her small face, and with the Detective’s words, they’ve decided on their plans for the weekend.

“Just, don’t get me whatever Fruinian or Hetvesian thing those ██████ have got. Not into that stuff.”

“You just need to broaden your horizons. You really are like sunshine to me.”

“Oh come on, you surely know domestics beat all else. And what does that even mean?”

Grace gave a small chuckle, and put a finger over her lips to gesture the hidden meaning behind her words.
And such went the morning of the two. Lovey-dovey couple, aren’t they? To those observing with a stern gaze towards the two, confusion would run amidst and within their heads.

Following the encounter, the two went their ways for the day, and the Detective, as ███ saw Grace off, immediately went back to a working condition, making ███ way to the Office and viewing the most recent document.

Nby augym mbuff vyach miih.
Wfoym uqucn.
Fiie uliohx sio, von hin ubyux.
Qy'ly miih ni vy ypylsqbyly, von hin ni nby zily.
By mbuff fiie zilqulx ni siol julncwcjuncih, uhx mbiq sio xclywncih.
Bcm qilxm uly hypyl zufmy.
Hi ufnylhuncpym.
Deo Auctore.

Another flyer of cryptic messages, again ending with the cryptic G.
A puzzled look flies upon the Detective. The second this week. Yet no leads are brought up.

The rules have been updated following an outcry from potential entrants, the additional changes with the ruleset are as follows:

Trim ET Limits have been raised to 65.

Engine ET Limits have been raised to 80.

PU Limits have been abolished.

I sincerely hope that this satisfies the needs of the potential entrants.

As a bonus, I shall be linking the following guides for potential entrants who wish to fare a better chance in this challenge.

The Grand Guide to Realistic American Cars

The Guide to Realistic Looking American Cars

Deo Auctore.


Can we only make Americanish cars?


Well, since my passenger car brand is Dutch/ Hetvesian and the only Gasmean branch of Anhultz Holdings LTD would be Moover, manufacturing utility vehicles i’ll probably still not enter, given imports being out of the question.

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Question: If Detective X wants a sporty, exciting car which he expects to catch criminals in, wouldn’t he be perfectly happy shelling out money for premium gas? From what I can read, the early OHV V8s of the era used that stuff and not Regular.


Let the games begin.


Decision making. Never easy, and there isn’t quite a school for it.
Yet, no one should be discouraged by it, no matter what outcome may be awaiting.
We’re all pawns in a game played by Fate.
No kings, no queens.
A pawn’s gambit.

The buzzing of fluorescent lights, the blow of the desk fan, and the tapping of a pen on papers.
Surely, it couldn’t get more dreadful than this… right?

“On pipegod…! I can’t figure it out, at all!”

The Detective yelped aloud, dropping ███ pen on the table in irritation.
███ shoved some of the documents aside and laid ███ head on the table with an audible thud.

“Oh, Grace… What should I do with you?”

███ once again picked up the flyer ███’d been given by Grace, something about ‘Motoex’ show, or something like that. Quietly, the door to ███ office came open, and a fairly short man, seemingly in his mid ███s, came waltzing into the room, as if he’d overheard the Detective’s moans and groans.
The Detective sat up from the table, and stretched ███ arms.

“Lady trouble, huh, Detective? Miss Swann’s always been the tough one to crack.” The man said with a chuckle, as he leaned his back next to the door sill.

“Oh please… Women? That’s Elementary, my dear Johnson!”

Sherry Johnson, never the ladies man. Still, likes to brag about things. Whether it’s small talk or a case briefing, his shenanigans can be quite unforgettable and rather laughable.

“Uh huh, sure is… What’s the deal, anyway?”

The Detective hands over the flyer given to ███, Johnson takes it, laying his eyes on the graphics adorning the paper. A surprised face lays upon him as he continues scanning the flyer.

“Motoex, huh? You inviting Miss Swann there?”

“The opposite, actually.” ███ let out a titter.

Johnson had quite the look on his face.

“Miss Swann, into cars? Never would I have thought. So she’s inviting you over to look at cars… I assume it’s cause of that little thing the Chief was talking about. You probably took the initiative to ask her for help, since I’ve never seen you once talk about cars that much. I still find it interesting you’ve never taken a keen interest into them, despite the way you’d throw the police mobiles into corners. Are you really not into cars?”

“No shit, Sherry! That’s why I was looking at the damn flyer! ███████!”

“Sorry, then. So when do you and Miss Swann plan to go looking for your new little ‘Detective-mobile’?”

“First of all, I’m not planning on a ‘little’ ‘Detective-mobile’. You saw it right? The way the Bonhomme pummeled into the side of that little █████? I don’t plan on risking this new car of mine on a chase, but I definitely don’t want to be in a death trap if ever the need arises.”

A pause was needed for the Detective to catch some air.

“And Second?”

“Let me finish, you bastard. I can’t talk as fast as you.”

Johnson let out a small laugh.

“Anyway, second… It’ll be happening tomorrow…

“Oh hoh! You got less than a day to do your research, then? Knowing you though, you could probably have one look at one of these just to get your mind set already.” He walks over towards the Detective’s table, and tosses ███ a magazine.

“Bought it from Old Man Buck’s shop across the street a week ago. You can keep it as long as you want. The █████ sells them for pretty cheap anyway.”

“Oh, got it…” The Detective lets out a short sigh and opens up the magazine, quickly flicking through stuff before setting it down on the table.

“That aside, you got any more leads on ██████████?”

“None unfortunately, ███████████’s █████, █████████. All I could find were ██████████ and █████████”

██████████ supposedly to some kind of ██████, █████. But ███████ █████.

████ they ██████, or ████? ██████████████████████████████████████████.

"Qn fruu bqxf hxd mranlcrxw.

Mnny cqrwtrwp rb yxbrcrerch.

Cqrwt frcqrw qrv.

Ounnc-bynl rb mrblxdajpnm."

“████████████████████████, ██████.”

“I see, I’ll look more into █████████.” Said ██████ as ████████████.

███ █████████ ███████.

At the end of a tiresome day, would one really be thanking with all their heart? Surely.
A girl stood in front of the doorway down the hallway of an apartment building, in a coat and with a fairly sized bag in one hand. Her short hair illuminated by the dim light sources atop the doors of the apartment rooms.

A figure walked down the hallway, approaching the girl slowly. In one of the figure’s hands, a suitcase, and in the other a hat.

“Hello, darling.” The girl greeted.

“Good evening, Grace. What brings you here?”

Both of them stood in front of the doorway to the apartment room, awkwardly staring at one another.

“So, since we’re heading out together tomorrow, I’d figured…”

There was a pause. It was as if hesitation was lingering in her throat, preventing the words from coming out.
The Detective looked at her, like ███ could read through her actions and words.

“I see what you’re implying, I understand. Come on in.” ███ took out ███ keys and opened the door to the apartment.
Inside, a fairly empty but spacious room. A large bed on one end, the pantry on the other, and in the middle a basic seating area. Unrecognizable gadgets were laid about, presumably the Detective’s instruments and what not.

“Please, take a seat. I’ll prepar-”

Before the Detective could say something about preparing a dish, Grace cut ███ off and took some containers out of her bag.

“It’s fine, I’d like to make dinner for tonight. You may rest a moment.”

With that, the Detective moved aside to turn the radio on and let Grace do her work, unpacking the cooking ingredients she managed to fit into her bag.
She got to work on a dish; A traditional Gasmean Meatloaf. First preheating the fairly old oven, and combining the rest of the ingredients into a large bowl. Mixing it around with her bare hands making a sound capable of evoking even the least hungriest of all.
Sounds that eventually, evoked the Detective ███self.
███ slowly approached her, wrapping ███ arms around her belly. Grace was taken aback by the sudden maneuvre, and she let out a whimper in surprise.

“H-Hey… ███… Could you at least let me finish…”

“I’m in the mood for dessert before dinner…”

“Oh please, have some patience, will you?”

She turned her head around, and █████’s face was right there, barely apart. █████ moved in, and their lips met in sync to a romantic tune on the radio.

Put your lips next to mine, dear…
Won’t you kiss me once, baby…?
Just a kiss goodnight, maybe…
You and I will fall in love…

Moving in sync for a moment, until Grace pulled away from █████’s arms.

“We’ll be together for the night, let me cook us a delicious meal first… t-then…”

“Then?” A smirk grew on the Detective’s face.

“T-then we’ll…”

For some reason, she just couldn’t say it. The atmosphere was too awkward for a girl such as her.
█████ let out a chuckle.

“You don’t have to say it, I was just teasing you.”

“Oh, shut up…”

Indeed, they were together for the night. A long one, at that.


The rules have been finalized with the following changes:

Engine Octane requirement has been abolished.

Environmental Resistance requirement has been removed as a priority.

Sportiness Priority to be clarified upon.

With the finalization of the rules it is safe to say that;

CSR 133 has officially opened.

No rule changes will happen from here on out.
The end of submissions acceptance is listed in the original post.

May luck be with you.

Deo Auctore.


american barge challenge huh… not my forte but will be interesting to make something with no power and handling…

so if i read correctly this [blank] person is only interested in domestic american cars, so no british roadsters or something like it? For example an old Jaguar would fit this detective very nicely, but its not american so idk if its allowed :V

Healy is a British chassis with an American engine…and is one of the inspirational cars!

great news! bri’ish sportscar here i come!

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This is the stablemate of the Franklin Cerberus. Rather then the Cerberus’ 2 seater, rear engined design, we have a front engine, rear wheeled drive tourer and fitted with 4 seats.

Franklin Hydra 4.2 (US market)


Don’t forget that you have to still abide by the headlamp rule!

Wait a sec… what’s the headlamp rule?