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CSR 142: A Place in My Heart (Finished)



Those are allowed, but you might want to take a closer look at the inspirations.

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Ehh, ig i’ll go for it and pray to god i dont get Instabinned for the ET. While somewhat making it fit within the CSR Ruleset for this round. Decided to use a V8 instead of a V12 due to high chance of bin, but maybe the V12 could stay if i sacrifice more of it.
edit: my bad i thought it was Trim ET, not Engine ET.

So, any info on what that minimum standard would be? 10mpg US? 15mpg? 20? 25? Or just somewhat in line with what the cars in the inspirations list would make?

Internet shopping for a car in 1995? My, aren’t we fancy…


Honorary Host is traveling all over the U.S. away from his computer climbing 300ft Wind Turbines. But will be helping 66mazda on mechanical reviews. I will be using my +15 years of mechanical experience and knowledge to see if you’re legit to pass on. Good Luck


Random Fact
Wind Turbines are not Green
Yes they use wind to create energy which makes them green.
But the blades are made of fiberglass which are not recyclable and they take a lot of oil for the 78:1 gearbox and blade pitch motors. For 1 full rotation of the blade, the gearbox will turn the generator 78 times. Depending the gearbox ratio. The gearbox uses a large Planetary Gear Set similar to what is in an automatic transmission, only without clutches. A modern Wind Turbine can produce 1.5 MegaWatts. Thats 1,500,000 Watts. Some offshore turbines can produce 6 megawatts (what a monster).

Also… don’t be that guy who puts unleaded gas/petrol in a brand new Cummins Turbo Diesel RAM 2500


Relative to both the irl competitors of the time and all reviewed submissions

Internet shopping was not very common in '95 (if it existed at all).

Anyway, I am currently weighing up the pros and cons of the two ideas I have for an entry right now - a smaller, cheaper car with a premium interior and stereo, and a larger car with a full luxury interior and stereo. However, I plan to fit the same engine to both - and ultimately go with whatever suits me the most.

I won’t be participating this round, but this should help set the mood:

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No idea why Automation wants me to try staggered on a luxobarge, Don’t want to even risk staggereds again because judgement would be meh or just wouldnt go past Phase 1. But i will commit to bringing a V12 Luxobarge in the buyer’s face (if i really could)

So no-one’s gonna call out this bullshit and just let 66mazda ruin CSR?

Remember folks, Mazda made people wait almost 12 months, 12 MONTHS, for results in another competition and no-one held him to account.

So I propose that either Mazda drops this legalese verification bullshit or else he states in the OP a “Statement of Delivery”.

This statement will be a BINDING contract with us all that the results will be out on time. All the bins, reviews and final results to be delivered by the official timeframe of 24hrs per 10 finalists divided by no. of judges. 66mazda and the other judges are to accept that they’ll be banned from participation or hosting of ANY forum competitions for no less than 30 days, with them being banned from CSR for no less than 90 days.

Y’all thinking this is harsh, but remember; salty replies aggravate the host but poor competition hosting aggravates EVERYONE.


MY1995 Schnell XL53 V12 Luxe
Made for the smart businessman who needs to go to their meetings.
It even has a phone inside to make those important calls, if you want, your clients can also be chauffeured with a TV in the rear. The car also has some serious performance under the hood whilst also housing comfort, and style. Nothing can go wrong with a 5.3L all-aluminum V12. We’re always here for your needs.

You will be the king of the road with a v12 Luxury car that feels like no other in our lineup.

More Pictures

(submission does come with a handbrake included in the .car file.)


Staggered tires front to rear yields better traction (especially in RWD cars) and shifts the handling balance towards understeer. However, from my experience, it also increases service costs, especially if the rears are more than 30-40mm wider than the fronts.

I don’t think anything written on an online forum can seriously be considered “binding,” and all this “legalese” writing is a bit ridiculous on both sides.

With that said, I would support a discussion on what went wrong with the 12-month challenge, and how we can stop that from going wrong again; or at least, we should have a plan ready in case something comes up this round (such as having someone ready to take over the challenge if 66Mazda can’t finish, or to start CSR143 early if this one takes too egregiously long).

That is incredibly harsh. Honestly Mazda is only putting in that code verification bit to make sure people actually read through the rules completely (something I’ve definitely ran into before in the challenges I’ve hosted) and don’t get as salty over his judgement of their car from them not reading through everything. Also sometimes hosts don’t have the ability to pump out the reviews immediately 24 hours afterwards, what if you have custom stuff you want to do with the posts, or you end up having personal things that get in the way that day that are out of your control? I’m not saying that the waiving your rights bit is the best choice, but getting people to actually read your challenge by having a binnable thing like that actually seems like a good idea.


I don’t see how a submission code is a problem at all. It’s no different than having the naming convention rule, and plenty of people still get binned for that anyways. If you find reading a problem then I really don’t know what to say. I hope you won’t let this one little thing take away your enjoyment of participating in CSR.

Also, I think you’re forgetting about CSR 138, which mazda also hosted with vena. That round only took him 1 month to finish, which is a little longer than average for a CSR round but that round also had plenty of storytelling and propmaking + cinematography for the final round. Not to mention that this round is taking place during a school semester. Real life takes precedence over some competition hosted on a forum for a Bengalese Yacht Company Tycoon game.

I don’t think anyone else here is aggravated but you.


I pretty much agree with you. This really doesn’t do anything to help with a challenge, if anything it’s just going to cause people getting more salty and annoyed.

Mazda asked me to help host this round mainly for my knowledge and experience in the mechanical field and he likes some of my ideas. As mad as that is. I did mention a few times about the whole prolonging things. I didn’t want to have TMCC11 be brought out that long. But he’s in a University and has a lot of term work, I have my work and IRL things.

Also myself being almost banned is nothing new. My views, sense of humor and lifestyle is offensive to many others on this platform. Also I’m currently in Missouri fwhile my computer is in California, you know… because of my job about working on 300ft wind turbines, so you’re not going to be seeing any new entries from me in a very long time.

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