CSR 85 - A Wise Investment

CSR 85 - A Wise Investment

Once more, it would be greatly appreciated that if you are not familiar with the rules and regulations of this competition you click here for the applicable link to the rules.

The story

It is the year 2007. Lawrence Whitehall, an “OEP”, meaning “old, eccentric pensioner” is 66 years young and has recently retired after countless decades of diligent work for an upmarket wealth management company based in Harrogate, London where, for the latter years, he work as one of the directors of the company and, as a result, has made his millions. Upon retiring, Lawrence bought himself a country estate just on the outskirts of Virginia Water within close proximity of the Wentworth Golf Club, where he intends to reside until his death alongside his wife of 40 years, Cassandra.

Lawrence & Cassandra’s new home in Virginia Water, Surrey, UK.

With this new property Lawrence decided to make further investments in properties and stocks, but thought it was also worthwhile to change his “aged”, two-year old Lexus LS for a brand new luxury car that demonstrated his wealth and success to those measly peasants. Lawrence adores his Lexus LS thanks to the effortless class and high-end luxury it offers, but also because it isn’t mainstream. Lawrence is anything but normal, and hates to be seen in the norm, but with even the Lexus becoming a more common sight he wants to look for something a bit different.

Lawrence & Cassandra’s beloved “old” Lexus LS.


  • Model year must be 2007 or older
  • Trim year must be 2007
  • Minimum 2 full seats
  • 95 RON unleaded fuel only
  • Catalytic converters are obligatory
  • Maximum loudness of 35
  • Maximum emissions of 200 (in engine tab)
  • Minimum reliability of 60
  • No V16s
  • Maximum engine PU/ET of 90/55 respectively
  • Maximum trim PU/ET of 175/50 respectively
  • Budget of $80,000 @ 80% markup. Note, this can be exceeded but it would have to be really worthwhile.

Other requirements/permissions

  • An advert of the submitted vehicle must be included within this thread for the vehicle to be accepted
  • All Workshop content is acceptable except any unbalanced/broken bodies


  • HUGE importance on design. It may not have to be the most gorgeous thing ever, although it helps, but it really must stand out as a very expensive car as this guy is eccentric and wants to display his wealth to everybody. It must also look up-to-date, he is replacing the Lexus LS because it is “too old”. A car with a few fixtures will likely be binned instantly
  • Comfort. The higher the better but not so soft it turns into a wobbly mess. We want a car not a yacht, Lawrence has already purchased this.
  • Prestige. If he wants to look expensive it also needs to feel and be expensive
  • The more luxurious the interior the better
  • The more technology the better
  • This is an old man, make sure the car is reasonably driveable and it is likely that, given his age, a crash may happen so safety needs to reasonable as well
  • Lawrence wants presence, the car must be big
  • Although Lawrence is a millionaire, running costs aren’t hugely important but he won’t be best pleased with stopping for fuel every 100 miles
  • To summarise, the more eccentric, big and luxurious the better

As always, the same naming system applies!
Car and engine model name: CSR 85 - “username”
Car trim: Brand, model and variant of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

Deadline is Friday 12th October @ 23:59:00 CEST (GMT +2)

Please do not rush your entries, take all the time you need, within the obvious limit of course.

If you are unsure as to what time that is in your time zone, click here to see what time that is for you!

EDIT: Example cars range wildly. Lawrence doesn’t really know what kind of car he wants, but he knows it must be big and stand out. Here are a few to give you an idea:

Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Land Rover Range Rover, Aston Martin DB9, Jaguar XJ, Lincoln Navigator, Mercedes-Benz CL-Class

Good luck everyone!


Interesting. A bit like CSR82 but turned up to 11.


Would it be possible to make the year 2009? That’s when the perfect F-segment body shows up. If not that’s fine, I was just wondering.

According to my previsions sheet in 2007 my mk5 Klinos is already two years old but… They don’t have to know tho <.<

If we were talking about 2009 we would have entered in the financial crisis and none of this would have been possible, so I think I will stick with 2007, the height of the global economy.

Oop you’re right, my bad :zipper_mouth_face:

THIS… this is right up my alley. Its what my whole brand is about :stuck_out_tongue: I love me a luxury barge :3

Are there any other criteria or restrictions? Does Mr Whitehall tow his yacht in the vehicle now and again or go on skiing trips in France? Etc.

How are you going to puntuate this? Will, for example, a “Luxury CD” be better than a “Luxury SatNav”, even if the later gives the car a higher comfort and prestige?

Also, you’ve stated nothing about drivability and safety, which, if you ask me, are two relevant stats someone would probably look for in 2007.


Yeah maybe I should re-word that.

What I really meant by that was although you may add a load more technology to the car, this is an old man and he would probably get confused by it and perhaps not use it much. It wouldn’t have a negative effect on the car but it wouldn’t change things much.

Realistically, the luxury satnav, for example, will still add some value. Mr. Whitehall may intend to travel abroad in his car some day and it may come in handy, he’ll just have to get his children to configure it for him.

In other words, the more technology the better, but the benefits taper off towards the end.

EDIT: Regarding driveability and safety, I will add something but they aren’t main criteria. It needs to be driveable and safe, but as with the technology the benefits taper off the higher you go. Sportiness hasn’t been mentioned, but that’s because it really, really does not matter as he is open to both non-sporty and sporty cars.


Which are?

So, pretty much, a top-level sports car or supercar with high power, sportiness, comfort, and drivability will be given about the same consideration as a plush luxury sedan with far less sportiness and everything else equal? Sounds good enough to me.

Although…hmmm…I’m not sure what Mr. Whitehall would think of a Russian luxury sedan; it might be a bit…too out there for him. But it’s not like that’ll matter when my craptastic modern styling screws me over for the second time in a row.

I believe in this case only the mod coupe body that unlocks in 1986 (90s supercar large) would apply to this as the Porsche bodies won’t have unlocked yet.

It is open as to what car it is but it must look and feel expensive, hence why anything from a Mercedes S-Class to an Aston Martin DB9 is acceptable. “Out there” is his style, we will have to see how that goes :wink:

I like the idea of an “Out-There” SUV like the Navigator. That sounds like a really cool idea! Definitely different than any recent CSR.

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Is Lawrence concerned about environmental resistance in the slightest?

I don’t think it would be in Lawrence’s interest to hold on to the car for very long considering how the Lexus is deemed “old” to him, so environmental resistance is of little importance.

It’s $45,000 (Rounded) if that matters

Raw Pics


The New Cordia Spada: Magic Carpet Ride


[Re-did the car since it didn’t met the restrictions lmao]


Powered by PMI Usurper - Built and designed in Windsor

Odd - Opulent - Ostentatious

The brainchild of Lord James Percy “Baahh” Hogmanay Melchett III, the Deimos Windsor V8 is a luxury grand tourer of limited production by the Deimos microbrand, with factory near Thorpe. With handcrafted aluminium panels, luxury Rennen-licenced and personified interior (high-quality audio standard, global positioning system optional), and a twin tubo charged modern OHV PMI US V8 under the hood, the Windsor V8 is a simply breathtaking and excentric alternative on the local luxury market.


Engine: -PMI- USES 94-07BTdI - 5525cc OHV BiTurbo
Power: 390HP/691Nm
Drivetrain: Front-Engined AWD 40-60 ESC - Adv. 7-speed auto.
Weight: 2052 kg
Top Speed: 250 km/h (limited)
Acceleration: 0-100 in 4,8 seconds (in BeamNG)
Fuel Economy: 14.3l/100km at 50 kph; 12,5l/100km at 80 kph (in BeamNG)
Braking performance: 100-0: 37,8 meters (in BeamNG)
Wheels: F: P245/45R19 101W / R: P255/45R19 102W
Safety: Euro NCAP ***** (with optional back-up camera)