CSR 86 - A Time of Crisis

CSR 86 – A Time of Crisis.

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Hello! My name is King Osa Rajasingha from the Kingdom of Kala. People who know me intimately usually call me King Oh. As you may have heard, I’ve reigned in this country for the last 40 years. It wasn’t easy. Between keeping the military government under my thumb, international relations, keeping the Communists at bay, and promoting theater state. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy most of the time. People say I smile a lot.

But one night I awaken to a very bad morning. Suddenly our neighbouring country of Thailand screwed up the economy by freeing the currency market. Suddenly the whole market of the region was screwed. Dammit. As I was enjoying my new Matteo Miglia. Now, in order to keep up appearances I have to drive around in stupid little shitboxes again. That’s actually a very good point.

You see, in the time like this, moral support of the people is key to them not start an uprising against their leader. And what else would do that best other than creating the absolute patriotism? I need to give people a car that will let them know they’re in a big screwed up society and yet also make them proud.

I’m asking all car manufacturer here that’s operating in my country to create a single car model that will become the national car. It doesn’t matter if it’s from foreign manufacturer, as long as I endorse it, people will love it! I reckon for a time like this, the car they would like best would be a family car of some sort? Being able to carry 5 people, having enough power for going anywhere, comfortable enough and with air-conditioning (so more power required to power that!), also it must be tough and reliable. But it must also be cheap to produce because we’re in dire strait here economically.

But my people are a picky bunch and they won’t accept crap car. But they’re also poor and wouldn’t be able to afford much luxury either. But that doesn’t mean they will accept any turd you throw at them! It must let them feel like they have luxury even though they don’t!

If you want your car to become an icon of a country, a failing country I will admit, but a country none the less. Submit your proposal, and we’ll talk when I have free time from my visit to my concubine.

It would be a nice gift to them on 40th anniversary of my reigning.


  • Model/Trim year 1997.
  • Minimum 5 full seats.
  • 91 RON unleaded fuel only.
  • Catalytic converters are obligatory.
  • Maximum loudness of 40.
  • No limit on Engine and Trim PU as long as it make the budget.
  • Maximum Engine and Trim ET of strict 25.
  • Budget of $8,000 @ 0% markup.

Other requirements/permissions

  • No Advert Required.
  • All Workshop content is acceptable.


  • Comfort. This is important, but no need to go excessive and certainly don’t min-max the in-game value. If you put good premium interior in and rock-hard suspension, that’ll be thrown out.
  • Cheap car that will do the same job = Better. You definitely don’t need to go to the full maximum budget.
  • Looks is important, it doesn’t have to be the greatest design 10/10 official comp level. About 4-7 would be alright. Anything below that are just going to make people vomit. Don’t make it offensive and definitely don’t do garish colour. People ain’t buying that. Also, the car needs to have a certain air of appearance about it. Asian care a lot more about appearances than Western society would and what others would perceived them and that also applies to cars.
  • Service cost is important too! It’ll be a combine judging from both engineering standpoint and in game value. If the in game value make sense then that’ll be it. But if there’s a choice that is obviously going to make life difficult for the mechanic appearing (hydropneumatics suspension for example), I will certainly penalize you for that.
  • Fuel Economy is also a criteria. But petrol is still relatively cheap so you don’t need to go that low.
  • Reliability is oh so important. Don’t make it fragile.
  • Performance. It doesn’t have to be lightning fast, but it must be enough for carry 9 people crammed in up the mountainous area while air-conditioning is on full blast. Reckon the 0-100km/h time of 10-14 seconds to be acceptable. Good handling would be a nice bonus, but not important.
  • Practicality. As long as it has 5 seats and good boot space, that’s okay. No need for 7 seater high riding Minivan as we’re not Indonesian. But it should be 4-door to be easy to get in and out of you know. People of Kingdom of Kala likes Saloon/Sedan car too. But I wouldn’t bin the other designs outright. Just so you know that if there are two cars that are similar and one happen to be 4-door Sedan, that’s going to be the first option.
  • Drivability will not be look into details. As long as it’s not too low that it stands out from the rest of the pack it’ll be fine. 40-50 is a good range.
  • Manual or Automatic? Doesn’t matter. People of Kingdom of Kala can drive both. But extra comfort would be nice, right?
  • ABS is okay by 1997.
  • As this is a relatively dry, very hot country, environmental resistance should only be in conform of the standard of the era. It should have at least galvanised steel chassis but no need to go excessive.
  • Safety only matters to a point. And by that I mean don’t make a Pinto, Corvair, Yugo etc.etc. Figure at least Basic 80’s.

As always, the same naming system applies!
Car and engine model name: CSR 86 - “username”
Car trim: Brand, model and variant of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

Deadline is 21st October, Midnight (GMT +7)

That’s 17.00 for British People.

Please do not rush your entries, take all the time you need, within the obvious limit of course.

If you are unsure as to what time that is in your time zone, click here to see what time that is for you!

May The Best Shite Win.


This reminds me of CSR63 - but this round is set seven rounds earlier, and despite having the same maximum price, does not require us to mark up our submissions. I’m sure this latest round of yours would be tougher if markups were required, hence their absence from the current rule set.

What about fuel economy? Also, if these cars are probably going to be used to carry up to 9 people, shouldn’t you set a minimum amount of load capacity (or payload)?

So what size of car? Does it matter? Civic/Corolla or Camry/Accord?

Added fuel economy as a criteria. No min payload as we Asian no into care bureaucracy max payload. (Just don’t make it lethargic okay?)

Anything from Tercel to Civic is okay. Maybe bigger.

You think Asian people would give a damn about a vehicle’s actual load capacity?


That’s is putting a “maximum capacity” to 11, lol


good old pickup trucks. That’s how they’re supposed to be used, right?


If anyone’s interested, I’m designing a sedan’s visual, and need someone to build the car. Basically I’m selling a design, that’s what design studios do, right?

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You’ve got PM.


The Competition is Officially Open!

Deadline is 21st October, Midnight (GMT +7)


Friday is 19, 21 is sunday

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Fixed so it’s whatever day it is.


Huangdou random numbers and letters
We are into the socialist we is no oppress



1997 Geschenk Schwer ST Sedan
It’s the car to drive


How convenient is it that literally yesterday I made this?


After hearing about the misfortune of the Kingdom of Kala, VMC has decided to provide an exceptional car with something rather neat up its sleeves.


I’ve since heavily re-built the rear end and practically re-styled the car, but oh, yes…CSRAE86 won’t go without an Aviator this time around.

(Of course, I’m still not all that great at post-1990 car design…but I think I’m finally happy with how this Ronolit is turning out.)


Recent market trends in developing regions have shown that demand for cars has been increasing on an annual basis, despite an ongoing financial crisis. To cater to the unique requirements of this sector, the Genra GEC 2.0 is now being offered for sale in Kala, effective immediately.

Standard or no-cost-option features on the GEC 2.0 include:

  • A 2.0-litre inline-four with multi-point electronic fuel injection, providing reliable and economical motoring with adequate performance for all situations.

  • An electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission for added convenience and comfort, especially in urban driving conditions.

  • A highly spacious and comfortable interior for the price, with plenty of boot space for good measure, further enhancing the GEC’s reputation for practicality.

  • An AM/FM radio with a cassette tape player to keep occupants entertained on long journeys.

  • A driver’s airbag and 3-point seat belts for improved safety in the event of a crash.

  • Fully independent suspension front and rear, improving ride and handling compared with a torsion beam or solid axle rear end.

  • 4-wheel disc brakes provide ample stopping power with minimal fade, even after repeated heavy use.

  • 14-inch alloy wheels give the GEC 2.0 a distinctive, easily recognizable style on the road.

Prices start from $7,707 (not including markups).

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MY97 Bogliq Kala

Cost Price: $7,480 AMU’s

Buy better, buy Bogliq