CSR 98 - She took the kids

CSR 98 - She took the kids…

As always, it would be appreciated if you aren’t sure about the rules around the CSR, that you follow the link to the general rules for this competition by clicking here

The story

Croydon, UK
March 2003

Sharon (full name Sharon Karen Ramsbottom), 36 years old. Recently divorced, strong single-mother of three beautiful children, likes to go on coffee dates and shopping trips to Bluewater, regrets ever marrying even though she ended up with the house and the kids. Who needs men?

Started off like a dating profile but certainly isn’t. This is the story just weeks after the divorce settlement from Phil. The marriage lasted 10 years and brought Phoebe, Hayden and Tegan into the world, aged 9, 7 and 4 respectively. Sharon doesn’t work and is now a single-mother, but since Phil worked high up in the company he worked for, there were substantial amounts of money flying about and Sharon ended up with a considerable lump of it.

She was also left with the “second” car. A dated 1994 Rover 214 that was completely on its last legs even though it was never even used that much. I suppose that is Rover for you. Sharon had had enough of turning up for girly dates and the battered old Rover would cough and splutter, and then the kids would complain it would smell of “old people and poo” each time they were picked up from school. And when friends wanted to come over for tea… FULL ORDEAL

The old Rover, ready to be thrown into the bin and forgotten forever

Enough was enough, Sharon needed a new, more practical car. She needed a car for all her kids and the friends could get into. She needed something reliable and capable. She needed something that would fit loads of shopping in while she burns through the remaining amount of the divorce settlement. She needed it now.


  • Model year 2003 or older
  • Trim year must be 2003
  • Minimum 15 comfort
  • Higher than 0 sportiness (0.1 is acceptable)
  • Minimum 40 safety
  • Minimum 58 trim reliability
  • Minimum 7 seats (5 must be full seats)
  • 95 RON unleaded fuel only
  • Catalytic converters obligatory
  • Must have at least ABS
  • Manual transmission only
  • Maximum trim emissions of 250
  • Maximum loudness of 32
  • Maximum engine ET of 95
  • Maximum car ET of 95

Currently is complicated to see the price of the cars as it doesn’t display in the market tab. To see it, go into the sandbox car selection menu and the price will display there.

Please use the open beta variant of the game for this round to ensure maximum compatibility

As always, the same naming system applies!
Car and engine model name: CSR 98 - “username”
Car trim: Brand, model and variant of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

Please pay very, VERY close attention to these regulations. You have only ONE opportunity to submit your vehicle correctly with the correct naming scheme. Failure to comply will lead to immediate disqualification and a place in the hall of shame. Please CHECK your entries before submitting and DO NOT rush your entry.

Other requirements/permissions

  • Advert for any submission must be posted on the thread
  • All mods from Workshop are permitted


  • REALISTIC, ERA-CORRECT AND INTERESTING DESIGN. Sharon won’t be settling for a boring look car (even if it is a boring class of car). Making the car realistic looking and era-correct are key to making sure your car doesn’t end up straight in the bin.
  • DRIVABILITY. The more drivable the better as this means there is less likely to be a crash. It’s important, not vital. Remember, automatics are NOT permitted as she gets confused and ends up using the brake pedal as a clutch every now and again.
  • COMFORT. Although a limit is in place, the higher the better. Again this is a factor but not vital.
  • SPORTINESS. Again, this is not vital, but Sharon will still want something that isn’t going to be so boring she falls asleep at the wheel. And she really could do with some excitement in her life, the poor hag.
  • SIZE. The car needs to be big enough for 7 seats but not too big. Sharon will be having all sorts of panic attacks driving a great behemoth of a car down country lanes. Too big of a car will land you right in the bin.
  • RUNNING COSTS. Sharon is none the wiser when it comes to fuel costs and calculating fuel economy. She does, however, have a sense of what is good and what is bad. She can also work out when something is going to cost her less to run than something else. This is an important aspect, but not crucial.
  • RELIABILITY. There is nothing more inconvenient than having a car that breaks, it has to go back to the shop and spends a week there to be fixed. There’s also nothing worse than a car rusting away. The Rover doing just that has made Sharon paranoid about this and has made reliability possibly the most important aspect in her purchase.
  • SPACE & PRACTICALITY. Another key aspect of the purchase. Although a smaller footprint would be preferred, the more space on offer the better. It means more shopping and happier children. But also think about clever practicality things when you design the car for bonus points.
  • EQUIPMENT. The more the better. That being said too much has very little value. Too little, you’ll be in the bin.
  • PURCHASE PRICE. Every penny saved is always better. The car is just need to get from A to B, Bluewater shopping is essential and having more money for that is welcomed.

Submissions open as of Wednesday 17th April @ 19:00:00 CEST (GMT +2) subject to rules being OK
Deadline is Tuesday 23rd April @ 20:00:00 CEST (GMT +2) subject to no game-breaking changes

Good luck, and have fun! (and read the rules properly)


OK, so in the open beta, where have they hidden the price?

I can’t find it in the Market tab.

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You can see it in the sandbox menu. A bit inconvenient I know but as most people use that now I thought it was for the best.

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…No more will I drive the wild Rover
No never, no more…

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Does this mean the new stable version is off limits? If so then I guess I’m out, as that’s the only version I’m running.

There’s a very good chance that if you send me a car from the stable version and I import it to the open beta it will still work. If you disclose that to me upon submission I’ll check to make sure that nothing appears to be horribly wrong.

Would it be easier to just stipulate 12k @ 0% markup or is there an additional reason to build in the 20%?

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Ahh, I miss my Dad’s old rover 200, it was british racing green and set itself on fire before we bought a mk4 golf…

I’m thinking now, Sedan, SUV (Bleugh), Hatchback or estate… (edit: Just read further down the OP, yeah I expect a lot of MPV’s and SUV’s - I guess I’ll make something extremely boring)
I refuse to use turbo’s tho, especially since my Turbo tuning is complete and utter crap.

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Correct (although it would be 12.5k). I’m going to make that change for the sake of simplicity.

I’ll just add 20% on for the sake of reviewing instead.


Sorry for the off topic, but to quote Philip J. Fry, “I get it!”
Nice to see somebody quote good music. Here in America the music scene is about dead. Question though, are you referencing The Dubliners, or do you have a preferred group?

So if we are on the stable version, and the file freaks out due to version issues how would/could a resubmit work? I’m not aware of an effective method to “downgrade” the game version. Would we need to uninstall, and reinstall, the rebuild the car?

Not quite sure what you mean here with all this downgrade and install stuff.

The last CSR I hosted was on stable and I had a load of people submit from open beta and all of them were absolutely fine. It is highly unlikely you’ll run into any issues. If there is, I will notify you and we can work out was has gone wrong, most likely being that the car has turned into a molten mess.

If you have to change version, simply opting in our out of the beta will then mean the relevant version will be installed (if it comes to that which I highly doubt)

OK, I am not on the beta so there should be no issue.

What I meant was lets say you are on V3.22 (that’s a made up number), and I am on V3.27 and at some point the render engine was modified as part of a Beam patch or something random, and now any car from V3.25+ won’t render below V3.25. Would I need to install the old version to submit, or would the collective need to go to the current patch. If the only two versions are Beta, and non-Beta, and the difference is an opt out that simplifies it a lot.

I know steam automatically updates, but I also know there are non steam versions making a possible compatibility issue. I just wanted to make sure there was some contingency in case a patch went weird.

I wanna speak to the manager :triumph:


I grew up with the Irish Rovers. My grandmother got me started early with Children of the Unicorn.


I suspect the absence of engine and trim PU limits is due to the fact that 95 ET each for both of them is already restrictive enough.

If a patch causes things to go weird for everybody then an extension would be made to the final deadline in order to give people time to resubmit.


Seems a job for Žnoprešk Autotecnica.
To the lab!



Time to take the kids.


hey, Ive got a question. I have a body that could VERY easily have 7 seats in, but automation says i can only have 2 rows. Is it possible to make an exception?