CSR114 - A Vision of Luxury

CSR114 - A Vision of Luxury.

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If you have never participated in a CSR before, please familiarise yourself with the CSR General Rules in this thread. Thank you.


Mark Hendrix is the Vice President of Customer Experience at VisionJet, the world’s largest jet charter company. With operations all over North America, Europe and Asia, VisionJet provides on-demand charter flights to businesses and very wealthy individuals alike, providing them with a safe, luxurious and hassle-free means of travelling the world.

…or at least it was hassle-free, until the owner of the company decided that it would be in the best interest of VisionJet to provide a car service to their valued clients. The idea was this; VisionJet would pick up their client wherever they may be and drive them to their departure airport. At the other end of the journey, the client could either opt to be driven to their destination, or arrange to borrow one of VisionJet’s fleet of cars for the duration of their stay.

Now, when most people travel by air, they’re perfectly content to rent a bare-bones spec Nissan or Skoda to get around, but not VisionJet’s clients; with media stars, professional athletes and the powerful and influential counting among its clients, VisionJet needs something over and above your average rental car. They need a car that projects the image of prestige and wealth, not only because VisionJet’s clients demand it, but also because it’s excellent advertising for the company, to have a VisionJet-liveried car parked outside the finest hotels and restaurants the world over.


Unlike most CSRs, there will be very few restrictions in this round.

  • Trim and Engine Variant Year must be set to 2019.
  • Must run on 95 RON fuel only. Engines can be set up to run on anything less, but there will be no competitive advantage in doing so.
  • Being a 2019 model year vehicle, it must have all the equipment, such as catalytic converters, ESC and the like, that you would expect in a car of that age.
  • All entries must have at least four doors and a minimum of four seats.
  • Since they are basically a meme, V16 engines are prohibited.


Click for styling inspirations

Judging Criteria

  • STYLING (:star::star::star::star::star:) is going to be one of the most important criteria in this CSR - you’re making a flashy and prestigious luxury vehicle - make it look like one! You could go an engineer the greatest car ever created in Automation, but if it looks like an entry-level car, you’re never going to make the finals.

Note that certain body styles will be heavily penalised - sending in something that looks like a tarted-up Transit van will pretty much end up with your entry in the bin and you being salty all over the forums/Discord, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • COST (:star::star::star::star::star:) is going to be a very important consideration as well, if not the most important factor. If you send in a quality-heavy, $300,000 car, it will not be competitive if the rest of the field is, say $50,000. Go ahead and use as much quality as you want, but do so with the knowledge that you might be shooting yourself in the foot.

  • PRESTIGE (:star::star::star::star::star:) is going to be very important, along with COMFORT (:star::star::star::star::star:) and ENGINE NOISE (:star::star::star::star::eight_pointed_black_star:). VisionJet’s clients want something that will just quietly waft down the road, rather than jar over every minor imperfection in the pavement and announce their presence ten minutes ahead of their arrival because of a shrieking exhaust note.

  • DRIVEABILITY (:star::star::star::star::star:) will be very important as well, since these cars will be driven by clients as much as they will be by employees as well.

  • OVERALL RELIABILITY (:star::star::star::star::star:), SERVICE COST (:star::star::star::star::star:) and FUEL ECONOMY (:star::star::star::star::eight_pointed_black_star:) will be important, since VisionJet doesn’t want to break the bank keeping a fleet of thirsty and temperamental exotics on the road.

  • PRACTICALITY (:star::star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star:) and UTILITY (:star::star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star:) will be checked, but they will be of lesser importance.

Any criteria not mentioned here will not be evaluated.

A Couple Notes On Judging

As we all know, CSR is a huge challenge, to both participants and hosts alike. As such, we will be returning to the roots of CSR judging in this competition, in that binned entrants will only warrant a sentence or two at the most for their entry during the judging process. As much as it has become tradition to write a paragraph or two for each entry, it has made CSR far too onerous from a hosting perspective, and is likely a leading factor in why recent rounds have gone astray.

Additionally, as host of this CSR, I reserve the right to bin anything that I determine to be too unrealistic or too forgone to the practice of min-maxing.

Submission Guidelines and Deadline

Naming convention remains the same as always:

Car and engine model name: CSR114 - YOUR FORUMS USERNAME
Car trim: Brand, model and variant of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

If your entry does not comply with the naming convention, you will be binned with extreme prejudice!

Rules discussion begins immediately, with the rules becoming final, barring any serious issue, at Midnight GMT on Tuesday, November 19th. The submission window will then open, with submissions being allowed until Midnight GMT on Thursday, November 28th.

Good luck and have fun!

Please note that due to a number of entries being received before the recent update dropped, this CSR will be run on the stable branch only.


I like where this is going! Not to be too annoying, but could we get a couple examples of things we might take inspiration from?


maybe like a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Benz. Something of High End Luxury by the looks.

That was my thinking, but previous CSRs with examples have helped me gauge the customer so much better. Just figured I’d ask Mr. Chips if he would be willing to do the same.

Side note, if not that’s totally fine!

In the case of the Benz, it would be the Maybach trim of the S-Class. As for this rule:

In theory, this means SUVs, estates and even dual-cab pickup trucks would all be eligible under the current rule set…

But no matter what body style you choose, race intakes and headers should be prohibited - the car must be road-legal, after all.

And the car should also be big enough for the client’s needs - to that end, a minimum wheelbase limit (around 2.8 or 2.9 metres at the very least) might be suggested.


i dunno man, cadillac escalade was luxury For it’s time. there’s the new (but despised) rolls royce Cullinan that’s an SUV. Porsche also has their share of SUVs.

you’re just drawing your own conclusions out of nowhere.

The sedan (saloon) is basically dead here in America, err… excuse me 'Merica, so a gratuitous SUV/Pickup is almost obligatory for the “I’m better than you” segment. I don’t agree, I just live here.


Sad that is our market.
More people seem to want to buy crossover’s and suv’s instead of cars because of size and comfort as well as utility.
Nothing wrong with them, but for myself I like a comfy saloon that has a big V8 in it.
And my DD is a hot hatch, so yeah…

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Honestly, The car I am planning on using sits at about 80K. I think it might be worth it tho as my only real comprimise is a V8. Although I wouldn’t neccesserally call it a comprimise as it is meant to be tame with only 500HP, All Wheel Drive and a flatplane crank to keep noise down. Although having less cyclinders is a disadvantage as on of the games factors for presteige is amount of cyclinders.

I’m just checking with you if mods are okay?
I normally avoid them. But all the standard sedan bodies don’t suit my taste

In all CSRs, mods are ok. And why do you normally avoid them?

I wonder if I can use my 5s8n car as a base for this. Seems similar

I think they might avoid mods due to the reality that the CSR host might not have the ones that they have

From the majority of the CSRs I’ve joined, mods are allowed. If there are mods that the host dont have, then they’d ask the player what mods they used, and subscribe to them.

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Just to be sure I don’t mess something up. I’m still learning the forums and stuff. In the last CSR my car made the final but was completely skipped beyond there. Dunno why.
I just want to get it right

You need to speak, PM, to the previous host. This isn’t the right place to ask about previous rounds.

General rule of thumb:
Model Tab; CSR# - username (# = round number)
Trim Tab; Car Name
Engine Model Tab; CSR# - username (# = round number)
Engine Varient Tab; Engine Name

Then on the final tab of the editor click the little floppy button to export the car, then PM the host with an uploaded car file.

Finally make sure to post an advert including the price located in the markets tab.

This could be worded better, but may help you with entering this round if you forgot one of these steps in a previous round.

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Will the SUV/crossover type of vehiecle be favored since this is what market in 2019 wants?

I did
I don’t mean to start a discussion on previous competitions. I’m just answering the question why I’m concerned about using mods

It is actually a very good question as to whether or not SUVs and such are allowed (I assume so), but we do have to keep in mind that because fuel mileage still matters here, a sedan might be more favoured (unless you manage to build a god-tier SUV lol)